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  1. Puggsley

    An easy solution to the CV debate

    There are no easy fixes to this because they are mucking around with the core context of the game. They are dramatically re-balancing power to and away from 1 ship class. Eventually people will get used to the new meta, as they were used to the old meta. The huge question for WG is how many people they lose, how many they gain as a result of the changes.
  2. So you need to take a risk to spot people??
  3. Or you spot a radar ship and the BBs sitting at the back screaming out "I need intelligence..." never shoot a the radar ship but instead keep shooting at angled BBs.......... But then there are those teams which vaporise the radar ships as soon as they are spotted.
  4. Puggsley

    DD's in CO-OP

    All good, i play both and to be honest the forums are extremely similar. People present tin foilery, are gently advised at first, then repeat offenders are dealt with increasingly harshly. People who ask for help get it. it might not be what they want to hear but it will nearly always be genuine. WoT forums might be a little harsher on good players who present anything like tin foilery - if you bring any sort of dodgy argument you should expect to be able to back it up, because it will be shot at with some pretty decent statistical analysis and you will be made to look like a dill. You will not be able to rely on your in-game stats to carry bullshit.
  5. As a part time player I have not played since the CV update. The youtubers warnings about the impact of CVs and my preference to play DDs relatively aggressively made the frenzy period after the update not very attractive. Sounds like its almost time to dip a toe back in, but I think there will have to be a serious change to how I played. As mentioned previously 1 CV probably leaves enough space for other ship classes to have some freedom to perform most of their base roles. It certainly appears that the changes to one class have had a incredible change to the entire meta and totally transformed the game. I cannot help but wonder if such a disruption is going to play hell with peoples enjoyment, and hence WG's revenue stream.
  6. Puggsley

    DD's in CO-OP

    It certainly says something about your prejudices. Re-reading the OP post he is hardly setting a flak storm is he? Or laughing? Or saying "this is the best..." He's just asking can there be a limit to the number of DD's.
  7. A game with this level of depth and wide number of game mechanics is scarcely going to be picked up in several hundred games. Let alone be good at it. The change in gameplay from low tiers to high tiers, and then different ship classes, is significant and not likely to be experienced in a thousand battles(?)
  8. You might see more WoT people coming across to have a break from the week of grindfest each month.
  9. But not the tin foilery, he would be torn a new one for that on the WoT forums. There is a bit of salt over there with the new wheeled vehicles. And everyone is a bit flat from the "Frontlines" grind. Only 9 months to go to get that fancy "mystery" T9 tank destroyer! In a game mode where there is even less teamwork than normal... And where the vast majority of people have not got their heads around the fact that winning is irrelevant. There could not have been a better way to generate salt and ingame rage when suddenly your flank has half its tanks drive to another flank......
  10. He is a seasoned WoT forummer.....
  11. Arista, before this patch i would have said you would have found dds to be a bit of a doddle. Its extremely similar to LTs, you would have had a ball playing vision games against people who had no idea. Combine the arty like characteristics of torps with LTs and you would have had a blast 😉. Its a lot more frustrating than WoT as map awareness is a lot more important, it takes ages to relocate. On the other hand its great for map awareness when you go back to the 430U. I haven't played since the new CV rework so not sure what its like now.
  12. Puggsley

    Tier X DD's now obsolete

    Whereabouts did you play in relation to your allies??
  13. Puggsley

    Future Radar Changes

    As long as both teams have the same number of radar ships this is a valid arguement.
  14. Puggsley

    Any tips regarding to high tier games?

    ^^ The side which supports its dds in contesting caps wins hands down. Which targets do you shoot? Enemy dds? Far off BBs? Radar ships when they are lit? I've had most of my games recently where there has been a very strong camp meta, BB and cruisers way way back, spending most of the time spamming "I need intelligence" so they can shoot and miss far distant BB's. Managing caps has become a very, very lonely experience. It's only when the enemy has won the caps that they seem to realise that there is a need to move in a bit, and sometimes not even then. Its a joy when you team understands its not just about damage, and its trying when they don't.
  15. Puggsley

    What to do when playing Japanese DDs

    Try to get onto the flank which is either pretty static, or the enemy ships are pushing into you. That makes it much more likely to get torpedo hits as your effective torpedo range is large - you can fire at ships outside your torpedo range if they are sailing towards you. Launching at ships who are sailing away from you is pretty much guaranteed to be wasted torps. But spotting ships sailing away is great for assisted damage.