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  1. Moggytwo

    YueYang nerf is a really bad idea

    YY is by far the most popular DD in Clan Battles, and that's because of the combination of radar and friends ready to shoot. I suspect it is being nerfed because it's so ubiquitous in CB's. However, given the actual radar is the problem, completely destroying the ship in random battles seems like a pretty stupid solution. As someone who loves the YY, I think they should just remove the radar (perhaps remove all radar while they are at it ). Honestly, if they literally removed the guns off the ship and gave it torps and radar only, it would still be used in CB's. The issue is the radar on a DD. Remove that, and they'd find a pretty wide spread of DD options would open up to teams. Fix the actual problem WG.
  2. Moggytwo

    Is Anshan worth it just for FXP bonus?

    Well the extra free xp is better than nothing if you are short of xp camos. Don't forget that free xp is calculated after the normal xp calculations have been done - which means it scales multiplicatively with normal xp. Having said that, Anshan is worth it because it's a great ship, it's the third best T6 DD (after T-61 and Fushun). I personally just use Fushun, since it has better concealment and much better smoke. It's a superb ship, and won't cost you anything.
  3. Moggytwo

    Kronstadt or Musashi?

    Kronshtadt has a nearly 3% higher win rate than Musashi. They're both pretty OP though, just Kronk is more so. To the OP, if your only concern is credits, Musashi will do more damage, and thus earn more credits. Kronk will win more, but winning doesn't affect credit income. Having said that, Musashi is incredibly boring to play, and Kronk is great fun. That's subjective of course, but imo there is no contest between the two. I've got 2.4m free xp, and would never even consider buying the Musashi, since I have no desire to play such a static ship.
  4. Moggytwo

    EM vs AR? IJN destroyers

    Ideally you want both, however you want AR first. Yugumo guns are excellent, hit hard, good fire chance, good arc, good gun layout and angles. Their only weaknesses are turret traverse and reload. You can basically fix the traverse issue by spending two points in EM, and that makes the guns much more usable. The ship is a torp boat first though, so you need AR as a priority over EM (don't forget AR is buffing your guns as well as your torps). I go PT - LS - SE - CE for the first ten points. I then get AR, then TAE, then EM. The last two points aren't too important, but I take JoaT (combined with November Foxtrot signals) for faster TRB cooldowns. A lot of people go RPF for the last four points (and I assume drop EM) but I personally don't like that at all. I find RPF gives me very little information I can't work out from having decent situational awareness, and it's certainly not better than EM's removal of one of your two main gun weaknesses. I use Yugumo in a similar vein to a Fletcher, which is a hybrid DD, but if you don't use your guns much, RPF is better.
  5. Moggytwo

    How to Republique?

    Well what often happens on a flank is that the BB's tend to be quite close to each other. This makes it easy for enemy ships to angle in a way that minimises incoming AP damage. What you're always looking for, especially in the Reppy because of it's speed and amazing guns, is to get to a point where you have a significantly different angle of fire on the enemy. This will enable you to score pens rather than bounces. If they then angle to you, hopefully your team mates are then able to pen them. So say you have a friendly Yamato doing it's usual static play behind the cap. Well if you can get wide on the flank, or even sit central depending on the map, your fire and the Yamato's fire will be coming in from different angles from the enemy's perspective. The more the angle, the harder it is for the enemy to bow tank to minimise damage - that gives you the advantage. If the enemy support ships then start to fall back, suddenly you have the opportunity to press a bit deeper and widen that angle. Note you need to strike that balance between aggressively pushing that angle, and going so deep that you don't have an out. With the Reppy especially, a ship that is easy to punish on the turn and that has incredible guns at range, aggressive early can be in the 16-18km range. You will be consistently scoring pens and citadels at that range. If the enemy is weak, you can usually be closer, if they are very strong and focusing you, pull it back a bit. Later game you can look for better opportunities, but even then Reppy is often at a disadvantage sub-14km or so.
  6. Moggytwo

    How to Republique?

