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    Diagonal tech tree lines

    I'm not sure if i explained it well enough, what I meant was a tech tree like this I don't mean that if you were tier 9 in one thing, you should be tier 9 in everything, then progression would be way to fast to "finish" the game but to counterbalance that it would take too long to tier up and you would get bored of your current ship/tank/plane/whatever. I just meant that people who want to drive one class shouldn't be made to play a class they absolutely despise (I want to play carriers but I cant stand playing battleships)'. This also makes no sense as cruiser drivers only have to play the class they want, destroyers and battleships have to play the class that they want and the crossover is tier 2/ a really good tier 3. Carriers are more expensive than both, crossover at tier 4 and have to play two COMPLETELY different classes before they finally get to play the reason they downloaded the game. I just thought that if they didn't have to play the same tier in 4 different ships (twice at tier 3, twice at tier 4) you could at least get to the class you wanted sooner. I am dreading having to play the tier 4 battleships and I just cant summon the will to get to tier 4 because I absolutely hate playing battleships.'You can see them do it in earlier versions of the game.
  2. Human3749

    Diagonal tech tree lines

    After feeling really depressed from matches like this I realised that I really didn't like the slow movement and rate of fire that battleships had and as I just wanted to play carriers and I was finding the battleships tedious I began wondering why there were no diagonal lines. On top of carriers being the most expensive class to rescearch to get to them you have to go: Tier 1 cruiser->Tier 2 cruiser->Tier 3 cruiser-> Tier 3 battleship->Tier 4 battleship-> Tier 4 carrier. If the carriers cant go lower tiers why cant it just be Tier 1 cruiser->Tier 2 cruiser->Tier 3 battleship->Tier 4 carrier. How come there are diagonal lines from pictures of earlier tech trees but only horizontal and vertical lines now?