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  1. Harder_Senpai

    [Asia Exclusive] Get Hololive Commanders for Free!

    So anyone got any updated information on how we connect our accounts or sumsuch? I mean its not like the captains will be hilarious to listen to or not or if it impacts how much I enjoy the game.....
  2. Harder_Senpai

    Tier 10 Kremlin help needed!

    Cheers guys, Ill switch out the captains and will slow down further, hopefully I'll have better results. Thx for the tips!!
  3. Harder_Senpai

    Tier 10 Kremlin help needed!

    Hello all, Just need some help in regards to this (in)famous ship, but first a little bit of a rant/why and how I got here. I have T6 in French, British, Japanese battleships and T5 in German. I enjoy the French and the Japanese lines exceedingly, however I focused on Soviet BB's first, now this line up until T9 and T6 with the others I have enjoyed all BB's in the lines with exception of German Battleships, all are varied but fun to play, British BB's seem to be more passive unfortunately with my play style, and yes I tend to be more aggressive and push flanks or objectives, with decent results. Now every ship has its weaknesses and strengths and all that jazz but all were comfortable to play and were quick to graspand understand. Except the Kremlin. The Kremlin in 23 Battles has been honestly the most disappointing ship I have ever been in period, not even the Konig is this bad, either I am doing something horrible or something is not right as this ship is sluggish as all hell, has the worst accuracy I have ever had the pleasure of seeing outside of 12-14km (depends on rnjesus), guns that seem big but struggle to either pen, overmatch all the time, AA that is ineffective the moment someone hits you with a couple of salvo's and the best part, melts to HE and fires. At least this has been my experience so far, Now I have tier 10 Soviet cruisers and without a doubt I think the Moskva and the Dimitry Donskoi are superior in tankiness and punchiness to the Kremlin, hell I played ranked with the Moskva and really enjoyed hunting Yamato's, and in general since I only got into it literally 5 days prior to the season ending when I first got the T10 ship I managed to get to rank 10, sure not much but I think its decent for a first try. Anyways, prior to getting the Kremlin, I did the other lines up to T6 and had read the Wows forums and Reddit and all literally point to the Kremlin being this absurd monster that can just solo kill all battles and is completely invincible with the best guns that are super accurate that makes the yamato blush, and to top it off was so extremely powerful that even nubs who just got it can demolish the opposition. I am fair sure there is more nuance to that, but believing this thing was a monster I worked hard to get it and finally did. My first battle I did 60K damage, the second I did 13k damage, the third I did 80K and then it got worse. I tried island humping, tried sneaking into a flank, even holding off moving forward until the team was good to go, and a few times tried pushing caps, but to no avail, back to port I went. HE shells literally rained on me and even when I was not the first spotted or the closest I seemed to be focused on hard, which led to no AA or secondaries in a few salvos, which led to CV's literally getting a free kill (it's a competition to who gets me first now - the fires by cruisers or HE BB's or the CV. The so much vaunted armour, so far holds up to any AP shells but I don;t know if its the rework of IFHE or what but I literally melt in around two minutes to HE shells or less if a CV also joins in. The guns which are so highly praised just seem so lacklustre, I have never been disappointed with any guns on any ship but this one, British, French, Japanese are all able to work well and are capable of damaging ships two tiers above and aiming seems easy and straight forward, even all the soviet BB's only the Sinop had average long range accuracy, but the Kremlin, pfftt, not even decent, hell the Sovetsky Soyuz is superior in my opinion. All the complaining aside, how does one actually git gud in it? Any tips, tactics or even build that you recommend, atm I have mine on - Main armaments 1 Damage control 1 Aiming systems 1 Steering gears 1 Concealment 1 Main battery 3 And while I don't have a ten point captain yet, so far I have Priority target, adrenaline rush and superintendant with the intention of going either the Concealment or the fire prevention skill. So thoughts?