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  1. Moggytwo

    The submarine release has been announced!

    The preferred method of killing a CV in a sub is to shotgun them with dumb torps from 3km away without them ever knowing you were there. If that opportunity doesn't present itself however, throw a single ping at them when you're in range and note the time. This will trigger the automatic DCP. Get on with dealing with the other ships in the area while working yourself into a good position on the CV, and then when you reach nearly a minute after your you can ping the CV and send a spread of homing torps if you so desire. You'll have a minute and a half to home away to your heart's content.
  2. Moggytwo

    The submarine release has been announced!

    In WG's view CV's are all about the planes, and anything to do with the ship hull is secondary, hence the automation. I don't have a problem with automatic CV ASW strikes, because they will be somewhat avoidable for a sub, and a sub always has the option of not being detected at all if they play well, but it still gives some level of defence for the CV. It may not be a perfect system, but it sounds like it will be adequate. They most definitely can. One of the most engaging parts of sub gameplay is engaging other subs, and that still holds true after the sub underwater spotting changes (although it doesn't happen every single battle like it used to). Like any class, some subs will be better at sub hunting than others.
  3. So after years of being in development, subs have finally been announced as entering release state. They are going into early access next patch (0.11.9), however an announcement of when they are going from early access to full release has yet to be made. I think we can probably assume December or January. Here is the announcement, from the latest Waterline post: "We're now sure that submarines in their current state fit well into the World of Warships gameplay and are ready for the next step—their full release in the game. So, we announce that Update 0.11.9 will bring Early Access to this ship type. From the start, players will be able to get Early Access to U.S. and German submarines, and U.S.S.R. submarines will be added in spring 2023. Besides this, British submarines Undine, Sturdy, and Thrasher will be put to the test in the fall." There is a fair bit of controversy with subs, and I've seen plenty of the inevitable negativity around, however I also see 1-2 subs on every team, so they clearly already have a significant player base, despite there only being six submarines currently available to play, and despite subs still being in testing. Every ship needs a role, and in the past it has been quite difficult to see what that role would be, and they felt more like slightly different destroyers. Since the rework to battery/torpedo/spotting mechanics for subs, the role has been clearer. Not only do subs perform very well in some of the classical DD roles of spotting and screening, they are also useful cap contesters. They have their own unique roles too though - they can get into the enemy fleet and kill static ships, they are a real threat to CV's unlike any other in the game. In particular, they are exceptionally good at forcing enemy ships and flanks into sub-optimal positions through both creating a distraction that the enemy gets too focused on (often putting them way out of position), and through the psychological effect of having an enemy in their midst that they are struggling to find, and that is either picking off their ships in point blank attacks, or pinging and creating a mental effect out of proportion to their threat. They have a feel to play that is completely unique, and definitely have some of the most interesting positional play in the game (remembering this is a game primarily of positioning and awareness). Countering them is a challenge, but one that is doable through good play, and making life difficult for subs can be very enjoyable for some classes. I've very much enjoyed playing against them in my DD's and CV's in particular. I don't think the game will change much going forward however. We already have a stable and significant sub population, and a full release shouldn't change that excessively. Players are already used to playing against them to some degree, however I have seen a steady improvement in counter-sub play over the previous months, and I expect that to continue as players get a more nuanced understanding of how to play against them. Overall I like the improvement that subs bring to the game, and am looking forward to their release.
  4. When they released the CV rework, they released the RN CV line as part of that. If they are now putting an RN sub line into testing, it seems extremely likely this is intended to be released as part of the full sub release. For this reason, what seems likely is that they have had the RN subs in the pipeline for a while, waiting for the decision to be made to release subs, and once that decision had been made they would put the RN sub line into testing in preparation for a concurrent release. So if we are now seeing an announcement that they are testing RN subs, then that means that the decisions of whether to release subs, and when to release subs, have already been made. We can safely assume now that we are getting a sub release in December or January.
  5. I find torp boats inherently underpowered. They have the lowest average damage of any ship type in the game, and although you can have very good games on the weak flank, you're quite dependent on the lack of awareness and skill of the enemy. You're easy to counter for a good opponent. They need buffs imo, and if it was me I'd reduce damage and flooding chance, but buff torp reload and torp spotting distance. This would give more reliable damage and influence. Overall I'd just rather take a gunboat DD. I can then have a constant influence, I can counter torp boats, I can tank damage for my team, and I can have reliable damage output that is usually proportional to how well I play, rather than how well the enemy plays.
  6. Moggytwo

    The match maker is biased or what?

