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  1. Puggsley

    French Destroyer Gameplay

    Throw baguettes at those CVs. Throttle play works well, and those reload boosters make you a great DD killer, ifnonlyif you have some cover to sneak up on them (and you know where their support is!).
  2. Puggsley

    Harrugumo gameplay

  3. Puggsley

    Harrugumo gameplay

    OK that one really made me laugh. Milk came out my nose! Although I suppose you are pedantically correct. Nearly always there is more than one.
  4. Puggsley

    Getting there

    WG had its "New Coke" moment with Patch 1.10 in WoT. A total shitfight. Ships here i come!!!
  5. Puggsley

    Getting there

    My WG wallet is firmly closed. The WoT fiasco currently underway is a sign of how much they have lost the plot. Change the entire equipment and crew skill set-up. I think the new patch lasted 3 hrs before everything was stopped for a new patch. If you logged in your credits were doubled. Equipment benefits were not displayed, a masterclass in Quality Control. Much wodka was drunk! At least I will get a bit more done in WoWS I suppose.
  6. Puggsley

    Harrugumo gameplay

    Best way to understand how to play Tier X ships is to learn the skills necessary in lower tiers. You will be able to recognise what sort of ship it is, and what is likely to work. You will not be trying to do this in the deep end of the pool which is TX.
  7. Puggsley

    NOOBS destroying ranked battles

    They recognised some of the issues with these tanks and the recent Ranked Battle season prevented you from using any CW reward tanks or mission tanks like the Chieftan and the 279. But in the last CW campaign I think the only tanks I played were 279, Chieftan and 907. The only tech tree tanks which got used were the clown car EBR105, arty and the 277 heavy tank (and only sometimes for that one) Nuefert you also have to understand that close games are the exception. It is much more likely for the result of the game to be blow outs. This is due to Lanchesters Law, more specifically the Squared Law. Once a team gets a small advantage at the start, it can very quickly snowball into a crushing advantage. That advantage might be a lucky dev strike to remove a ship early, but its much more likely that someone will make a silly mistake and die early, OR play very passively and effectively take themselves out of the game. From there the snowball starts. .
  8. Puggsley


    Nice one WG thanks for the free stuff, I'll pass again on the buying stuff.
  9. Puggsley

    Benson, Fletcher, and Gearing

    So many of the Gearing's competitors have heals now. I preferred the Fletcher to Gearing
  10. Puggsley

    NOOBS destroying ranked battles

    Pot meet kettle............
  11. Puggsley

    Kremlin issue

    Recently you are averaging 30k damage in that ship when the server average is 82k. Average win rate of the ship is 52%. Its the highest of the commonly available BBs. The reason you are playing everytime with a loser team is in large part because you are on the team. You are not doing what is expected of you to help your team to victory. Focus on what you are doing and as others have said look for info to help you improve. Or post some replays so people can give you feedback. You are expecting others to get better to help you win. Why don't YOU focus on getting better to also help you win. And the worst bot in the world can get to Tier X ships. Getting there is totally independent of skill.
  12. Puggsley

    Game name must change Camp and HIDE&SEEK

    And that is what you get when nearly all maps have 2 or 3 corridors to fight in. And because when you don't scale maps but do increase viewrange, at top tiers the map in nearly totally lit up which makes flanking often suicidal. Can't use that excuse when there are so many places to fight from in WoWS. Map freedom in this game is light-years ahead of what the map makers in WoT are capable of.
  13. Puggsley


    Advice i got at one stage in WoT but its relevant here. Loading in - review the two teams, start to develop some sort of plan about how you fit into the team ans how you should play. Top tier, bottom tier? Who are my biggest threats? How aggressive should I be? Should I pressure caps? About every 3 minutes through the game ask yourself "Why am i here and what am I trying to achieve" 3 minutes is just a number, could be more frequent depending on the circumstances. Helps with your awareness, helps you decide if you are doing the right thing. If not then change what you are doing. After the game What went well, what didn't, what to keep doing and what to change.
  14. Puggsley

    How to Submit an Unsporting Conduct Ticket

    The automated bot reply is worse quality than the bot detection software...... One of the ways you combat the notion that WG doesn't listen or care by actually listing the bot accounts banned. Name and Shame. These are made up names with nothing to connect any account with a real person. There is no privacy issue. Then people can see, oh yes, I reported that guy and he got a penalty. The system is working. Or I have reported that guy 5 times and nothing has happened. Instead we get no feedback and are told an impressive number of accounts were banned. Its totally unverifiable and does nothing to give anyone any confidence at all that there is a working system. The only way i can express my frustration is to not spend any money with WG from this point in. That is the only language you guys seem sensitive to.