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  1. Moggytwo

    Druid review

    Druid is a situationally very good ship, as her ability to trade well with other DD's if you put yourself in the right position is superb. I personally never really clicked with her though, so I don't play her much. Ragnar on the other hand, I absolutely love. It took me a few battles to work out the play style, but after that she has slotted into being one of my favourite DD's in the game. I much prefer her to Smaland, and she seems like a cross between a Smaland and a Tashkent.
  2. Moggytwo

    How do i get a 50%+ WR ?

    I think you're looking at this from the wrong perspective. You want a specific ship, so to get that ship you need steel. To get that steel you need to participate in clan battles, which means you need to get in a clan. To get in a clan you need a higher win rate. This line of reasoning is completely backwards. If you want to share playing the game with other people, make friends, and deepen your knowledge of the game, then this is why you join a clan. If you want to get better at the game to get more enjoyment out of it, this is why you put the effort into doing so, and then a win rate upwards trend is inevitable. Also, the FDR is a pretty bland ship to play. The only genuinely fun thing about it imo is the ability to do 180's in the torp drop without losing accuracy, and what that enables you to pull off. In all other respects, I'd rather play a Midway, which is a much more versatile and satisfying CV. I get very little enjoyment out of my FDR, and simply don't play it anymore, but I take out Midway, Haku, Immelmann, Audacious all pretty regularly, and find them all more enjoyable to play than FDR. As for the win rate question, obviously this is not a question of win rate, but rather "how do I get better at the game?" That is a very complex question, but there are a few things that are key. Firstly this is a game of knowledge - you need to know how all the mechanics of the game work, so you can then know how your particular ship can take advantage of those mechanics to perform at its best. Start by watching all of the how it works videos, until you know every aspect of the basics. Every time you aim and fire a salvo, you should know what that salvo is going to do, what dispersion pattern can be expected on average, what the shell you have chosen to fire will do on contact with the armour of the ship being hit, at what angles. Conversely you should know what will happen to your ship from a salvo being fired at you from all angles and with any shell type and calibre. Knowledge informs your decision making, and is the bedrock of any success. Secondly you have accountability. You need to own any mistake or loss. As soon as you start to shift the blame to your team or anything that isn't your own play, then you have lost the opportunity to work out what you personally could have done better. Take accountability for your own part in any failures, and ponder what you personally could have done better. Act on that the next time you are in that situation, and lo, you have learned from your mistakes. Also note that the key skill, above all others in this game, is positioning. It does not matter what ship you are in, knowing where you can be at what angles and speed to have the most impact is the most important aspect of the game. Get good at that one thing, and you will then be good at the game.
  3. Hmm that's true, I didn't notice the dispersion value. That definitely is an improvement, but standard US/RN BB dispersion (that GC has) and 1.9 sigma vs supercruiser dispersion and 1.4 sigma would have pretty similar hit rates I would think.
  4. I know GC is overpowered, but this ship is less powerful yet a tier higher. It will be interesting to see which direction they take this ship. Also, 1.4 sigma? That sounds horrifically bad, who could possibly enjoy using that? GC has 1.9...
  5. Moggytwo

    Russian DD tech tree

    You're right in that there is a lot of competition with Russian DD's, and some DD's are definitely a bit better. I'd much rather take a Kleber out than a Khaba for example, although that is more due to Khaba being a pain to play, and the all around ability of Kleber, because Khaba is definitely a much better pure long range gunboat. I'm also absolutely loving Ragnar at the moment, it really is a joy to play for those who like DD gunboats. Having said that, you're implying that Russian DD's are not very good. This is incorrect, the high tier Russian DD's range from balanced to strong. Kiev and Tashkent are good ships, on the strong side of balanced. Udaloi and Grozovoi are both balanced, with Udaloi being the slightly better ship for its tier in my opinion. You can take out these DD's and be consistently successful, they are objectively good ships, and I think they are quite fun to play. It doesn't really matter if there are some stronger gunboats out there - the Russian gunboats are capable and fill a niche. The Kiev line in particular doesn't really have a direct comparison - if you want that type of game play (long range gunboating with exceptional dodge tanking ability), this line will give it to you in its most pure form.
  6. Moggytwo

    Russian DD tech tree

    I play quite a lot of Russian DD's, and really enjoy them. Kiev is strong and very good, as is Tashkent and Udaloi. Khaba is objectively strong when played with heal and UU, however she is always a struggle to play, because you are constantly fighting the limitations that WG have put on the ship to keep it in line. Khaba is the sort of ship that you play and feel that you are struggling awfully as you battle the ship itself as much as the enemy, then you look at the damage number and realise you've got over 200k again. I personally really enjoy the poor concealment long range gunboat play style, and once you are used to it you can achieve quite a lot with these ships. One of your most important jobs is to get as many people to shoot at you as possible, your potential damage should be approaching the levels of a well played BB. You should be capping regularly as well, although knowing when to cap and how best to go about it is important.
  7. Moggytwo

    Some days are diamonds.......

