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  1. Moggytwo

    A DDs worst nightmare

    I absolutely love the ability to do that in the new KM DD's. I've had a few times when a cruiser has worked into a position where they are able to ambush me, then they pop out and start pushing, while no doubt praising themselves for their genius play. Then their health starts rapidly disappearing... I had a Neptune pull out from behind an island at 10km a couple of weeks ago and start charging me in my Schultz (kiting away), a pure 1v1, he had 40k and I had about 12k. By the time he reached 20k he was rapidly throwing the rudder over as he no doubt reassessed the situation, and when he died very soon after, I still had 8k left. I think they've pretty successfully managed to come up with a DD line that counters cruisers...
  2. Moggytwo

    I need intelligence data!

    A brilliant OP Max, both eloquent and hilarious, but likely wasted on someone who completely failed to understand your point.
  3. Slow planes with low health and only one attack per squadron? That sounds like fun to fly through AA...
  4. Moggytwo

    Maashinn Guunz

    It's easy to miss! They make big announcements on the dev blog that anyone can see, but then they'll can them in ways that not many people see (a lot less people keep on top of the Q&A's, which are only very occasional anyway). They also often make announcements of this sort of nature in forum posts, on one servers forums only, that even the regular forum readers could well miss if they don't open that particular thread. You then have the issue that even if you read a clarification on something or a change of some sort, that you might need to reference that years later, and you're simply never going to find that comment ever again, given you likely don't know that far away where it was mentioned. Sigh. Server population for CV's currently (tiers 7 to 10): SEA 5.3%, NA 3.1%, EU 2.4%. We'll see what it's like in a few weeks. This is a concern, because CV's fill essential roles, and the game is quite simply a bit broken without them doing those roles, much like when you have a no DD game and it just doesn't quite work properly.
  5. Moggytwo

    Maashinn Guunz

    It was already pretty easy to mitigate most of the damage from rocket fighters in your DD's, although you'd always take a little damage off a well aimed drop. I've watched a few videos play testing the upcoming change, and it looks like it will be next to impossible to hit a DD with rockets. Any manoeuvering at all on the part of the DD will cause the rockets to miss, and that's assuming the CV gets the much greater lead correct. I can't stress enough just how much of a buff to DD's and nerf to CV's this is. CV's will be mainly restricted to spotting DD's and hoping for competent team mates if the DD has made a positioning mistake - attacking a lone DD with rocket fighters in a CV is no longer a viable option. My prediction is that the CV population will drop markedly after this patch. It will be interesting to see what WG does after that, I would guess they'll likely apply some compensatory buffs. Good DD's are going to have an absolute field day next patch, and I for one will be dropping playing CV's entirely (I normally play about 60% DD, 30% CV, 10% BB or so), and upping my DD play time. This change will affect different CV's to different levels. Ships that didn't rely much on anti-DD play using rockets will be less affected, so Haku and Kaga for example, but ships like Saipan with its Tiny Tims that were so good against DD's and are by far the worst affected rocket will be significantly nerfed. Enterprise will be hit hard as well, since it was strong against DD's because of its rockets, and doesn't have HE DB's to partially compensate. It will be a very rough patch for CV mains, I feel for them. Neither the air detection nor the AA changes are going through - they mentioned this in one of the Q&A's last year. They were tested and found to not be acceptable.
  6. Moggytwo


    The important thing is, you need to know the answer to that question before the planes even appear. Before you even move to that position. In fact, you need to know the answer to the question of "what am I going to do if the CV attacks me?" at all times. In the same way, you always need to know the answers to "what should I do if I am detected?", "what should I do if my flank capitulates?", "what should I do if I am pushed hard by the enemy?" etc, at all times. If you don't have an answer to that question, or the answer to any of those questions are the sort of responses you gave above, then you don't have an exit plan, and then you're putting yourself into a position where you will likely die. In all ships, but BB's in particular, your mistakes don't tend to be immediately apparent. You often make mistakes that aren't punished for minutes afterwards, and then it requires a reasonable awareness of the game to be able to recognise what the mistake was, and how long ago you made it. Rest assured that with the scenarios you have described in this thread, and in the comment above, your positioning mistake was made well before the planes ever appeared. I admire your attitude of wanting to be up front taking the lead for the team. I honestly wish there were more players who were willing to risk their ship to do their best to impact the battle. I am sure you want to do the best you can, and win the battle for your team. The issue is, that you seem unable to recognise the difference between an aggressive position, and overcommitting to a position that will inevitably get you killed. Playing BB's is a balance between being as aggressive as possible, and surviving to the end of the battle. You need to do both of these things to be successful, and finding this balance is the key to quality BB play. If you end the battle alive but on almost no health, having done your utmost to position aggressively and push the enemy team back, while minimising your damage intake through angling and maneuvering, then you've done the best you can for your team. Also, don't pretend you know the way I personally play the game, and don't think I don't do my far share of tanking. I am a DD main (although I play a fair bit of CV and BB as well), and I am constantly breaking concealment to draw fire to myself and away from my team mates when they are under threat. I am aware of my surroundings though, I have a plan to minimise the damage I take while maximising the attention I receive. I don't put myself in no win positions for the sake of aggression, and hang my team out to dry by dying early because of it.
  7. Moggytwo


