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  1. assassin_321

    What's your go-to ship?

    my one and only sweetheart myoko
  2. assassin_321

    Best pure and all around gunboat

    does yamato count?
  3. assassin_321

    ARP Takao Missions

    well ARP nachi mission end on 7 oct... so my guess a few more days
  4. assassin_321

    AniManga Chat :E

    broomstick... nah this is 1940 everyone use rifle now
  5. i once ram a friendly cruisers to be my meat shield on a torp wall i did say " thanks for being my mea tshield" tho
  6. assassin_321

    Favorite Voice

    kongo ashigara nachi are my favorite
  7. assassin_321

    Personal Ship Nicknames

    my best guess is iwaki alpha
  8. assassin_321

    Personal Ship Nicknames

    myokou - sweetheart fuso - sweetheart no.2 (don't tell myokou lol) kagerou - catgerou/nekogerou mogami - mogamin nurnberg/kirov - citadel ship
  9. assassin_321

    5.12 PT updates: RIP Yamato, Montana Even more buff

    looks like they cancel BB armor nerf and also giving DD the new steering gear mod
  10. assassin_321

    The wide span update 0.5.12

    they nerf udaloi and khabarvosk because its too op.... who are you and what have you done to the real WG
  11. assassin_321

    happy birthday world of warship

    started playing this game when obt start and start to read the forum when the game launched and realised i haven't post any topic yet so im going to change that and gonna post/replies alot more so hey guys and HAPPY BIRTHDAY WORLD OF WARSHIPS