    Buffing secondaries is a complete waste of time. You know what does more damage than secondaries? Being alive to still use your main guns... Not to mention you have a lot less influence on the outcome of the battle once your dead. Reppy's number one weakness is HE spam. Minimising the impact of that is very important - this means CE, FP, BoS, India Yankee flags, DCSM 1 and 2 modules are all essential. Her strengths are her guns and ability to get those guns into positions that will make life very difficult for the enemy to position well. Angles are key here. You want to be at significantly different angles to the rest of your BB's, and this means that someone should be able to get penetrating fire out consistently. Reppy reacts very well to map awareness - it's extremely easy to get yourself in the wrong spot very quickly due to her speed and desire to position in unusual areas for BB's. This will kill you very fast. The guns are going to get you out of a lot of situations though - your main HE spamming threats are generally controlled by gaining distance. For example if you're 17km from a Wooster you're outside his effective range but you can hit him extremely consistently. Your desire to look for advantageous angles is very effective against island humpers as well. Overall she's an amazing ship. One of the best T10's, and with quite a unique play style - she plays sort of like a cross between Yamato and Henri IV.
  7. I think you're missing the point of the current round of testing. DPM, dot damage, speed to target, all that sort of thing isn't relevant - those are just balancing issues. What is important is mechanical issues - do the planes function correctly, are the consumables appropriate and effective, do the planes fly the approach in a way that functions well, is the interaction between ships and planes satisfying, does the AA interaction work well, how should direct CV control function - that sort of thing. Only once they have all the mechanics sorted will they start looking at balance.
  8. Moggytwo

    The Premium Shop of Disappointment

    It's a long term policy of WG, that's why people tend to be so invested in premium balance while they are being tested. The only time premiums are nerfed is when they do overall mechanic changes (eg open water stealth firing removal, smoke fire change). Apart from that if premiums are OP they will remove them, but it doesn't happen very often.
  9. Moggytwo

    The Premium Shop of Disappointment

    Is Vampire purchasable using doubloons in game? Might be worth checking that. Also, Nikolai is on the 'never to be sold again' list since it's a bit OP, so you won't ever see it in the prem shop. The only way to get it now is a lucky supercontainer (the odds are miniscule), or in a santa crate at christmas. Lucky for you if you're after OP T4 BB's, Orion is actually more OP, and it takes almost no effort and absolutely no money to get.
  10. I think this is a good change (note I mostly play DD's, so no doubt there is some bias there). The number one reason why the BB AP on DD's issue is a major problem that needs fixing, is because it simultaneously rewards bad behaviour for the BB's, while punishing good behaviour for the DD's. This is exactly the opposite of what good game design should be. Firstly, DD's when they are spotted and come under fire should obviously try to avoid incoming fire. Now to do this you need to kite away while maneuvering - this is a good play, since you make yourself the smallest possible target while gaining distance on enemy ships. The problem is that BB AP needs to pass through a minimum effective armour thickness to arm the fuse (usually calibre/6, so for say a Montana's 406mm guns, it needs 68mm armour to fuse). The shell cannot cause a pen (or citadel for larger ships) unless it fuses, and if it doesn't fuse it will always do an overpen. The only way to get that on a DD's thin armour is for the shell to strike the DD at a high angle (>74° for a Montana on a high tier DD's 19mm hull armour). Also the shell needs to still be in the ship when it detonates, which happens a short time after it fuses (standard fuse timer is 0.033s, although it's different on many ships) - so if a shell hits a broadside DD's deck armour and fuses, it is going to pass through the far hull of the DD before detonating outside the ship and causing an overpen. So usually the only time the circumstances to cause a pen is going to happen is when the DD is bow or stern on to the incoming shell - or when the DD is doing what is supposed to be the right thing and kiting away! In this case the DD is punished for the correct play. If the DD decides he doesn't want to risk eating a BB AP reg pen (for a quarter of it's health!) he can choose to do what should be the suboptimal play and stay broadside. This should ensure no BB AP pens. The problem is that the DD is then a much easier target to hit, and a much bigger target, which means it will eat far more of the shells from the BB's salvo (3 overpens = 1 reg pen in terms of damage), so likely will take similar amounts of damage. Not only this, but then everyone else shooting at the DD (so any cruisers or DD's) will have a much easier time hitting the DD with their HE shells. So basically the DD has no right move in this situation, except to kite away and hope that the BB is a poor shot, and RNG dispersion doesn't land a shell even with a bad shot. It's the lack of a good play option that makes this poor game design. Secondly we can look at the BB. The correct ammo type that is supposed to be used against DD's is HE. This does extremely good damage while breaking a lot of the DD's fragile modules. The idea is that if the BB has had the awareness to know that they are likely to fire a shot at a DD soon, and thus loaded HE, they are rewarded with great damage and lots of broken modules. If they didn't have that awareness and had the wrong ammo type for DD's (AP) loaded, then they can still get some good damage through overpens (each overpen does about 8% of a DD's health bar), but it won't be as effective as using the correct shell type. The problem comes in where you can get better damage using AP by landing reg pens. This means there is now no need to change shell types, which completely removes what is supposed to be a core part of skilled BB play. This makes BB's (ships that are supposed to be all about rewarding the ability to predict ahead of time what to do and where to be) too easy to play, and removes a key reward system, and is also an example of poor game design. So overall I think this is a great change. If WG has a concern that some ships are too good, and some not good enough after the change, then they should (and no doubt will) buff or nerf appropriately in other ways. However the change should still go through for the above reasons, and this is why WG have been so keen to change it for the last year or more.
  11. Moggytwo

    How does one get to targets as a torpedoboat?

