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  1. Puggsley


    Should be a top priority target just for that camo.
  2. Puggsley

    Shipping and things update (for me)

    Hehe, environment is always extremely powerful!
  3. Interesting..... Might be it does not recognise ships you research and buy during the event.
  4. All mine done and yes you do get more snowflakes when you get a new ship. I had a bunch of T7s close and they were focused to get more flakes.
  5. Puggsley

    Shipping and things update (for me)

    Congrats mate! Remember food intake can modify height to something you find acceptable.....
  6. Puggsley

    Signs of a noob team

    Even MM is being noobish.......
  7. I was out of the +700%ers during CBs. Would have been nuts. The stockpile is getting grown though, waiting for next round.
  8. Puggsley

    Signs of a noob team

    This morning, Tier X and we have both their DDs dead within 5 minutes. Now 2 ships up with most enemy one one flank. We roll the other flank, well up on points and 8 minutes to go. Then our team decides capping is required. They push in one at a time and get slaughtered. Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.
  9. Puggsley

    Unique/Legendary Commanders

    Absolutely correct, never have 2 capn specials fitted so well with a ship. Pretty common to trigger the torp reload at least once, my best is 3 times. Throw in his AR bonus and you are throwing torps out left right and centre towards the end. AA boost is pretty easy too.
  10. Must have been low in the water with all those XPs! Was that a full suite of flags n camos?
  11. Puggsley


    And I thought he was back..........
  12. I have popcorn out and vote for Japanese cruisers next!! Boy the Mogami is a nice step up from Myoko with the different turret arrangement and extra guns all round.
  13. The guys here really opened my eyes about what is possible. Clan brawls (and other events) offer the opportunity for incredible FXP earn rates. 22k from one game. Yes, I used a lot of flags but what else are they for?
  14. Puggsley

    Who can tell me the logic of Coop AI?

    Skynet is just buttering you up.
  15. But the rewards!!!!