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  1. Desert_Fox_2014

    Island and radar detection

    In real life situation, radar detection should be block by large islands but in WOWS this is not the case. If radar can be block by large island than a DD has a fair chance to avoid detection. If I am right, this also not the case with sonar detection. If someone(ship) hide behind an island, they can still be detected using sonar. I suggest to the developer to reconsider it.
  2. Desert_Fox_2014

    WoWS Update 0.7.10

    still down. please inform when up
  3. Desert_Fox_2014

    Sudden Disconnect When In-Game

    I do experience this recently a few day ago, for all I know it not my side as my router(just in front of me) show no internet disconnection. Take a few minute to sign in again.
  4. Desert_Fox_2014

    Update 0.7.7 take so long

    Why does 0.7.7 update take so long. The download is fast but when installing it seem to take a long time. Anyone experiencing this?
  5. Desert_Fox_2014

    Program not responding after exit game

    After the new update 0.7.6, every time after exiting the game, the game crash/not responding message come out and had to manually delete from Task manager. Other wise the game run normally.
  6. Desert_Fox_2014

    Cruiser split question

    What happen to the ship XP (eg. 200+K) of Cleveland, do they stay with Cleveland after change to new tier or the same tier to the new ship?
  7. Desert_Fox_2014

    Enemy reinforcement confusion

    This topic refer to Operation Killer Whale mode. During the reinforcement of enemy 1st and 2nd group, we could not know which group they belong to when the 3rd group and later group enter? By right the 3rd group should only appear after the 1st and 2nd group are eliminated. Many time I play this operation many player are confuse to which ship to sink first. Most complete the reinforcement mission by luck. so I would like to suggest WOWS to indicate by some means (eg. color or ship code). The operation is time limited and we can't go sinking every ship.
  8. Desert_Fox_2014

    Report a rude chat player

    I would like to suggest that when we report a rude chat or poor player. The report should be shown be notified to the rude or poor player but please don't mention who complain.
  9. Just a suggestion, why don't the program perform a checksum on the spec of ship and action subroutine before loading the actual program. Any different in checksum mean it has been modifies or mod. This just an my idea and may be difficult to implement. Some program do that after download it. I have experience why some players have so good aim even when they are at maximum range. Another is how do they spot us eg CA when they are so far away I know they can use spotter plane but still have to able to see us to shoot us.
  10. Desert_Fox_2014

    Ships Running The Blueline

    I suggest imposing a penalty, like the one you impose on running into a friendly ship. But must be given a warning first because some are accidental or the steering is busted.
  11. Desert_Fox_2014

    Error Under Achievement Comment

    Under Achievement Section "It's just a flesh wound" Stated "Can be obtained several times per battle." How can you achieve this after your ship is sunk???? I think it is mistake, should be once in a battle.