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  1. I've spoken many times on the balancing slider of AA damage to plane damage... If you want planes to be shredded by AA, expect planes to be able to 1-shot again. The canundrum that WG finds themselves in with AA is about all they can tweak at this point is the Flak to DPS ratio. The issue with the current system is that the more you shift the damage to the DPS side, the more it becomes a flat numbers game in a spreadsheet and the higher base level of AA damage you get and that leads you back into the previous problem I mentioned. Do you really want planes doing more damage? Sorry Mech, I know you really dislike CVs but I can't see from an objective standpoint how WG can change AA damage that much without effectively making the experience worse. I think the AA system functions quite well, but it's important to understand the purpose of AA. It is not there as a system for the surface ship players. The purpose of AA is to provide a time limit to a CV to surface ship interaction, to provide a decision making process for CV players to pick the targets they will most effectively be able to influence the game by targeting, and to provide consequences for poor CV decision making and execution. You'll note this is all about the CV player, and doesn't relate to the surface ship player at all. The mitigation for surface ships is positioning and maneuvering. You put yourself in a position where you are an unattractive target due to AA and terrain, you sail your ship in a way that minimises damage taken if you are attacked, and if you're a DD you use your excellent concealment to make attacks difficult and time consuming. You may note that positioning, maneuvering, and concealment are the same methods used to mitigate damage from every other ship type, so in this way CV's fit the feel of the game well. The issue is that many players feel AA is what should be protecting them from CV's, without realising that is not why it is there, and so they rely excessively on their AA and fail to apply similar techniques to those they use to reduce damage taken from other ship types. I've killed plenty of Halland players in my Midway who thought because they had superb AA that this meant they could position poorly, assuming the CV would be too scared to come near them.
  2. Moggytwo

    Yugumo is op and necessary ?

    Yes, yes it is. Yugumo is the best of the line, but even she is not a particularly good ship anymore. She certainly used to be a few years ago, but power creep has caught up with her. As for Kagero, she's basically a waste of a DD slot, and yet I still see plenty of them.
  3. I think you're going to fit in beautifully on the NA forums. I had to double check which forum I was actually on when I read this post. Also, how did you not expect that posting a "this server is terrible, let's all move somewhere else" topic was going to lead to people disagreeing with you? Surely it is blatantly obvious that a thread like this would lead to people discussing why they prefer the server they have actively chosen to play on.
  4. Moggytwo

    Soooo, Khabs take full pen from AP eh?

    I will never understand why they did an entire mechanic change for BB AP to DD's, but then randomly decided that it wouldn't apply to only two DD's. It's not like they couldn't have balanced both Khaba and Harugumo if they changed them to only take 10% BB AP damage. It's like if they did the IFHE rework, but then decided that Wooster randomly gets the old IFHE skill when selected. Or when they reworked open water stealth fire, if Zao got to keep the old bloom mechanics. It just does not make sense.
  5. Moggytwo

    0.9.7. German Navy Containers

    As others have said, they are likely doing this because they initially want people to actually pay for the ship to capture the group that are willing to do that, and then later they'll put up the containers to get the people who like to lootbox stuff. It makes sense for attempting to maximise income. Who knows how they are going to compensate, they have taken to compensating with credits for premiums over the past year or more. For the price of the containers and what you are getting, it should most definitely be compensated with doubloons imo, but it's more than likely they won't.
  6. Moggytwo

    Thunderer and Ohio AP Comparison

    Thunderer has better AP than Ohio. Thunderer's shells have shorter flight times, better pen, and are MUCH more accurate. Thunderer is best played using mostly AP, but switching to HE against bow in BB's if these are your only available targets.
  7. Moggytwo


