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  1. Moggytwo

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    It's not quite that black and white. It's possible to make a ship that is balanced but fun and interesting. Even underpowered ships can be fun and interesting (eg Atlanta). PEF isn't awful, but it's a little on the poor side of balanced. The reason everyone is complaining about her is because the guns are frustrating to use, and one of the main things that make a ship unpleasant to play is poor guns. They could make the guns great but make everything else about the ship awful to a point that it's less powerful than it is now, and there would be much less complaints about the ship. Another good example is the Kronshtadt. It's one of the most OP ships in the game, having the highest win rate of any generally available ship from tiers 6-10. Despite it being OP, many players complain about it, and that is because the guns are inconsistent - they tend to overpen a lot due to the high velocity and long fuse time, and the dispersion is BB dispersion. Reliability is key here - if you get in a position where you have outmaneuvered an enemy, and you get your aim spot on with a nice BB AP salvo, nothing is more frustrating than doing crappy damage because the guns aren't reliable.
  2. Moggytwo

    How to counter Belfast?

    Belfast has a reputation for being OP, however it is fairly easy to counter in most ships. It's main weaknesses are having no heal and no torps, it is easy to citadel, can be overmatched by 203mm AP, has very poor deceleration, and of course tends to be played in a very static manner. Knowing these weaknesses, you should be able to come up with an effective plan of countering the ship. If you're in a BB or a cruiser with 203mm+ guns, AP will overmatch, so use it at all angles. Remember how bad it is at slowing down, so if you see a Belfast popping smoke, it is very easy to get well aimed AP salvos into it. If it is firing at you from smoke, then that's just as good, watch the shell launch points, take the middle point between the forward and aft turrets, then go down about the distance of the hull height. Even without aiming dispersion buff this will often equal citadels. Also remember Belfast has no torps, and is extremely vulnerable to being rushed by a BB. Always be assessing in your BB if a rush will not result in you over committing, and if an opportunity arises then take it. As a DD, know their radar range of 8.5km. Baiting it by going into a cap at the limit of radar range either in reverse or turning away will burn the radar if it's an issue for you. You can also burn it by firing then smoking just within 8.5km, then bugging out. You want them to radar on your conditions, not theirs. Put torps into their smoke - Belfast has hydro but this won't always be up, and even if it is you can push it out of the smoke and into the open to be vulnerable to friendly ships. Belfast detection is 8.7km with an 8.5km radar, so once you have burned the radar you can sit at just over 8km and keep them spotted if the opportunity arises.
  3. Moggytwo

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    Well she has KM/MN/RM (German/French/Italian) BB dispersion (Range x 9.8 + 66m), which is very slightly worse than RN/US/RU BB dispersion (Range x 10.0 + 60m). She does have 2.0 sigma though, which is the equal best at tier, and that makes her shells tend towards the aim point more than other ships. Note Warspite is the most accurate BB at mid range as she has her own dispersion formula (now shared with Hood and Vanguard, Range x 10.3 + 51m). At long range the IJN dispersion formula (Range x 7.2 + 84m) pulls well ahead. The sigma puts her overall accuracy in the top half of BB accuracy at T6 (Warspite is more accurate, Fuso/Mutsu are more accurate at long range, PEF is equal or better than everything else). She just seems inaccurate because she has only eight guns, which combined with the low pen means her damage is unreliable so it doesn't feel like your hitting much. It's not the fault of the accuracy though.
  4. Moggytwo

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    PEF isn't great, but you're just not accurate with your criticisms. The main problem is the guns ability to consistently pen even when aimed well, combined with a relatively low shells per minute count. This is frustrating, and makes it a below average ship for it's tier. That's it though, there really aren't any other problems with the ship. Saying it's slow is just inaccurate, it's faster than every other BB at it's tier apart from the French BB's. It's speed is actually one of it's strengths. The reload is also equal best at tier. The accuracy is in the upper half of T6 BB's with it's excellent 2.0 sigma. Every complaint you have apart from the general 'the guns are crap' statement is just wrong.
  5. Moggytwo

    I need to vent ...