    No he isn't, what @KingOchaos is saying is absolutely right, you're just misunderstanding. Skill level is not taken into account in the match maker. Over a large sample size of battles, the skill level of both your own team and the enemy team will be the average skill level. If you were just observing a heap of matches without playing in them, team A would win just as much as team B. The difference is, that you are playing in each and every battle. You are the only constant. That means, that with a large enough sample size of battles, any change in win rate above or below the average is solely down to one person. You. This is why win rate is the primary means of measuring a player's skill - because it purely reflects how good or bad that player is at helping their team win the battle. So, if your win rate is below 50%, that means that you personally are less skilled than the average player you are playing against. If your win rate is higher than 50%, you are more skilled than the average player. The further you get above or below 50%, the greater the difference in skill. This is why I said in my previous comment that it is so important to not blame the team, and instead look to your own mistakes - because you have a real and direct impact on every battle, be it a positive or negative one. You can't change how other people play, but you can most definitely change how you play, and that will have a real and direct impact on how successful you are at the game. For ranked, you have even more influence, because there are less players per team. That means your personal input matters more. A very good player can almost single handedly drag a bronze team to victory, and will often get through bronze with 80% or more win rates. Their win rate will drop as they move to silver and then gold however. Why is that? Not because they are playing worse - instead the average skill level gets a bit higher for every league they go up, and thus they will have less impact on the battle, since the gap between their skill level and the average is less. Conversely, a poor player who manages to get through bronze despite being less skilled than the average bronze player, will find they struggle even more when they get to silver, as the gulf widens between their own ability and the average player ability at that level. So overall, what I said in my previous post stands - if you want to be successful in this game, don't blame shift. You're blame shifting to the match maker, and you're blame shifting to the other players in the battle, and all that is doing is handicapping your own ability to improve as a player, and your own potential success.
  7. Moggytwo

    Why there is no way to fight against with SS.

    I'd be very careful about saying this. Usually what's actually happening when you complain their is no way to fight back against the game mechanic you dislike, is that there are effective things you can be doing, but you just haven't worked out what those things are. Attitude is key. Have a learning attitude where you assume the reason you failed is your own fault and not someone else's, and this will enable you to take ownership of your mistakes and work out or research how to improve them, which will lead to you becoming a better player who understands the game more. Complaining and blame shifting just gives you mental permission to stay mediocre.
  8. Moggytwo

    Jerzi Swirski Unique Commander Query

    I've always found his skills pretty meh. Mind you I hardly ever play the DD line, but have played plenty of Ragnar, Friesland, and Smaland, all of which are gunboats and two of which don't have torps at all. I mean, he's fine, but would I pay 175k coal for him? Not unless I had no coal ships I was interested in buying.
  9. Moggytwo

    The match maker is biased or what?

    Ranked match maker doesn't work that way. It's balanced on ship type. The skill level is completely random. This is the whole point of ranked game play - you get an assortment of good and bad teams, and your success over a sample of matches at influencing those teams to a victory determines how well you progress. Complaining about the quality of ranked teams is like a sailor complaining about the wind - you can't control it and it is down to how much you can make out of what you're given. Also, I recommend you don't look up player stats. All it does is frustrate you, and make you more likely to play worse. It's just better not to know, for both your blood pressure and your win rate.
  10. Moggytwo

    When it's NOT just blank spaces...