    This is a common issue, and is an insightful point. I think being able to read the combat situation so that you can work out what is happening far enough in advance to position correctly is actually one of the most difficult skills in the game. You see it quite often where people are very slow to either advance or retreat and often end up being killed in a situation where they could have easily got away while also delaying the enemies offense. Awareness is key here - constantly checking the minimap and actively trying to predict what you think the enemy team will do is where to start if someone struggles with this skill. You'll soon work out if you were right or not, and you'll learn the patterns that tend to happen, and that will mean you'll know in advance what is likely to happen and can move your ship to the most effective position.
  12. Moggytwo

    Clan Drydock

    It was probably originally intended to be a steel ship, hence it's in the dry dock model. I think the reason they didn't announce how the Jean Bart would be made available is because the backlash over Alaska potentially being steel only. Pure speculation time here... They have three high tier ships about to be released, Alaska (T9), Jean Bart (T9), and Bourgogne (T10). They are due a new steel ship for players to work towards with a new CB season starting soonish. They also would like to make another ship available via coal only since Salem has been out for a while now, and of course they regularly put free xp ships out. I suspect they originally intended Alaska to be the new steel reward (there's been rumours of such since it was announced, and the dry dock is another piece of circumstantial evidence), Jean Bart to be free xp, and Bourgogne to be coal. However with the pre-backlash over Alaska (apparently a popular ship in the US for some reason) being steel only they now have to rejig how those three are made available, and they still have yet to decide exactly how they will go with that - hence the non-commitment over the Jean Bart method of purchase. I think they feel they have to release Alaska as free xp. This means they need another steel ship. They have a couple of options there - use one of those two ships, or use an upcoming ship they had scheduled for something else. There could be a left field option where Alaska is free xp, but they quickly make up USS Guam (sister ship) for steel with similar attributes but a different gimmick. I suspect Bourgogne will be coal, because they may be reluctant to make another T10 ship as a reward for T10 play, after the Stalingrad issues (perhaps that is just me hoping they don't make that mistake again). Jean Bart is the most likely out of the three to be steel, but that was probably the ship they wanted to release for free xp. Given that they basically announced it's release (before they pulled it again for rebalancing) but refused to announce it's cost this is another indication of the possibility of a steel reward. So all of that is nothing but complete guess work on my part - please don't take it as being grounded in any sort of facts. It is interesting to speculate though, and I am curious which way they will end up going.
  13. Moggytwo

    How does one get to targets as a torpedoboat?

    Team play in the classic sense is rare, but at the same time you can't win without effective team play. The important thing is to try and work with what your team is doing as best you can, even if it isn't an ideal situation. I always try and positively encourage people to pursue a reasonable course of action, either by typing in chat, or using chat commands to make the suggestion if that doesn't work. Don't forget there will be plenty of people who may not understand what you're saying, or maybe even have missed a comment in chat. A good combination of chat commands, like pinging at a ship 'request support', then 'cap A' or whatever can give people a basic idea of what you're trying to get across. Even then, you may not actually know a good course of action to recommend, or your team mates may be ignoring suggestions entirely, but despite that, it's up to you to work with your team as best you can. That basically means controlling your positioning so that you can support them and they can support you. If you pursue what would be a good course of action, but do it alone, then it's usually a bad idea rather than helping your team with their sub-optimal course of action. Once again, positioning is key here, you need to position in a way that you and your team are supporting each other, while pushing that position to encourage your team to do what you think is best. So if I'm in a BB and I think my team is hanging back a bit, I'll push up to a more aggressive position to encourage my team to push up too. That doesn't mean yolo charge, it just means be closer to your DD's and ahead of your BB's, which will often pull your BB's up and pressure the other team back, and that means your DD's are more likely to survive, theirs are more likely to die, and your team is more likely to win.
  14. Moggytwo

    Daily Containers Content need rethink

    Buying flags with coal is absurdly expensive. The coal from a resource container can buy you 2-3 flags, where the signal container gives you 8-12. I only use coal to buy flags if I am desperate (and with coupons if I can, although you obviously don't get many). I have about 2.4m free xp atm, I don't really need to buy ships with coal unless something really enticing becomes available - the Bourgogne is the only current possibility I would save for, and even then I would only use coal if I had to and I would go back to signal containers as soon as I bought it. As far as chances of getting supercontainers are - from all standard container types it is 1.5%, from TYL it doubles to 3%.
  15. Thanks for that, totally my fault, appreciate the correction! That does mean you'll be able to get one or the other but not both for free, as you say.