    That friendly may have intended to reverse course the whole time. It's very common to switch tacks to get in a better position. You have to assume that this is a likely course of action for the friendly ship. As you said though, we've all made that judgement call at some point, but it is always the fault of the captain launching the torps if they hit the friendly. Don't forget people are generally focused on the likely direction of enemy action, which makes them less likely to avoid friendly torps. If a friendly cruiser popped out of nowhere from behind an island then your friend wasn't looking at their minimap. All friendly ships are rendered at all times. Don't get me wrong, I've done the same thing when either awareness saturated or sometimes tunneled (obviously tunneling is a result of a bad process), and if I torp or nearly torp a friendly it's because I dumped a minimap check and failed to notice the imminent danger (rather than making a call on a risky torp launch - the call is almost always no unless it's a div mate I can inform verbally), but I accept that this is 100% my fault and it was a huge mistake on my part. Well this is downright amazing, I have been hit with torps plenty of times. Usually at close range where a friendly has obviously been unaware of my presence. Much more often than that I have had to do dramatic maneuvres to dodge friendly torps, and sometimes that gets me killed as well. Here's an example of me trying to smoke my Mino div mate - remember this @LordTyphoon? I'm nearly over it!
  6. Moggytwo

    I need to vent ...

    No there isn't - if you are in front of all the friendlies, and launch your torps at the enemy, there is absolutely no way a friendly ship could reach your torps even if they were actually trying to do so. Even when I'm launching Black torps, which have a very long 13.7km range and only do 43 kts, I can safely ensure that every launch I do has no chance of hitting a friendly. You can choose to carry out a torp launch that has the possibility of hitting a friendly, and sometimes we make that risk assessment and do it, but it's on the launching ship if that torp hits a friendly. Even if a friendly avoids your torps, if you've made that ship maneuvre to avoid them, or limited the space they can operate in, then you may well have got them killed or limited their effectiveness, potentially losing your team the game.
  7. Moggytwo

    I need to vent ...

    As everyone says, if there is even a possibility that a friendly could turn into your torps, don't fire them. A good way to ensure this is to be in the first line, which is where you should be in a DD. If you are torping in a cruiser, you will often not be able to safely. IJN cruisers seem to be the absolute worst for friendly torping, since they have long range torps but are usually positioned in the second or third line. Combine that with players lacking awareness and you have the perfect storm of friendly torping.
  8. Moggytwo

    Prince Eitel Friedrich or PEF

    There are a number of things to like about PEF - the speed is pretty good, handling adequate, long range AA is excellent, it's quite tanky and HE resistant (although it can be citadeled if you get yourself in a poor position), and it is accurate for a KM BB. The guns are the issue here. The pen is bad, but apart from that they seem quite good on paper. Bad pen isn't such a big deal, you just need to aim for the parts of the ship you can pen. In practice however, eight guns on a 28s reload means not a lot of shells per minute, and although the accuracy is very good for KM BB guns with 2.0 sigma, the shells consistently deal poor damage in situations where you would expect them to deal reasonable damage. They are very inconsistent. What this means is it is quite hard to carry in this ship. To be able to carry in a BB you need to be able to outmaneuvre the enemy to put them in a position where they are vulnerable to taking huge AP salvos. PEF is good at outmaneuvering the enemy, but terrible at putting ships down once it does so. This makes it frustrating to use. At the tier I'd much rather take out Warspite, Fuso, Arizona, or Normandie. These ships are much better at carrying games. Better yet go T7 and take out the blatantly OP Lyon. Now I have finished all the PEF missions this ship will never be taken out again, which is a shame since it's a ship that showed promise. Normally I hate KM BB's (giving up main battery power for secondary power is something I find pointless), but an accurate KM BB that requires skill not to get blapped sounds great, and it is great - except the inconsistent damage output ruins the ship.
  9. Moggytwo

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich Armor Scheme?

    I've quite enjoyed PEF, more than I thought I would since I saw many people say they hated it. It requires good positioning awareness, and good knowledge of AP mechanics, but I find it rewarding. The guns are great for KM BB guns, the 2.0 sigma makes them quite accurate, and the low pen is easily compensated for by aiming correctly (upper belt on all BB's until sub-8km), resulting in plenty of reg pens. It's quite tanky and rewards good angling plus has an underwater citadel, although you have the potential to eat some citadels at range if you get your angles wrong. Overall it's a pretty usable package.
  10. Moggytwo


    Kronshtadt is great, but I couldn't hate a ship more than I hate playing Musashi. Many people do like it though, and it's objectively borderline OP, but it is the least fun I think I've ever had in the game. Even having my IJN DD's completely shut down by a CV for an entire game is more fun than Musashi.
  11. Moggytwo

    Once you go Black......

