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  1. DevScarlet

    Night Battle Modes ?

    Well yeah you got some points there, and it's still CBT, we'll see that later maybe in the future. but night battle will be interesting tho :v (night battle = no carriers? lol :3)
  2. DevScarlet

    Night Battle Modes ?

    I just joined CBT yesterday, and I have fun playing this game. But one thing I wonder, is there any night battle modes in current WoW? or maybe they're still working on it? Because, I thought it would be awesome to play on night battle, you can use flashlights to search and spot on enemy ships(but you also got spotted by most enemies), Star shell which can illuminate the battlefield in night, safe from air attack due to the lack of efficiency on carrier in night, can sneak up to enemy flanks or bases since they can't easily spot us on night and you can deal more critical damage at night, etc... I got all those conclusion based from the WW2 history I know. Like yuudachi wrecked some US ships alone in the night battle of solomon island(poi). or maybe aoba who were under friendly fire in night battle, mistaken as enemyship by their friend. and other night battle events.. PS : I'm sorry if I got some misinformation, and yeah I'm new in here :3 ~Poi