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  1. As the only saying goes, and is still true today, especially in WoWS, "A bad workman always blames his tools."
  2. This problem seems to have arisen since the micro patch today. If you go back to review a previous Battle Report from the Port view, you cannot use the Back to Port button or the ESC key to exit the Battle Report. This doesn't happen in the immediate post Battle Report, only if you go back to review it from the Port view. EDIT - 08 Dec 17. Cannot replicate the problem today. Thought it might have been ship specific as I had the Vampire selected in the Port when it was happening yesterday.
  3. When you try and connect to it and can't...that's a bit of a dead giveaway then.
  4. Oh dear, it looks like someone forgot to pay the monthly server account again.
  5. Or maybe it's more the simple daily reality of life in that shit happens!
  6. Oh no, my entire life is now worthless and wasted because I lost an unexpected hour of game time. Shit, lucky I didn't step out in front of that bus yesterday!!!
  7. And to think I blamed myself...puts away knife, ice, and suicide tablets.
  8. The subject Mission Completion Criteria is very simple, clear, and specific, "Tier VII battleships".
  9. Oh really! Google search is full of photos of the Prinz Eugen in service in the KM and with the bow anchor...who would have guessed. But have it your way, just so you can continue the delusion of always wanting to be right.
  10. Broader and thorough photo research will clearly show the Prinz Eugen did indeed also have a bow anchor. Cough, cough, cough.
  11. I had the permanent camo on all IJN DDs that it was available for prior to the 0.5.15 update, and had all the camos available after the update. No bugs, problems, or complaints here. It was exactly as stated in the Patch Notes. You do have to go to the Exterior section and reapply it to each ship, but it is there in the inventory and is still provided at no cost.
  12. The position for the berthing rope is above this and, based on other German ships with a clipper bow (also known as an Atlantic bow), it is indeed the position for an anchor, e.g. Roon and Hindenberg, to name two. Notwithstanding the minor omission highlighted by the OP, I have not noticed any in game performance degradation of the Prinz Eugen just because it is missing a cosmetic artifact. The OP needs to show some patience and certainly not expect WG to react immediately to such a minor issue just because they raised a support ticket. Afterall, the ship still functions as intended without this anchor. The Tirpitz had the catapult fighter suspended in mid air off the side for weeks before it was corrected and the Texas had the two amidships cranes missing with just the tops of the vertical supports suspended in mid air for a similar period until they were also eventually corrected. I would think a future update or micro patch will correct this minor omission in due course. In the meantime just keep enjoying the Prinz Eugen.
  13. It's called, "Wait until the server comes back online!!!". The 2 hour downtime is approximate and can sometimes take a few minutes longer.
  14. Have it your way then, LOL, but at least untangle your knickers from around your ankles.
  15. I would suggest the perceived error is caused by the fact that the German BB line is now in game and the stats have yet to be adjusted to cater for them. Nothing weird, no bugs, just some required admin to the statistical algorithms to factor in the existence of the German BBs. Something similar has initially occurred with the introduction of every new ship (to a lesser degree) or ship branch (to a larger degree). Normal viewing will be returned as soon as possible.