    It would be pretty helpful if WG put an auto translate system in game.
  11. Oh I forgot to respond to this. My apologies. You're onto me, I'm an awful player at this game, but ever since I started playing subs a bit, I have discovered I'm amazing! Thank you submarines, and thank you WG for making up for my incompetence with this super easy class to play!
  12. Ooooh I've been called out, this is exciting! Here I am! This is the question isn't it. What do you use your DCP for, and when? Time it right and you'll minimise damage significantly. Time it wrong and eat a heap of damage. It sounds almost like a difficult choice with consequences. Perhaps you also have to adjust your positioning and actions based on when you've used your DCP as well. I'm sure there's no skill or engaging game play involved with any of these things of course - we all know difficult choices makes for crappy game play, what we really want is mindless button mashing. Alright, I'll set aside the sarcasm for a moment, and try to discuss this sensibly. When it comes to avoiding torps, you aren't guaranteed of being hit by homing torps in any ship type just because you have a ping on you. I've seen plenty of ships, including lots of BB's, avoid homing torps while having active pings. There are two factors to this. Firstly you need to be moving, angled in or out. When you see the torps you turn into them if you're angled in, and turn away if you're angled away. So long as you time it when the torps reach their stop homing distance, you'll comfortably avoid them. This sort of movement and angling is what you want to be doing against shells as well, so it fits in nicely with existing counter play to other ships. If you're stationary or sailing in a straight line, you're never going to avoid homing torps, and you can expect to have your game ruined as a result of your poor choices. Secondly, the stop homing range is halved with a double ping. This makes it much harder to avoid homing torps with a double ping. So if you are double pinged, that is when you really want to consider hitting that DCP button. If you're only single pinged, you want to be doing what I said above, and preferring to rely on active avoidance. So how to avoid a double ping? Well the same way you avoid incoming shells, because a ping is like a really slow shell - don't sit still, and don't sail broadside in straight lines. Angle and change direction frequently, and your chance of being double pinged is dramatically reduced. Homing torps are new, and many players are unaware of counter play options, but like everything else in this game, there are plenty of things you can do to mitigate incoming damage and make the enemy have a much more difficult time of it. Every ship class requires counter tactics, subs are no different. If that sub that is annoying you wasn't there, there'd be another ship that you'd have to use counter tactics against - the only difference is that you're used to those tactics. So 2kts decrease is nothing, but 2kts increase is worth complaining about? The changes they're making are an overall nerf to the survivability of competent sub players, and reduce their ability to operate behind enemy lines. This reduces the effect of the better sub players, while having minimal effect on poor sub players. It's a pretty reasonable change, given the skill gap seems excessive for subs on live. Skill gaps do tend to be a problem with stealth based units, because they tend to be easy to kill when they give up their stealth. It makes sense that WG is keeping an eye on this. I think the best advice to you is the age old WoWs advice - if you're struggling against something, go and play it yourself. Play a hundred sub games and you'll soon work out what their strengths and weaknesses are. You'll know exactly how their concealment works, and tactics to counter their abilities. Of course you could just take the alternate route, which is to complain about them from a position of ignorance, but do you really want to do that to yourself (and the rest of us)? On the overall question of subs in the game, I used to be ambivalent towards them, and didn't really enjoy previous iterations from last year. They just didn't quite work right. The changes they've made to how dive time works, and the choices they have introduced with the two different torp types, as well as the different way concealment works now, have completely changed the way subs fit in the game for the better. They genuinely feel like they fit now, both to play and to play against, in my experience of doing both of those things. I've had some great and exciting interactions with subs since they introduced the new systems - but only once I worked out how they actually functioned. Are they balanced? They probably need a little more fine tuning of numbers, but the basic systems are well balanced right now. They are all but ready for release in my opinion. Coming from a position of not being interested in the slightest at the thought of their introduction, I am now very much looking forward to their release, and hope it happens as soon as possible. They are a massive breath of fresh air for this game.
  13. Well it definitely seems like fine tuning to me. They aren't exactly sweeping mechanics changes. Sub mechanics are in a pretty good spot right now, the best they've ever been, but they continue to just tweak, and these changes are likely an improvement. I'd say they are pretty close to release. Having played subs a lot over the last few patches, and played plenty of DD's against subs, I'm extremely happy with how the spotting/interaction with DD's works. Hunting subs in DD's is like everything else DD related - positioning well and then picking the appropriate moment to be aggressive. When you work yourself into the window of opportunity to get aggressive on a sub, it's extremely satisfying and fun to get in and try and kill them. Playing as a sub, when you get hunted by a DD it can be very exciting and tense. This interaction is one of the best things in the entire game right now, and is one of the reasons I absolutely cannot wait for subs to finally be fully released. There are still issues though with subs. The ability to turn a flank through your mere presence in a sub leads to an aggressive and well played sub being very influential on the win. You can get right amongst the flank and cause havoc. It's also a class that can have a real mental impact on the enemy, and cause players to act in ways they normally wouldn't. I'll quite often ping ships I have no intention of attacking just to make them nervous or unhappy, and often mere pings with no actual attack will get a strongly positioned ship running away. At the same time mistakes in subs are even more brutally punished than mistakes in DD's or CL's. Subs very often come last in the team because of this. The overall effect is a significant skill floor/ceiling disparity. I'm currently sitting on over 77% win rate after 132 battles in Balao, mostly solo, and that sort of game impact is not in line with my normal game impact. Average damage is relatively low though, likely on par with a same tier DD, which would put it equal last in terms of class damage. The changes they've listed above will help mitigate game impact of well played subs. They are overall nerfs, but in particular they nerf the ability for subs to be in amongst the enemy flank, and although subs will still be able to do this, they will be more vulnerable with slower underwater speeds and slower dive time recharge. The tier 6 and 8 subs did not need their underwater speeds nerfed at all though, 15 kts is already barely moving, and 13 is pretty absurd. I wouldn't be surprised if they revert the tier 6 and 8 underwater speed nerfs.
  14. Moggytwo

    should kamikaze planes be added to japanese CVs?!

    I know it happened during the war, but it would be pretty inappropriate to add them to the game. You'd get some understandable angst about this from a moral perspective, and as it wouldn't add any mechanic of consequence WG would be crazy to think of this as a potential feature. There is absolutely no way Kamikaze planes will ever be added to this game. Ever.
  15. Moggytwo

    Serious Thought

    Subs coming into the game has just highlighted the BB overpopulation. When you have five BB's per team, out of 12 slots and with five classes to account for, of course there will be issues with match making. The sub and DD matchmaking limits are pretty good with the latest iteration, and the CV limits are fine. The BB limits are what they need to look at. It should be a three BB per team limit, with four BB's per team after a certain amount of time waiting (say one minute as an example). This would open up slots for other ships, particularly cruisers. A reduced number of BB's in each match would also give more ability for CL's to be useful in matches. The CL population has absolutely tanked due to the number of BB's and supercruisers making playing them basically untenable, and that means we have lost some key ships that help balance the match maker. As per usual, most of the answers to the problems in the game come down to the same simple answer - there are too many battleships.