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  1. Black_Friar

    Server Change

    I already have an NA account,current ave ping is 110ms(very playable).With shift work the peak times work better, a majority of ppl understanding what I type.just makes life easy. Its more the 4 ships I have bought and the ones I have the time into that I want, plus the dubloons and silver and premium time, without having to buy them all again.
  2. Black_Friar

    Server Change

    Hi guy's/gals just wondering who to chat to about getting a server change to NA? Basically Iv'e had enough of the garbage ,no idea of team play ,LANGUAGE BARRIER,and don't give a shit attitude of the SEA server. I have started another account on the NA server and am pleasantly surprised by the play quality. So can i get my account change across?
  3. Black_Friar

    No Use for AP

    This is just an observation so far in the OBT. The frequency of fire damage is too high from all HE shells, it nearly makes AP redundant. Could the Devs please check the specs on the fire control systems on the kongo and Fuso, they seem to be switched. Kongo 20k range..Fuso 14k. probable just a typo, but this is what the beta is for. I like the use of camo, and will it be available for permanent purchase?( like in WOT ). Cheers , keep up the great work.
  4. Hey Aslain, excellent mods , use them for both WoT and WoWS. Tried to download today and Chrome errored on both saying that they contained malware and refused to dl them. My bad or a glitch? Only asking because it hasn't happened before. Cheers and keep up the great work.
  5. Black_Friar

    MM is a joke

    Well just for the sake of being a bit off topic,, yes MM does blow chunks atm, but it is a beta, so deal with it. The game balance as a whole is not bad, it just needs some fairly stiff tweaking. The language barrier is a MAJOR concern,I only speak 2 , english and bad english. So pretty much any sort of co-ordinated game play is toast. Too that point. 1 for the Devs..will server roaming be coming in or atleast the choice to switch to an English speaking server? I would happily trade 100ms for being able to understand whats going on. So what the hell is..POI? I won't really wade into the whole Spud thing( he's obviously a bigot so just let him continue playing with himself). Too those players who do not have English as a first language and try to use it..well done and thank you for the effort( the syntax can be a bitch so all good). .
  6. Black_Friar

    map rotation

    No to what?..you making a suggestion or just being a troll? You did notice it was CHECK/change the rotation..not oh no not the ice field again..boo hoo. And yes I would make the same suggestion if any map appeared that often in such a short time, thus the please check.
  7. Black_Friar

    map rotation

    Hi ppl..just something to look into..can you please check/change the map rotation.. just played 8 games and 5 were on the ice field map. cheers.
  8. Black_Friar

    Map/Range Imbalance

    Just some things I've noticed so far. Open ocean map..get rid of it or fix the range imbalance between Japanese and American BB's in the mid tiers. Hotspot maps with fleets in each corner..unless you are going to bring in a single language for the game any form of communication is impossible. So get rid of the maps. Three tier spread, totally useless, and rarely worth playing at lower levels due to range and view imbalance.( being 1 shot by something you can't see is NOT fun.)let alone shoot back at. Balance torp ranges,,10k vs 4.5k yer thats real balanced. Bring in server hopping so ppl can choose were they want to play.(language barrier).It's no use frantically typing "clear my line of fire" or "watch out for my torps" if no-one can understand you. Team balance..1 or 2 ships different is OK..5 is rediculous.( number of ships per team,type of ships). The game has the potential to be spectacular..BUT..it's got to be fun and balanced to play. Yes I know its a beta so fix it now and it won't become a problem later. Great game .Well done.( now if we can just fix tanks..hmmm.).