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  1. I have the Friedland and also get the Gronnigen with FXP. What is the compensation for the Friedland. Will the Friedland will still present after the next update or compensated?
  2. When we got to get a container in our daily, we choose what to get and when we get the container, we need to open it. i am suggesting to gave an option to auto open after clicking the choice we have make.
  3. Do anyone has the same bug after getting 250 doubloon from the new year final Big New Year container whch contain 250 doubloon but my over 2K doubloon went missiing replace with 250 doubloon only. Already just report to WOWS.
  4. Desert_Fox_2014

    Armoury cannot be open

    Thanks it only open after a few minutes late, longer than normal.
  5. Desert_Fox_2014

    Armoury cannot be open

    Do anybody experience this when openning armoury it keep loading only. Just happen this morning.
  6. After completing the 1st stage I got 80 british token but I can only can claim 3 bundle why? should be 4x20token. Sorry I misunderstood the display some of the taken bundle is not shown. This is no more relevent. Consider it solves. How to delete this topic?
  7. Desert_Fox_2014

    Directives and missions

    Is WOWS trying to delay our tasks time is short
  8. Like the title suggest, I had this encounter while targeting a CV and not detected (still outside my DD detection zone) by him. But suddenly he send a planes toward me. So the question is does "PRIORITY TARGET" skill include Torpedo targeting which is not mention.
  9. Desert_Fox_2014

    0.8.10 Bug Report Thread

    can't even update the game internet connection error from asian server
  10. Desert_Fox_2014

    Error Connecting to Server

    happen to me also
  11. This is my personal opinion for using your coal and FXP uses. Some people says 1M FXP can buy 3-4 stock ship and they are right. The only thing I don't like playing stock IX -X ship is most of time you gain little or lost much credit due to high post credits charges unless you have premium time. Most of the premium ship normally have 50% less post charges but you need many doubloon to buy it. In term of coal and FXP these are consider you earn it without paying anything. My advice is better to use use these two to only buy tier IX-X ship. The lower than tier X ship and flags are a waste of your hard earn coal. I hardly play lower than tier V ship after getting a higher than tier V ship. Most combat or mission is only for tier V above. I only keep the free premium lower than tier V and sell off all stock ship to free up the ship slot ( ship slot cost 300 doubloon).
  12. Desert_Fox_2014

    Yoshino, thunderer or Smolensk?

    I also have the same question so I don need to do another.
  13. Desert_Fox_2014

    How's your French Event going?

    Thanks to WOWS good marketing strategy. I am short of 60 republics token to get the last pack (500token) and had a chance for the Mogador DD. Even I buy the French DD container it doe not assure me of getting a DD. They put the container reward on directive when you already have the ship and other directive only get credit which I don really need it. From many comments I read the DDs is so hard to get and when you get is mostly jaquar and Sirocco which is not the requirement for the directive to get the rewards.
  14. Desert_Fox_2014

    15 game losing streak

    So losing so many game even when you are think you are a better player than your team mates and you still mention win rate of the your team mate. That means win rate is not related a single player but the whole team.
  15. Desert_Fox_2014

    Is there an option to restrict our game stat.to only friends

    So you are one of them and that the problem with sore loser. Win or lose depend on the whole team not on one player and I find real shit player in my team but I never complain to them. The worst by this sore loser is even after the games. So they think they are the best player and never lose to blame others.