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  1. Puggsley

    A quick PSA

    It's a bit like saying "Just the tip"
  2. Puggsley

    Hood vs Bismarck

    She was even able to lift her own turrets out of the barbets!
  3. Puggsley

    Which Tier 10 Coal ships?

    You get a mate who is a decent player to div up with you and you smoke and shoot, he spots for you. And I don't think you have any idea how to play ranked from your comment. Ranked is THE place where teamwork counts most because you are after stars. It doesn't matter if you get 200k damage or 0k as long as you get the win. I played pretty much only dds (with a few Ohio and Kremlin games for fun) this season, and got through silver almost exclusively in a F3 equiped Shima and the Daring. The fact there were lots of games with only 1 dd meant I had almost complete freedom to stalk big ships, all the while spotting and capping for my backup. The really campy meta just meant that there was a huge amount of space near caps, a lot of ships sitting still (or close to it) behind islands, making it easy pickings for 15 80knt torps which hardly spread even at max range. Had a lot of big damage games, but there were quite a few I did bugger all damage but ran around spotting and capping for the win. The reward IS the win, and playing as a team wins lots and lots of games. I play DDs primarily to get torp hits, cap and gun people down. Doing those things effectively means I also spot a lot for my team because I am out front and while reloading torps I am moving into the next firing position. I've seen you play DD and it is clear how bad your mindset is. You blame your team always, but no team is going to be able to help you when you expect people to get you out of trouble when you overcommit. Play another class if doing stuff for the win is not enough for you. It would be nice to get a bit more reward for helping others, but until that happens then suck it up and get your reward by helping your team win, not huge XP/credits.
  4. Puggsley

    Consumable Cancel

    I reckon it would be good, if you want to cut off the use of a consumable early should be able to. As another one, I'd like to be able to nominate which ships are spotted when I'm doing the spotting. Being able to turn off spotting info to your team-mates intent on farming bbs at the back of the map would be fabulous!
  5. Puggsley


    Damn I had fun in ranked with the F3 Shima. Baiting radar, epic stalks. Wish you still got dev strike flags! Even saw a UU Kleber the other day. Was pretty certain where he was with RPF, but it kept jumping about a lot more as I was trying to get a spot. Then bumped him as he was almost in my spotting range. Then gunned him down with about 5k help from one of my cruisers.
  6. Puggsley

    I think Karma has a use?

    Thats it, I've seen messages in game about X leaving a division, dont know if they were dynamic ones or before the game, might try it out tonight.
  7. Puggsley

    Which Tier 10 Coal ships?

    If you can get a team which helps spot its nuts, and if you don't it's not nearly so nuts! Div up with a spotter and its totally fantastic. Maybe a Vampire, Schlif and a Sherman for memes?
  8. Puggsley

    A quick PSA

    I pretty much only play TX randoms because there is one CV. Don't have lines to grind, but now the option of operations exists for a lot of the grind. Save high multiplier flags for T9 I guess. The vast majority of my games now are ranked or CBs.
  9. Puggsley

    I think Karma has a use?

    You cannot compliment anyone in your division, but I don't know if you can if they leave before the end of the battle?
  10. Puggsley

    A quick PSA

    I read them, i just don't agree with you.
  11. Puggsley

    A quick PSA

    DDs are not any sort of counter for subs. They spot you and can go to periscope death, keep you spotted and you die to their support. Only idiot dd drivers will go anywhere near a sub unless it has no support for miles. You are at high risk of dying, and because depth charges are so pathetic at damaging SS you get hardly any reward. The only thing which makes any sort of difference to this is a sub with very low battery charge because you can force it to surface.
  12. Puggsley

    Unpopular Opinion: I Like the Anhalt

    Slow BB in co-op? I hope you have a safe word!!
  13. Puggsley

    25% debuff for selected Ops thoughts

    WTF?? This topic might have something to do with the hoo-hah being discused in WoT about power farming services getting caught out and cheating in games to help people get personal missions and marks of excellence.
  14. Puggsley

    WG‘s anniversary summary for every player

    That free xp caculator seems a bit off. or does not include CB maybe? My max FXP is 5.5k in the Halland, but a win in CB gets 20k ish? I am also happy to take all those ships as a free player as well!
  15. Puggsley

    I just can't with this Operation :"D

    They may have been shooting at the DD who was near me for a while.