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  1. Puggsley

    Any tips regarding to high tier games?

    ^^ The side which supports its dds in contesting caps wins hands down. Which targets do you shoot? Enemy dds? Far off BBs? Radar ships when they are lit? I've had most of my games recently where there has been a very strong camp meta, BB and cruisers way way back, spending most of the time spamming "I need intelligence" so they can shoot and miss far distant BB's. Managing caps has become a very, very lonely experience. It's only when the enemy has won the caps that they seem to realise that there is a need to move in a bit, and sometimes not even then. Its a joy when you team understands its not just about damage, and its trying when they don't.
  2. Puggsley

    What to do when playing Japanese DDs

    Try to get onto the flank which is either pretty static, or the enemy ships are pushing into you. That makes it much more likely to get torpedo hits as your effective torpedo range is large - you can fire at ships outside your torpedo range if they are sailing towards you. Launching at ships who are sailing away from you is pretty much guaranteed to be wasted torps. But spotting ships sailing away is great for assisted damage.
  3. Puggsley

    Disciplinary action for being rammed?

    I reckon the issue would be vastly improved by the penalty being applied to the ship which is moving fastest. Yes it gives idiots an opportunity to game it, but it is much less than the current process, especially if there is a division of idiots. I feel for people who suffer a penalty when I am not watching where i am going and run into them (DD escaping enemy fire mostly). I'm in the faster and more manuoeverable ship, and they are pretty much helpless to avoid the collision.
  4. Puggsley

    Real Karma?

    I've got a plan so cunning, you could put a tail on it and call it a fox!
  5. Puggsley

    what happened before draw?

    My only draw was where the points reached 1000 at almost exactly the same time.
  6. Puggsley

    Most DD players are bad

    I look forward to the upcoming DD perk "Look-outs, binos down!" which allows you to light only selected ships.
  7. Puggsley

    Calling People From How They Play

    Noob is an attitude. There is no causal link to the number of games.
  8. 100 India Yankee. Tots over the moon...... I did get the Polish DD after pressing more resources so I expect its flags for me for the foreseeable future.
  9. I'm not surprised when there is a huge proportion of games where the shooters of the team continue to target BBs and not switch to priority targets like radar ships when they are spotted. That feeling of "oh yeah baby!" when your team instantly switches to tear huge chunks out of the radar and DDs as soon as they are spotted. vs "here we go again..." and the spamming of "I need intellience information!" and "DD SPOT" when there is a lit cruiser at 9km and they keep shooting at the BB at 17km. I had a game last night which had the most amazing teamwork I have ever been part of. 12 - 0 whitewash. I have not seen focus fire like that in a pubbie match ever.
  10. Puggsley

    So I'm still in confusion

    Sub gameplay. Sail to cap, torpedo fest. Change depth/raise and lower periscope for added excitement.
  11. Puggsley

    Interesting stuff from the RU forums

    They were outdated in October 1805.....
  12. Puggsley

    Tactics and Strats for SEA Server

    For me I enjoy the games in which I play well. The close games where it is one side then the other winning are by far the best ones for me, especially where there is teamwork on both sides. Any teamwork is a pleasant surprise. Yes its frustrating to get a bunch of damage while your team is melting, or be constantly spotting radar ships and DDs only to have your support ships continue to shoot and miss that Yam sitting at the back of the map.... But the only thing I really have control over is how I play. Play as well as you can and learn and its fun. For me that's being pretty aggressive in DDs. I am happy to be on either the strong or weak flank as I generally play torp boats and having them push onto me is good. In BBs, its helping the strong flank push forward and supporting the DDs. I don't play that many cruisers at this stage.
  13. Puggsley

    What T6 to T10 Destroyers are keepers ?

    Depends on your playstyle. I'm having oodles of fun with the 8km torps on the shima.... 4 from 4 wins and 3700 PR and my first 200K+ damage game. I have not laughed as maniacally for a very long time. i enjoyed the Hatsuhara (76%WR), and then all the way to the Shima. Forward scouting and torping just clicked. For me the odd tier Germans were great fun as well, but I have struggled at times with the Germans with finding the line between decent aggression and over-extending. After my experience in the Z46 I was really looking forward to the 52 but have not been able to feel really comfortable in it. The Gadjah is a bit of a win monster for me but I don't do that well as far as damage is concerned. I think it is the 8km torps and the lack of that huge strike on the enemy dds to start pushing the flank forward. I usually look to push in and the mid tier 10km torps give a bit more of an opportunity to torp the support ships/enemy dds contesting caps.
  14. After successfully stalking a DD.
  15. Puggsley

    Salty reports

    Well after a particularly salty outburst after a steady build up of "defeat snatched from the jaws of victory" moments the other night I got chatbanned for the day. I didn't really notice how much my karma went down, will check tonight.