    I don't know if I'd call her broken, but there does seem to be some issues with her. For a ship that is supposed to have extreme squishiness as her main weakness, she seems extremely survivable. She can't be citadeled through the bow or stern, and she can't really be citadeled at range while broadside due to sharing Kremlin's main belt armour angles. She will definitely eat full pens, but this is obviously countered by her ability to be effective beyond the effective ranges of everyone on the enemy team. Her guns are quite simply the best BB guns in the game, with the best BB dispersion in game by some margin (superb horizontal dispersion, and even more exceptional vertical dispersion), the best AP pen in the game, and the best BB shell flight times in the game. What all this leads to is what I perceive as her biggest issue - Slava is going to scale extremely well with skill level. If someone has very good aim and is able to position at a high level, they are going to crush with this ship. Average players who aren't so great at aiming will miss entire salvos more often (unlike other BB's where the shotgun effect will often give some damage on a poorly aimed salvo), and they will be more likely to position in a way that exposes the ship's vulnerability to HE damage and full AP pens. I have yet to play her though, so I may be missing something that may become apparent with a bit of experience with the ship.
  8. I would suggest not stopping in a position you can't get out of. Keep moving and CV's are much easier to deal with. Static ships are exactly what CV's are designed to counter, and this is one of the ways they improve the game with their presence.
  9. Moggytwo


    Yeah, I thought that might be possible too, but he goes on about both the Repair Party and the DCP, and anyway how could he possibly think that a stock standard DCP is what breaks the ship? It's completely bizarre. It reminds me of this:
  10. Moggytwo


    @S0und_Theif I saw that review earlier today, and I have to ask - what is he talking about with the DCP and repair time thing? The ship has an absolutely standard Repair Party, the same as most BB's in the game - 0.5% for 28s with an 80s c/d. The DCP is also absolutely standard for a BB, with unlimited charges and an 80s c/d. How exactly is this a negative?
  11. Moggytwo


    Slava has considerably better dispersion at range than Champagne. It also has a much better vertical dispersion modifier, which when combined with the overall better dispersion and the flatter shell arc makes it hugely more accurate vertically. Champagnes also gets slower shells with less pen than Slava, and of course three less guns. If you want the numbers, Champagne has super cruiser dispersion (same as Thunderer): 48m + 8.4m × Firing Range in km. At 25km this gives her 258m horizontal dispersion. Slava has her own dispersion formula: 105m + 5 x Firing Range in km. At 25km this gives her 230m horizontal dispersion. No other BB comes close to this. For reference, a normal RN/US/KM BB would have 310m dispersion at this range. Slava's guns are much better at their tier than Champagnes are at tier 8. Champagne is also genuinely squishy, being easy to citadel while broadside, and particularly through the bow and stern with almost any BB. Meanwhile Slava not so much, she is difficult to citadel at range even when broadside, as she shares Kremlin's heavily angled main belt, and she is next to impossible to citadel through the bow and stern due to her end cap armour that joins the fore and aft armour belts with a 420mm angled plate (not shown on the in-game viewer unfortunately, but they are most definitely there). Also, Champagne has 52.6k health (extremely low for a tier 8), while Slava has 91.8k (okay for a tier 10). Slava is a distinctly better ship than Champagne.
  12. Moggytwo

    Battleship Pommern Discussion.

    Pommern looks pretty good. The guns are close enough in almost every respect to Alsace's guns, that I doubt anyone could tell the difference between the two. So if you want to know how Pommern's guns feel, just take out Alsace. She also has typical excellent German armour, hydro, torps, plenty of health, and decent AA. She's going to be a very capable ship.
  13. Moggytwo


    If you want to know what Pommern guns will feel like, just sail Alsace. They have the same number of the same calibre guns, with quite similar shell characteristics and almost the same reload. The dispersion will be almost identical between the two, with Pommern having RN/US/KM dispersion with 1.5 sigma, while Alsace has the very slightly worse MN dispersion (what KM BB's used to have) while having a very slightly better sigma of 1.6. I'd be extremely surprised if anyone could tell the difference between the guns of these two ships in battle.
  14. Moggytwo

    APAC vs APAC

    The whole point is to target a very small group of players - there are only going to be 24 players in the final comp out of the whole server! As for win rate not being affected by skill, that is not true. There are many factors that go into win rate, but it is the primary gauge of skill in this game. Some players do not win more than other players due to "lucky games", it is due to awareness, knowledge, experience, and the ability to apply this in each battle to consistently turn games in the favour of their team.
  15. Moggytwo

    Anchorage is the next after odin

    It's a T8 US CA with a 12 gun 67.5° auto-bounce broadside, Fletcher's 10.5km torpedoes, and long duration US smoke. It looks a bit too strong if anything. It doesn't have radar at least.