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  1. For me, playing CV should be more about attacking enemy ships & yet many times I face both US & IJN fighter load outs that shut me out of the game to a degree. I believe no CV should be able to fly more than 2 squadrons of fighters at one time. In any US CV I've played so far, I try to stick with using DBs as they can avoid enemy fighters easier. Even with skills & upgrades my Independence fighters get smashed by Hiryu or Ranger. Hardly play any CV games these days as it's not much fun.
  2. daddy4x4

    Sims and Yubari back on sale ?!

    My wishes been granted! Although Blys in tech tree for gold, I saw it just came on sale so thx WG here's a few bucks for more Vodka. Now to grind the hell out of it to get capt. up to speed! See you on the waves peeps!
  3. daddy4x4

    Sims and Yubari back on sale ?!

    Oooh! I don't really look at tech tree as just unlock from port screen. I'll think I might splash out on one then. Thanks!
  4. daddy4x4

    Sims and Yubari back on sale ?!

    Tempted to get Sims just to make RBs more fun, but I'm doing ok mostly using Nagato or Hatsu. May even use Budyonny as it loves killing DDs & BBQing BBs, but it's super weak armour means I can get wiped out in a salvo if I'm unlucky. Any idea if Blyskawica will come back any time soon? I wished I had one now for ranked.
  5. daddy4x4

    5.8 Preview

    ++1 It's great to have DDs & other classes balanced in new MM, but I feel it's almost as important to have nation balance as well. Imagine trying to cap with IJN DDs only vs US gunboat DDs. Your only hope would be IF your CL/CAs back you up against the gunboats.Good luck with that! My rule is never to rush into cap in IJN DDs too quick as if you get spotted, you can lose lots of HP real quick. Even in ranked many don't value the DD for capping/spotting. If you lose your DDs, you're half blind & have to take more risk to cap. Why is this so hard to understand for many players.
  6. daddy4x4

    New RB Campaign

    I feel your pain. I can't imagine how bad it would be with T8 players in RB. At T8 & above due to credit loss, most get very cagey about taking risks. It seems once you get to R15 MM decides to put spawns opposite the same base most times, which makes for an interesting first few minutes. Another stupid spawn has 2 BB allies on either end of the line with 15km span. Great if team goes your way, but hell when you're the poor BB stuck alone with no backup. Has happened a few times to me. All I can do is hope I can get away from enemy DDs & planes. Worst is DDs that have good camo like a Hatsu that play to kill BBs , but not cap. AAARRRGGHHHH!!! I'm still trying to get past R14, but keep going back & forth W/L despite my ranked 65% WR. Just keep blasting is about all one can do & hope MM is kind. Not noticed any long waits yet for RB.
  7. daddy4x4

    Tirpitz, Mikasa in shop, No Nikolai

    I'm also tempted by the Tirpitz, but the weak deck armour, large shell dispersion & lower cal shells at Tier 8 & up make me wonder if it's worth the $$$. prolly best as a heavy cruiser than a real BB.
  8. daddy4x4

    ARP Hiei

    I guess some here have high damage Tier 8+ ships & lots of time to spend on gaming. For the rest of us working folks, part timers & lower tier owners we need a decent amount of time to do the missions. WG has been quite generous with most of these, but I find it sort of odd that the stages don't always get harder as you go through them. Take the 3000 ribbons mission followed by the easier damage mission for example, both pretty easy, but took me like most longer to get ribbons than complete damage stage. No drama to me as, still plenty time to get the job done. I pity those who have not long started the game as the are stuck in no mans land with none or just one tier 4 ship & have to grind like mad to try get the job done. Good luck fellow captains!
  9. daddy4x4

    another matchmaking joke again... sigh

    Since when is this game meant to replicate any real life battles, sure I love a challenge, but these MM examples are not challenge, but just a demonstration of the faulty programming of the MM system. I'm sure you'd think differently if you were a BB facing 4 Shimikazes too.
  10. daddy4x4

    another matchmaking joke again... sigh

    Right there is the problem. MM working as intended. MM isn't designed well & shouldn't put stock ships +2 tiers, bad for the team they're in & depressing for the player. Sometimes you might as well be AFK as your ship can't do much against the higher tiers. At best you have to hang back & hope you can sneak in some shots & help mop up if your team carries you. I feel OPs pain as my first battle in Colorado had my up against 2 Kagero & a Fubuki DD. Despite staying back & keeping bow on I still only got in a few hits before dying. Worst is being BB at bottom tier as you lack HP pool & armour of others & as US BBs are such short range brawlers, you are stuffed cause you'll be in range for a few kms of enemy gun before you can even fire a shot. A bit OT, but it makes sense to me too buff the gun range of US BBs or nerf the IJN BBs gun range. 5kms difference is a lot especially when the US BBs are snails as well.
  11. daddy4x4

    3000 Ribbons too OP

    It gives my brainbox something to do besides killing ships & tanks!
  12. daddy4x4

    3000 Ribbons too OP

    Is it just me or has WG designed his last stage just so ppl will buy more T7/8 Premium Cruisers. Just a bit of clever marketing on their part. I was tempted to buy Atago awhile back when it was on sale,but thought it was a bit frivolous. No matter, I'll just use Myoko, Peskicola & Mahan to get dem ribbons. These lot should do the job, but I was a bit slow of the mark & not up to that stage yet.
  13. daddy4x4

    Too many AFKers

    In some good news re AFKers, it seems WG has taken action to crack down on serial AFKers & idlers. Several have been banned & many have gotten warnings. Good to see Admin taking notice here of issues raised. Well done admin!
  14. daddy4x4

    New CV player requirement

    You'd be in the minority IMO, in most of the battles I see IJN & US CVs focus too much on hunting enemy planes. Sure it's part of the game, but to me that shouldn't be the primary objective of any CV captain. Others may prefer just shooting planes, but I think it's a wasted opportunity to not focus on enemy ships. This is after all, World of Warships, not World of Warplanes. Quote updated. ~amade
  15. daddy4x4

    Taking the narrows

    A run through the channel can be a game changer at times. Good way to distract enemy or attack back lines. Also can be an easy base cap in domination mode if not done too early. I've used it several times for different reasons with DD or CL, Not tried with a BB yet & doubt I would & well CV prolly get stuck & just why bother. Might be funny to see a CV try it.