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  1. Z-39 is a brilliant ship. It feels like it shouldn't be so good, nothing about it obviously excels, and yet it just works. I'm sitting on an 81% win rate in the ship after 42 battles, and use a TDS module build that I've posted about before.
  2. As someone who plays T8 CV's a lot (and won't be playing any 899's), I couldn't care less about this strat. No doubt it's effective, but any decent CV player is used to having their CV attacked at various times and is comfortable with minimising that damage, and it's not like it isn't blatantly obvious when you load up and look at the team lists before the battle.
  3. Moggytwo

    How to stay calm? [DERAILED]

    It's an interesting topic, and it can be challenging. I'm fortunate that I'm a pretty calm person, but I still get worked up a little sometimes when my team is doing something particularly inept. In the end there will be frustrating moments in the game, and you have to learn to manage them in your own way, since everyone's personality is different. I would suggest taking a break whenever you get really annoyed, and only coming back to it when you are calm. If you don't do this, your actions change and you are more likely to make overly aggressive decisions that are more likely to get you killed, making you more likely to lose - in other words being on tilt. You should never play in this frame of mind, it never ends well. I would also suggest never insulting someone in game, no matter how awful they are. Just remember you don't know who that person is - it might be a young kid who has no idea how to play the game, but is having fun in their own way. It might be some elderly person who has long since lost their peak situational awareness and reaction time. It might be someone who has a disability and is doing the best they can within their own personal limitations. It might be someone with crippling depression who really doesn't need some random stranger to insult them. I basically use the theory that if I wouldn't say it to someone face to face, I won't say it in game. I am quite capable of being critical face to face, but in a reasonably constructive and tactful way, and I maintain that same type of communication in game. Remember that a person's worth is not equal to their ability at a game. Also, you'll feel better about yourself if you don't insult other people! I do think it's important to try and put bad games behind you - analyse in your mind where it went wrong and try your best to learn personal lessons from the battle about things you may have been able to do to improve your teams chances of winning - but then once you've done that try and put that game behind you and don't keep mentally going back to your annoyance at what happened. I do tend to change my music choices based on mood as well - if I get a bit too worked up I'll put on some more relaxing music, I'm not sure if that would work for you, but I find it hard to get too worked up about anything when I've got Air, the XX, Chopin etc playing in my headset. Remember, it's a game, so if you're not having fun, it's time to do something else for a while!
  4. Moggytwo

    AP rockets, what to think?

    There are good and bad aspects to the AP rockets. I think they will be weak in most respects, but do great damage against cruisers if you can catch one. The limited functionality is the main concern - they will be bad against DD's due to bouncing and overpens, they will be okay but not good against BB's due to limited AP pen, and they will be strong against cruisers if the cruiser doesn't angle. If the cruiser turns as they see the attack commence then it should result in very limited damage. My concern is if a CV doesn't have HE RF's, they are going to be unable to attack DD's. They may be able to balance it out, but there are a lot of negatives from the CV's perspective to having AP rockets. I do like that it opens up the possibility of different builds for CV's - something like a CV with HE RF's, AP RF's, and TB's. That does definitely create many more interesting options for potential CV setups, and this is something they need to do to enable them to bring out new CV premiums and lines.
  5. Moggytwo

    3 CVs in a T9 game !!!! holy #@$!

    That's a complete MM dump. The tiers and numbers of each class don't match up. Obviously the match maker was struggling with the fail divs. Having said that, these are the games I would love in my Friesland, but I'm lucky to get a CV battle every ten games! Since the patch it seems even worse, even at T10 I don't seem to be getting many CV's unfortunately.
  6. Moggytwo

    European Destroyers.