    You're asking how to defend against it, while in the following sentence saying there is no defence. The thing is, there are plenty of people in this thread who have told you how to defend against it, but you refuse to adapt your game play to take into account the fact that there is a CV on the enemy team. If you're not going to adapt, then you're going to die early and ineffectually a lot, and be unhappy playing the game. Why do that to yourself? One of the key parts of this game is adapting to the ships on the enemy team. Every individual ship requires you to take certain actions to counter them. A CV is no different. By refusing to adapt you're refusing to learn, and setting yourself up for endless frustration. The most important point that you should take out of this, is that you are the person responsible for the outcomes you are describing. I can take out the same ship as you, and have zero issues with CV's while being more effective at winning the battle. Why do I find success where you fail? Because you refuse to learn and adapt. It's not difficult, but it does require an open mind and a willingness to learn. This is why you fail.
  8. Moggytwo

    I feel so... dirty...

    Don't forget you get extra XP for damaging higher tier ships, and less XP for damaging lower tier ships. This makes it pretty easy to top score as bottom tier if you have a decent game.
  9. Moggytwo

    Thunderer keep NERFING don't care

    My first battle in the Thunderer this patch I did 261k. I used it to do the citadel/incap mission for the dockyard, so I sailed it quite a few times last week, and it still felt overpowered. The combo of having no bad ammo choice, superb accuracy, cruiser rudder shift, and strong heals, make her an absolute beast. Certainly needs another nerf if they want to try and balance it.
  10. Moggytwo

    For those that are interested, Ise is here.

    I'm not sure what you're talking about Max. It seems like the implementation of Ise and hybrids in general is quite good. A weak torp strike every two minutes that takes away from your main battery output is most definitely not going to require any MM adjustments, and will be quite balanced compared to having a normal BB on the team. The way I see Ise, is that she is a ship that will be quite underpowered in pure terms, and the vast majority of players will actually be less successful in her than a normal tier 6 BB. Where her strength lies, is in the ability to lever her planes to do things like spot for your own salvos and your team, to turn ships broadside to your own guns, and similar subtle but effective leverage of her abilities. This means a skillful player will be able to get a lot out of her, particularly if they are an experienced CV player (a player group that is in the distinct minority). The rush of Ise's will pass quickly, but her sales success will almost certainly mean that their will be more BB based CV hybrids (likely paper ships) in the future.
  11. Moggytwo

    Mogador: Is it worth it? Disscussion

    You're right, in that it can be challenging to carry battles in a poor concealment gunboat. However you can have a significant effect on the win, just in a different manner, by playing well in fast gunboats. French DD's can ambush ships, while French and especially Russian DD's can draw a lot of fire away from your team while also doing decent damage.
  12. You really can't compare Z-31 and Z-39, they play completely differently. Z-39 is an extremely strong general purpose DD, that does DD things well with a strong German flavour. Z-31 is a gun platform above all else, and is very much a scout cruiser and not a DD. The guns are so incredibly different, that they completely define how Z-31 plays.
  13. Moggytwo

    Dutch airstrike in action

    The problem with this is that you can't make it fly through the flak zone of the target ship, because if the ship has even moderate AA, those planes are all going to die. Flak is designed to be something that player controlled planes are able to avoid through smart flying, but an AI controlled squadron flying in a straight line is just going to eat all the flak, and it does so much damage none of the planes will make it through in many circumstances. It would make the ability utterly pointless.
  14. Moggytwo

    Dutch airstrike in action

    It doesn't need a nerf. Do we nerf BB AP because a broadsiding cruiser gets blapped? As @Max_Battle suggested, do we nerf torpedoes because a straight lining BB eats a whole salvo? You have to do a whole lot wrong to get hit hard by this, while it isn't of much concern to a well played ship. That seems like pretty good design to me. Keep it as it is, and it will help motivate ships that park bow in, or hug an island, that perhaps this play style is on par with sailing broadside in your cruiser. This seems a well designed ability, and I say that as someone who very rarely plays cruisers, and likely won't play down that line. The only point on balance that I would make in regard to the new Dutch cruisers, is that the concealment may be an issue. 10.3km fully buffed concealment for a tier 10 supercruiser is going to cause some problems I think.
  15. Moggytwo

    Dutch airstrike in action

    Not at all. Some USN or RN cruisers can operate well open water (Wooster comes immediately to mind). Those who are facing numerous opponents on a flank may utilise islands, that is perfectly reasonable, but it is how you use the islands. You need to always have an exit plan. So if a CV heads in your direction and you are vulnerable, then you use your exit plan to get out of there without taking much damage. Same if your flank gets pushed and you need to leave. Another good tactic is to keep mobile, but stay a few kms from island, keeping constant attention on what can see you and what ships could cause an issue if they shot at you. Put the island between you and those ships while keeping mobile, and you can shoot them while they can't shoot you. If you do it properly you won't even be spotted. For an Alaska, pushing up early into a static position that you can't get out of, without knowing what enemies are on your flank or how many there are, is stupid game play. It's literally the worst option you could take. Stay at mid range, stay mobile, the ship is superb in open water. There will be opportunities to push in later on once you know how many ships you are facing and can make a calculated and intelligent choice.