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  1. Angelus_Mortis


    That assumes I have purchased the Premium Battle Pass!!!
  2. Angelus_Mortis


    Currently cannot sell Signals or Economic Bonuses from the Inventory. This issue seems to have arisen since approximately 16th December 2022. Prior to that it was working fine.
  3. Angelus_Mortis

    how much money have you wasted in this game?

    Lots!!! But it wasn't wasted because I'm very wealthy and I don't care!
  4. Angelus_Mortis

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    Yeah..."Read it on the portal"...and weep!!! "I have a dream..." that one day WG will acknowledge that the internet and WoWS is played on an international level, crosses multiple time zones, and across multiple regional servers. It is not Europe/Russia centric, regardless of player numbers. Why even bother posting this drivel on the WoWS Asian web site when it is clealy not aimed at us!!! Now back to my list of dreams that WG need to acknowledge: - remove the Karma system, - make progression in the game skill based, - have penalty system which actually penalises the guilty, - ..... At least the humour sustains me!
  5. Angelus_Mortis

    1st game in moskva and got this feedback

    An old age lesson, read things very carefully and completely before responding...it often saves you a lot of embarrassment and being the subject of derision and ridicule in a public forum. Now if you had read my post carefully and completely, like Thyaliad had done, you would have clearly seen that it was in response to the post at the bottom of page 1 by TsunamaShenShi and was completely about 0 pt Commanders and teammanship. Oh, that's right, you didn't raise either of those issues in your original post or any other subsequent entry!!! No, I did not have a tough day, but thank you so much for your concern...in fact, the foolishness of your response has given me a great laugh. Nor have I said anywhere that there is anything wrong with you posting interesting battles. What it sounds like though, is you are oversensitive, possibly caused by the feedback you get in battle. So, to use your own words, "It's just a game..." Maybe you need to take heed of your own advice. Oh, and one final thing, never confuse me with being your "mate"!!! I am neither your friend or a partner for coital reproduction of the species. Have a nice day!!! P.S. I will accept your apology in anticipation, thank you!
  6. Angelus_Mortis

    1st game in moskva and got this feedback

    Your post proves nothing, least of all whether it was a 0 pt Commander or the level of teammanship. You seem obsessed with posting isolated battle results as evidence of your overall ability. As you have been told in other threads you have started, one good battle result doesn't make you a good player. Keep practicing though!
  7. Excellent! Thread closed.
  8. I have another idea. You could always hold your breathe until WG give you that 200% coupon. That should solve everybody's problems.
  9. And as the age old cliche says, "Never argue with an idiot...!".
  10. Angelus_Mortis

    Master of Orion Promo is not working

    Who is Jesus and why is he coming for a 2nd time!!!
  11. You have ONLY spent "...almost thousand $...", that is not actually $1000.00 and you were "...AFK for a very long time...", and now you want special treatment. There are players who have spent multiple thousands of dollars and played the game continuously who are far more dedicated to this game than you. These are the players who need to be rewarded well ahead of you.
  12. Angelus_Mortis

    1st game in moskva and got this feedback

    Such a great team player!!!
  13. Can't get a Tier 9/10 battle at the moment, so it seems. The MM is finally broken.
  14. Angelus_Mortis

    The Good, the Bad, and the Meh for 0.9.3 Notes

    I guess WG can look forward to a lot of aforementioned players uninstalling the game then!!!