    Spot on. This is the crux of the whole issue, and what makes the problem so difficult. DD's are both unforgiving and incredibly powerful because of their particular attributes. This is a perfect recipe for a huge skill gap, particularly when there is a constant introduction of new DD counters almost every patch. It's the biggest problem in the game imo, but WG have recently directly said that they don't think it's an issue, so don't be expecting changes any time soon. There are way too many islands in this game. It's absolutely ridiculous on some maps, it completely shuts down dynamic play and leads to static boring slug fests. Greece is probably the worst in this regard, but maps like Sea of Fortune and Hot Spot are also pretty bad. As far as I'm concerned, if you can't play on Ocean then you can't play. I'd love to see them redo most of the maps and remove half the islands - especially big ones that sit in the middle of caps (think C cap on Shatter). Totally agree. Asashio is a brilliant ship, one of the best T8 DD's. It keeps BB's pushed back just by being there, and BB positioning is what wins caps. It outspots everything, and has good gun alpha, making it a good cap contester. It is quite strong against CV's despite not having AA due to it's excellent air concealment, small size, good maneuverability, and smoke. You can really waste a CV's time for long periods with good play, which is quite fun.
  7. Moggytwo

    In light of the recent decision by Wargaming

    It's a bit rough if your clan battles team don't care about you! I'd be having a few harsh words in discord if it was me...
  8. Moggytwo

    In light of the recent decision by Wargaming

    CV's are going to be contesting caps and screening for torps now? DD's have vital roles, they will continue to do so next season. Even if your clan runs a cruiser heavy line up, a DD will still be essential. A DD provides better quality spotting than a CV as well, due to the consistent nature of DD spotting that is better than the transient CV spotting. In terms of specifics for next season, I think Stalingrad and DM will struggle, and Smaland will be the best DD with it's radar and decent concealment, good heals, very high dpm, very narrow spread torps for bow in targets, and superb AA.
  9. Moggytwo

    Next Ranked Season... ...

    I'm in total agreement on the T10 front. T10 inter-class balance isn't great, with DD's in particular being underpowered at T10 compared to other tiers. Tier 8 offers the best inter-class balance imo. Even T6 would be a nice tier for ranked. I agree with this, I am very concerned at how much these changes only seem to be based around cruisers, and how much they nerf DD's (who lose a lot of damage potential) and significantly buff BB's (who will be on fire less, and also take less pen damage). The game does not need those power shifts.
  10. Moggytwo

    Smalland for 2,000,0000 Free Exp WHY!!!!!

    Well given the free XP inflation that's happened over time, 2m FXP farmed now would be significantly less in terms of time taken than 750 FXP farmed when Missouri came out as the first FXP ship. Also, next patch they are changing the signal limit from 8 to 21, which given how free XP is calculated (normal XP is calculated first, then multiplied by the free XP modifier), is a massive buff to free XP farming. The 2m price tag should be seen in terms of that change. I still would have preferred 1.5m though, but they are clearly trying to reduce the significant stocks of free XP that many players have accrued with nothing to spend it on (I have 4.5m free XP, all the FXP ships, and I only ever free XP new lines and never grind them, because why bother when you don't need to?). They are attempting to balance it out with the signals change, but of course that will cause some pretty significant free XP inflation in the future, so the cycle will continue.
  11. Moggytwo

    In light of the recent decision by Wargaming

    And not too soon either, it would have been nice to see them in a season or two ago. Great to see they finally committed to it. I would have preferred to see the season at T8 though, which has better inter-class balance than T10. Of course it has - the previous version was incredibly unbalanced in many ways, so they literally removed the class, and replaced it with a completely different class of the same name. That definitely fits under your term of 'drastic changes'! It was a completely necessary change though, and the best single thing WG has done to the game. In terms of recent large changes to CV's, the class has been very stable with minimal changes since the final AA rework of 0.8.7, so that's a good six months or so of stability, and the game has been in pretty good balance since then. Well there are common themes, but it doesn't have a controllable main battery, no. This has no bearing on whether it fits into the game or not, it has quite a good niche in the game now though, and battles without CV's certainly don't work as well as battles with them. The game needs all its classes to really function properly. It has as much counter play as any other class. I am no more concerned about CV's than I am about other classes when I'm playing, and I have plenty of options to minimise the effectiveness of the enemy CV in any class. If you define counter play as 'I press this button or perform this simple action and the CV is nullified', then there is nothing like that, which is a very good thing. If you disagree feel free to elaborate and let us know exactly what you mean by 'counter play'. You're right, but you could say the same about most classes. There are still plenty of players who hate DD's, despite them being the most important class in the game, and despite battles without them being basically broken in terms of game play. If we removed every class that people complained about, all we'd have left is an ocean view simulator. Well we shall see how the game play and population of the season turns out won't we. Community feedback tends to echo chamber a lot, especially on reddit, so I guess the proof will be in the game play itself.
  12. Moggytwo

