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  1. The world is full of oxygen thieves and septic pustules on the anus of society. Unfortunately, some of them are in WoWS, and as deliberate TKers like this ........... (appropriate descriptive adjective deliberately withheld). The video replay sent to WG Support always makes me feel good, if nothing else.
  2. Angelus_Mortis

    Ship Scuttling at Scapa Flow

    I find that extremely interesting considering the release date of the News Announcement, as stated on the announcement, both on the WoWS web sit and the in-game News portal, and the start of this subject thread are all 19 June 19. Maybe a parallel universe exists in the WoWS world with a different timeline that is one week in advance to the normal universe. EDIT. However, you are indeed correct that it was included in general June Combat Missions: The Greatest Battles News Announcement. Maybe I should have used the word "specific" instead of "first" in relation to the announcement.
  3. Angelus_Mortis

    Ship Scuttling at Scapa Flow

    And it is unconscionable to make the first announcement about an in-game event six days after it supposedly started on 14 June 2019 (according to the news announcement). Then again, maybe it is just yet another error in an announcement that wasn't adequately proof read before being published. Either way, I'm sure it will be updated to protect the guilty. Regards
  4. Angelus_Mortis

    Congratulations WG - Update 0.8.3

  5. Angelus_Mortis

    Congratulations WG - Update 0.8.3

    1 Day Premium Account = $1.48 (or whatever on currency exchange rates) 3 hrs lost due to scheduled Maintenance Period. Total lost value of Premium Account time = 18.5 cents. Crowd Funding campaign commenced to recompense you and your cheque is in the mail.
  6. Angelus_Mortis

    Congratulations WG - Update 0.8.3

    Whinging and complaining does not constitute constructive discussion. Constructive discussion involves a logical and mature approach, offering considerations, possible options and/or opposing points of view, not immature, emotional outbursts because something didn't go as planned, or someone was so terribly inconvenienced by an online game maintenance period. In other parts of the Forum, such constructive discussion sometimes occurs, but whenever a scheduled maintenance period runs overtime, the first posts are those of complaints, denigrating WG's competence, etc., and demanding compensation for the loss of small amounts of time on a Premium Account that amounts to less the $1.00's worth of value.
  7. Even though Update 0.8.3 was delayed by a day (minor in the bigger scheme of things in the world), I for one, would like to congratulate WG for completing the update and having the server back online ahead of the published scheduled maintenance period. Maybe all the usual whinging and complaining little children who are quick to criticise when the server isn't back online within a minute of the published time, or when there is an unforeseen delay, would now like to also open their mouths and offer congratulations. It is always easy to crtiticise, but so much harder to offer congratulations. Keep up the great work WG, and thanks again.
  8. Angelus_Mortis

    Log In

    LMAO...you are the one that's crying over $1.48. Maybe you need to get a 2nd job.
  9. Angelus_Mortis

    Log In

    GoFundMe campaign started to collect $1.48 for you. Life must be terrible if that's all you are concerned about.
  10. Angelus_Mortis

    Log In

    Patience young padawan. It will do done when it's done.
  11. Angelus_Mortis

    Technical error found,you have been disconnected from server.

    This problem is still occurring. No old res_modes folders to delete. Multiple log in attempts before I finally get on.
  12. Angelus_Mortis

    Aigle mission part 19

    The Commander, the port slot, and credits to the value of the ship (base ship purchase price)
  13. Angelus_Mortis

    ATAGO inigma

    The server average damage for the Atago is approximately 2.5 times your average damagefor the ship. That speaks volumes in itself and should tell you everything and that your observations are completely false, wrong, and biased in every way, because they are based on your ability...or lack there of.
  14. Angelus_Mortis

    Turrienne warning

    With a current average damage of 70K+, I'd say there is nothing wrong with it. The flaw in your observation is that WR is not linked to the capabilities or performance of a ship. As mentioned above, the problem is always with the general lack of ability of the players on your team. Oh, and before anyone raises the issue of the MM, the MM does not take into account player ability.
  15. Angelus_Mortis

    Server down

    Aren't they communist hamsters? They aren't allowed breaks.