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    "Once a gamer, always be a gamer"
    Just a Geek gamer who also love designing.
    And, i'm also an anime fan too
  1. GordonThanh

    [MOD][0.3.0] Kantai Collection Pack

    Hmmmm, the placements of the hull on DDS is not always same at all. I think i will design only in freetime
  2. GordonThanh

    Has anyone ever destroyed a torpedo ingame?

    but they block tors for 5 seconds before sinking down.
  3. GordonThanh

    Has anyone ever destroyed a torpedo ingame?

    WG still not release anti-torpedo yet. So try to stay behind the wreckage from sunk ships
  4. GordonThanh

    Full release Spec Requirement

    However, Intel HD 3000 with no graphic card will cause mass fps drop and sound shutter whenever the battle goes hot (tested in all-low setting).
  5. GordonThanh

    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    Couldn't be more badass
  6. GordonThanh

    What are you reason's playing WOW'S?

    Yup, KanColle is the best reason that made me came here
  7. GordonThanh

    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    Episode 11
  8. GordonThanh

    Your Questions to Developers #1

    Q: Many people who signed up for beta and joined alpha test before received a very very huge amount of piaster, credits and free EXP. But i only got nearly 1mil credits and 20k of free exp, no piaster. I wonder why i don't have things as my friends does Because i what i have to test more ships to get more information for game reviewing