    Yay, another new line release (sarcasm)

    If you are someone who wants to play through every line, you're going to have a tough time. There is so much content now, and so much more coming consistently, that you'd need to play the game like it's your job. This doesn't sound fun to me, and just sounds stressful, which is the opposite of what a game should be. I don't think that's how the content is intended though. I think it's supposed to be a matter of, they put content out, and each player decides whether that part interests them or not, and then plays the content accordingly. You see people in this thread posting which new lines they like and have gone down, and which they aren't interested in, and that seems more like the way the content is supposed to be consumed. For example, I am completely uninterested in Russian BB's, so didn't even start the line, but when French DD's came out, I got my favourite ships out of the line (Fantasque/Terrible, and Kleber) and play them very often. I liked the Venezia so play that a bit, but have zero interest in the RN CA's so don't play them at all. I love the look of the EU DD's and will go through the line, and get Smaland for free xp on patch day. Overall this seems like a better way to access the new content. You know the sort of thing you enjoy, you work your way down the lines that seem interesting, and you ignore the lines that don't. No stress, just enjoyment of the bits of the game that you like. Well they have a team that only does research and modelling of new ship lines. That's what they do. They can't suddenly give them the bug squashing job, or the game optimisation job, or the quality control job etc, those are different skill sets. They aren't taking away resources from other areas to develop new ship lines. Not to mention that new content is essential for game health. If they stopped new content for a month to do a pure balance patch, or optimisation patch or whatever, then not only would they have a decent part of the dev team not doing much, but many players would complain about the lack of content. Here's Sub_Octavian (lead game designer) on the subject last month: "Content patches are the thing that keeps the majority of both new and old players entertained and drawn to the game (and also win backs a lot of old lapsed players). Despite of having some discussions like "please do 2 patches entirely focused on tweaks, fixes and improvements" this idea is not fully viable because: a. the dev team's internal specializations do not overlap that much to freely allocate resources from new ship making or seasonal events to UI improvements/old ships balancing and b. in a highly competitive environment we always need to be on the radar and bring the content people care about regularly. "General housekeeping" process is not be be underestimated, of course, but any kind of patching means not just fixing old bugs, but introducing new ones:-) So realistically, it's a constant battle for keeping the game technical state on the level where the majority of the players don't encounter issues. And also a constant battle to keep the balance between the new stuff. IMHO, we are not losing this battle (although we will try to do more)." The game health overall seems pretty good. Balance seems okay, although as always there is work to be done and WG have a fairly slow reaction time to balance issues. They do seem to have a new process now though, which at the moment is leading to smaller but more rapid changes. We'll see how that goes. They always seem to have significant inertia on major balance changes, in that they are reluctant to make big changes unless they feel they absolutely have to.
  13. Moggytwo

    Soviet Cruiser Line Split When?

    It's unlikely but possible it will be 0.9.4. European DD's are coming out next, and that will take two patches (0.9.2 will be the T5-8 release, 0.9.3 the T9 and 10 release). This means that the very earliest it will be is 0.9.4, and given they generally do a new line every quarter pretty reliably, you can most likely say that the Russian cruiser split will be about 0.9.5, which will be in the latter half of June. So long as you have the line unlocked by mid-May, you should be fine. That gives you two months.
  14. Moggytwo

    110 tokens short of 1000?

    Oh I meant you don't have to pay money for it, it's just in the tech tree. I got the T6 in a free crate last patch, and I would assume most people who played semi-regularly last patch would have the T5 or 6 for free.
  15. Moggytwo

    110 tokens short of 1000?

    You didn't need to buy London, you can just use Albemarle, which is free. This makes it easy to get with no more than a co-op a day, plus some light regular play throughout the month. If you really didn't want to use Albemarle, it was possible to do it just using dailies and directives, but that is much more of a grind since you'd have to do 80% of the daily missions. They were pretty generous with this one tbh, it's hard to find a complaint about the event.