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  1. Puggsley

    Super Drops

    Peanuts are filling. From my 25 got a 45k coal, 1500 steel, 4k doubs and the Goriza n Duca, some prem time plus the obligatory free XP, camos and flags.
  2. Puggsley

    How do i get a 50%+ WR ?

    Just keep doing what you are already doing and you will get better. It takes time once you have a four thousand battles already in the bag. Ways to help get there faster if the number is important to you include divving with above average players, playing ships you do well in, and beating up seals. What you will find is that most decent recruiters will look at your recents and which ships you used when deciding whether to accept you. The methods mentioned in the previous sentence will be noticed.
  3. Puggsley

    Buff ze Germans!!!

    Was doing a few campaign missions I had not done and came across the do 500k damage to Japanese ships, and the 500k to German ships, both in a US 9/X cruiser. Had not noticed how few German ships are going around in randoms before. IJN one is nearly done, and the German one is about one third done, but only because of ranked, in randoms it was about one tenth the damage as the IJN mission. Hardly ever see a German DD, occasionally a BB with the Hindi seeming to be the most common.
  4. Puggsley

    Speculation on drop rates and China

    No, the answer is 100%. If you buy 150 crates you are guaranteed to get it. The issue is what is your chance of getting it from 1 crate.
  5. Puggsley

    Laughed Hard...

    Lol its in ranked as well. Had one last night where the enemy was up 5-2, a lot more health and over 300 points ahead with plenty of time left. I managed to kill one, nearly kill the dd near me and take the plymouth down to half health while staying in their cap to stop points accumulating as long as I could before going down. Meanwhile, our petro killed a bb and the enemy petro before he capped. We had 2, they had one. Down it went, he killed the dd, who went in for the kill rather than take an uncontested cap. Now only had to stay alive as the points closed for a win. They now needed a kill as we were accumulating points faster so the Plymouth moves in. Nail biting stuff as the plymouth went in for a ram to win the game while they were ahead on points, our petro reversing to stay away.... At the last second when they were 8 points ahead the plymouth suddenly veers to the left, missing the ram and instead trying to get broadside! Just as he gets alongside the points even up, so very close to our petro. Who swings his stern into the Plymouth as we are 2 points ahead and steals a classic win. Could not believe we won that one. From the 3 minute mark https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOOHpMaBZZw
  6. Puggsley

    Torp fix....

    Its how close your reticle is to your ship. Close = large variation As long as you aim within the white aiming strip you get moderate deviation. Oh and depending on which side of the map you are on determines if the torps deviate left or right......... Right side = deviate to the right, left side = deviate to the left. And CVs are not impacted so it looks like it will be a long time before it gets fixed.
  7. Puggsley

    Torp fix....

    Our best chance of getting this fixed will be if the CV torps are impacted.
  8. Puggsley

    Torp fix....

    If you are on the right side of the map, the torps deviate to the left, if you are on the left, they deviate right.
  9. Puggsley

    Torp fix....

    Aiming above the horizon, even if zoomed fully out, the torps will fly true. When zoomed out, if your reticle is aimed along the white indicator, they will deviate, seems to be pretty consistent deviation until you are in the closest 20% of the aiming indicator. If you aim as close as you can at the water, then your torps will deviate wildly.
  10. Puggsley

    Torp fix....

    Seems to be ok if you zoom in. Even turning they go to the aiming indicator. If not zoomed in then its a lottery. Sometimes they fly true, others its a crap shoot. First image shows the first set true, but the second way off. They seem to track behind (relative to your ship) where you are aiming. These were all aimed at the yellow line. I thought it might have been worse as you got towards the extreme ends of your firing arc but it was not always true.
  11. Yoshino is coal though. OP, what sort of ships do you like to play? Do you have other similar ships you want to grind captains for? Get a ship which suits you and it will be worth it, or if nothing suits then wait.
  12. Puggsley

    tightening the money belt

    If you get the three XP crates each day and get resource crates you will have enough for a T9 coal ship every 3 months or so. Other ways to help farm coal and steel, make sure your clan has the port constructed so as to give you the bonuses (+10% coal and steel, +25% free XP). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0yhHKWUa0g
  13. Puggsley

    Enjoying The Marblehead...

    Fun for the BB who is observant and sees you go broadside to launch torps......
  14. Puggsley

    Two New Codes

    More WeeGee generosity? If this is happening I have no idea how they think burning goodwill over trivial things is helping them.
  15. Puggsley

    Ok, Subs are garbage

    And able to do nothing to impact a win.