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  1. Phat_Cat

    "Legendary" Upgrades

    51 times as many games in fact.
  2. So if you're garbage and you take 10 hours to do something, you should be rewarded more than someone who is good and takes 1 hour to do something? That has the same logic as wanting similar rewards for casual and competitive players.
  3. The solo players who are willing to invest that much time and effort are the clan players that you keep whining about. You have not invested that much time and effort so you don't get access to those rewards.
  4. This whole thread is a whine thread from someone who thinks they should get the exact same reward as clan players who spend hours training.
  5. That majority of clan players will not get a Stalingrad flag just like you so what's the problem...?
  6. You : randoms Top clan players : randoms, ranked, CW training, CW, KOTS training
  7. Top Clan players put in more time and effort than you so they deserve more. How hard is it to understand?
  8. Phat_Cat

    birthday giveaway

  9. You do realise WG taking action against bad players also includes you?
  10. Phat_Cat


    There are almost no cvs in ranked so the poor AA is usually irrelevant.
  11. Phat_Cat

    Minotaur AA Defence

    The 152s will contribute to your AA even if you are shooting them at surface targets so you don't really need to pay attention to them. On a related note, one thing you can do with minotaur is to switch off your AA until the planes come within your air detect range. This will bring them in range of your bofors and also increase the time it takes for them to clear your 152 AA range which is 1km longer than your air detect range (assuming you have AFT and AA range).
  12. Phat_Cat