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  1. Angelus_Mortis

    Technical error found,you have been disconnected from server.

    This problem is still occurring. No old res_modes folders to delete. Multiple log in attempts before I finally get on.
  2. Angelus_Mortis

    Aigle mission part 19

    The Commander, the port slot, and credits to the value of the ship (base ship purchase price)
  3. Angelus_Mortis

    ATAGO inigma

    The server average damage for the Atago is approximately 2.5 times your average damagefor the ship. That speaks volumes in itself and should tell you everything and that your observations are completely false, wrong, and biased in every way, because they are based on your ability...or lack there of.
  4. Angelus_Mortis

    Turrienne warning

    With a current average damage of 70K+, I'd say there is nothing wrong with it. The flaw in your observation is that WR is not linked to the capabilities or performance of a ship. As mentioned above, the problem is always with the general lack of ability of the players on your team. Oh, and before anyone raises the issue of the MM, the MM does not take into account player ability.
  5. Angelus_Mortis

    Server down

    Aren't they communist hamsters? They aren't allowed breaks.
  6. Angelus_Mortis

    Server down

    Damn, I've been playing for 17 hrs today and now I'm loosing precious Premium time.
  7. Angelus_Mortis

    Server down

    Someone tripped over the plug or they forgot to pay the server fees.
  8. Angelus_Mortis

    French Fleet Challenge Not Active.

    Why!!! It is now fixed.
  9. Angelus_Mortis

    French Fleet Challenge Not Active.

    None of the Missions or Challenges have dropped when they should have. I'm sure WG are working on the issue.
  10. Angelus_Mortis

    premium shop collection boxes in bug

    Read the detail in the News Bulletin. "NOTE: Early Access missions will have a small chance to be included in Vive la France Containers." This is for the French BBs and the emphasis is on the word SMALL.
  11. Angelus_Mortis

    French Fleet Challenge Not Active.

    Either I've missed something but the French Fleet Challenge is not active in the game.
  12. Angelus_Mortis

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    Oh don't worry, I am far more than you could even imagine.
  13. Angelus_Mortis

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    Oh no, Henny Penny, Henny Penny, the sky is falling!
  14. Angelus_Mortis

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    Don't rush, because you still can't log into the game server. Getting more popcorn for the next round of WG bashing.
  15. Angelus_Mortis

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    Shit, you must live in a third world country, my update will be completed in 30 mins. Better embrace that sun you are so allergic to.