    It's not relevant whether you personally were gambling or not. When you tell everyone about your wonderful luck of getting something desirable on the first random bundle, then it actively encourages people to try their luck as well, because of course they want to get lucky. So they decide to try a couple of times to see if they get lucky, but they actually have a very low chance of getting the desirable object in an early bundle. Once they've spent a wad of doubloons on the first few bundles, that's when sunk cost fallacy comes in, because they don't want to feel like they've spent a heap of money for absolutely nothing, and of course the desirable object could be in the next bundle (but it most likely isn't...). I was just making you aware of the consequences of your actions. By advertising your luck, instead of keeping it to yourself, you are actively putting money in WG's pockets, and taking it out of the pockets of players who may otherwise not have spent money on this particular set of bundles. You are doing exactly what WG wants you to, and they are very happy for your service. Now you may not care about actively making WG richer, at the cost of some who can't really afford it, and you may not care about the effects of gambling on people. If this is the case then feel free to promote WG's gambling products to your heart's content. Now at least, you're completely aware of the consequences of your actions, so that if you do feel a tad uncomfortable with what you've done, you can spend a bit more time considering your options next time.
  8. Moggytwo

    Some days are diamonds.......

    I note that a couple of days ago WoWS reddit banned any mention of loot box results in any posts. The reason they gave was this: "We (the mod team) have received a lot of communication from users who say that they are recovering gambling addicts/current gambling addicts, imploring us to stop people from posting content that could lure more people into the situation that they find themselves in. We are in entire agreement with them - lootboxes must go entirely. The "free" lootboxes are no longer free, they're simply used to bait you into buying paid lootboxes by dropping crap, but they tell you that you can get much better odds by buying into crates. No more. We're done." I have to admit I'm quite impressed with this decision, and the reasoning is sound. I'm happy for your good fortune of course, but by posting about how you got a Missouri on the first pull, you're encouraging vulnerable players to have a few goes at the loot boxes. This then leads into sunken cost fallacy as they continue to pour money into it, and the only people who win are WG, while many players will lose money they can't afford. Don't forget also, that a player is equally likely to get Missouri on the first pull, as they are after having done all 41 and spent 61500 doubloons (or A$334 in my local currency). Now you may not care about any of this, but if you do care about WG taking advantage of its player base, or you care about WG normalising gambling for children, or WG marketing gambling products to vulnerable people, just be aware of the consequences of posting this sort of thing.
  9. Moggytwo

    Getting a coal T10 CA

    If that's how you like to play, it's a no-brainer - Yoshino. That is exactly her playstyle. Second would be Napoli, although her range is limited. Salem is pretty tough to play well, and benefits from actively mobile island play rather than open water play. Moskva is extremely vulnerable when her sides are exposed, so she is a more static style cruiser.
  10. Moggytwo

    NA CC Update

    What's the appropriate reaction upon receiving that information? It's completely unacceptable for Yuro to use the language he did, however look at ichase's course of action here - did he consider actually talking to him one on one after he realised all this, to let him know that he (rightly) considered his words to be totally unacceptable, and try to educate him on why? Did he consider sending the information to WG in a private manner, along with his own concerns? Just going straight from finding out to dumping that information into the public where he was obviously going to be publicly vilified seems like a big step, and not the most considered of responses. I'd personally be pretty reluctant to effectively character assassinate someone without even having presented my concerns to them in private first. The internet is generally not known for its reasoned and thoughtful response to things. I personally asked ichase these exact questions on the NA forums, and he intentionally ignored my question. The reason why is obvious - because his intentions were to make Yuro look bad, so he could get back at him for the insults thrown his way. That is not a mature and considered response, that is a vindictive and mean response, and reflects very poorly on ichase's character. As I said earlier in this thread - there are no winners here, everyone comes out looking pretty awful. Yuro comes out looking ignorant and casually racist, while ichase comes out looking immature, petty, and vindictive. It's a pretty unfortunate affair.
  11. Moggytwo

    NA CC Update

    This pretty much sums it up. It's a sad affair all round. WG is no doubt happy to have the distraction, and to give themselves a semblance of some moral high ground.
  12. Moggytwo

    PSA: Recent community incidents and our actions

    There is only one course of action that is acceptable, and that is a commitment to never again using gambling mechanics to sell your products. Your use of these mechanics to take advantage of your players, who include vulnerable people and children, is morally abhorrent and completely unacceptable. There is a reason why this is illegal in some countries, and why other countries are looking to make it so. Yet even though it is quite clearly an awful way to monetise your product, you continue to do it, because it makes more money for you. You are prioritising your own bank balance over the health of your customers. You are taking advantage of the people who play your game, and you are taking advantage of the vulnerable for profit. Removing gambling mechanics from your game is the only acceptable course of action that will appease the community. Offer your product up for a set price, and let the customer decide if that price is worth it.
  13. Moggytwo

    Missouri Mission time limited

    You do have an excellent point!
  14. Moggytwo

    Missouri Mission time limited

    All missions end at the end of the year, the UU missions they had a couple of years ago were the same. One would assume they will just refresh them for the next year come Jan 1, as they have promised a permanent mission.
  15. Moggytwo

    Who here EVEN wanna play Russian DDs ?

    I absolutely love the Russian DD lines, particularly Kiev, Tashkent, and Udaloi. They're extremely capable gunboats, and still quite viable in the current meta. Like any ship though, you have to know what your ship does well, what it doesn't do well, and then play the ships to their strengths.