    I much prefer Black torps over Fletcher torps. 73s vs 81s c/d. 13.7 vs 10.5km range. 21.6k vs 19.0k damage. 0.9 vs 1.4km concealment. The only thing on Fletcher's side is the speed, 43 vs 66kts. Where you go wrong with Black torps is by launching them at specific ships. This is a recipe for disappointment - do not do this. You launch them on cool down through common torp lanes, then you enjoy the hilarity of seeing torp hits come up minutes later, and having no idea which of your multiple salvoes in the water hit which enemy ship. Black is as much about its superb torps as it is about its radar.
  12. Moggytwo

    Update on Alaska (?)

    "Too popular" is WG code for "too overpowered". Kronshtadt is one of the most OP ships in the game. It's like when they say something has been "made more comfortable" - that means they buffed it. They keep releasing free xp ships that are too good because they want them to be attractive to players, and then having to remove them because they are OP. Missouri, Musashi and Kronshtadt are all in this basket, and Alaska is quite clearly about to be released in an overpowered state. It will inevitably be removed from sale as well.
  13. Moggytwo

    New premium: HMS Exeter

    Exeter stats look OP. Good range, reload on 203mm guns, smoke, hydro, heal at T5. However, it may well be balanced by the hull - it's likely going to have a very similar hull to Emerald, and that means it will take a lot of damage from pretty much everything. We'll just have to wait and see how it goes in play testing. I suspect this setup will be nerfed before release though - or they will move it to T6.
  14. Moggytwo

    removal dates, of the Musashi, Kronshtaht

    It's not every day, it's one snowflake per ship for the patch. You get 100 steel per T8-10 ship for your first win of the patch. I can't remember the coal amount for T5-7 ships off the top of my head though sorry. This was announced a month or two ago on the dev blog, and it also includes a collection that gives 8k steel on completion, and a purchasable in the premium shop campaign that gives 6k steel. I believe if you do everything you can get 18.4k steel, however this doesn't include premium ship snowflakes as WG hasn't specifically said they are included. I'm sure they will be though. Note they may decide to change these numbers before patch release.
  15. Moggytwo

    So I guess I should get Kronshtadt now?

    Kronshtadt is one of the most OP ships in the game, and has the highest win rate of any T4-10 'available to all' ship. Having said that, Kronshtadt is actually disliked by quite a few people, and that is mainly because of the guns. People see the word cruiser next to her name and get confused. She is a BB. She has BB guns, with BB dispersion. You mainly fire AP, and the AP can citadel enemy BB's out to her max range. She has high velocity guns, with a standard fuse timer of 0.033s, and that means overpens. If you shoot broadside light cruisers, you will overpen. Knowing what ammo to shoot at what ship and what the results of your salvo is likely to be is essential for this ship. Use AP on broadside BB's - shoot the lower belt when they are fully broadside, and the upper belt when angled 30-45° from broadside. If you have to shoot at a well angled BB (ie there are no other better targets), then use HE, or AP into the superstructure if that's what is in the barrels. Try not to fire at perfectly broadside light cruisers - wait till they give a bit of angle, over 30° is good, that will help your shells fuse and make the ship effectively wider, increasing the chance of pens and citadels. Remember you can overpen the citadel. While we're talking play style, note she is terrible at bow tanking, you should never do this ever. You avoid damage by angling about 20° to try and bait main belt shots and active maneuvering. Get on the flanks, get different angles to all the other BB's and punish enemy ships with AP. Note you are a 12km range anti-DD zone, since you can for all practical purposes stealth radar. A common tactic is to push in to a likely DD unspotted, wait till you are spotted, count to 5 (to account for the 0.7km difference between concealment and radar ranges) and then radar. This will result in a radared DD and you can then get two salvos out at the DD before radar is complete, as well as the damage from the rest of your team. You can force a cap win consistently by doing this. You often will need to turn out as you radar though to avoid overcommitment and death. As to whether you should get Kronk or Musashi, or wait for Alaska - I would personally recommend not buying Musashi, the play style is boring (warning: subjective opinion!) and you can get basically the same ship in the Yamato. You can't get another Kronshtadt, literally no ship in the game is like her - she's probably most closely comparable to Alsace in terms of how you play her. She will almost certainly never be sold again. The Alaska will be released in either 0.7.12 or 0.8.0 (20 Dec or 17 Jan). She will be available for free xp (possibly coal as well) and will cost in the region of 850k to 1.1m xp, likely 1m. She will be quite OP due to a combination of health, tankiness and relatively short reload high damage AP with US CA autobounce angles, and will likely be removed about this time next year. You should have plenty of time to get her before then. Note this paragraph contains no confirmed information and is my own educated speculation based on WG dev comments and other analysis.