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  1. Puggsley

    Bot Everywhere

    Most of the bots have gone over to WoT for a holiday. ANZ server in the morning is typically 12 bots out of 15. They just form up as a big blob, then very slowly blob towards the enemy cap. Can be a farm fest, but if you get spotted the bots will kill you pretty much instantly. They are using the weakspot aiming mod and will pen pretty much every shot, then the 3 arty will finish you off. Very good environment to learn vision mechanics though.
  2. Puggsley

    Do you like a nice tight end?

    This is not what I was expecting from the title. Begone vile clickbait.
  3. Puggsley

    Let's talk T10 DDs

    That's pretty close to my set up, just need a bit more capt xp to get BFT
  4. Puggsley

    No teamwork

    I find the opposite. There is just about always teamwork in the game because that is how I play. All it takes is to find that one or tow other people who will work with you to have teamwork. I don't ever expect that others will fit in with me, but I can always help them out.
  5. Puggsley

    Let's talk T10 DDs

    What commander skills are you using on the Daring Peter?
  6. Puggsley

    DDs very frustrating to play now

    I've been playing the Montana of late to get the legendary upgrade, but noticed over the weekend periods where there were 80 or so players in queue and 1 or 2 DD. Jumped into the Shima and had a ball. Lots of games had no CV and it was fabulous. Just logged in with the Montana so see what the queue was like, hardly any dds then jump back out and reenter in a DD. With radar ships likely to be around don't commit too hard to pushing forward. With so few dds these days you usually have time to work out where radar ships are. And you are very valuable to your team in the mid to late game, so DON'T DIE EARLY!! Always priority target mark radar ships, I often type at the start of the game "Can you please kill radar first" most games you get a few affirmatives and generally they help you out. When hunting radar ships where I know the location pretty well, I like to approach radar ships at a very shallow angle to make the turn away easier and to make torp drops easier. You are trying to bait the radar when they get spotted. By the time they have aimed at you you should be well on the way to escaping. If you are approaching them head on then you will take a lot of damage turning away. If they are behind an island your torps should be pretty close to getting to them while the radar is still on. If they get greedy then you have a good chance to kill them. Know their radar ranges and don't get too close. Have your speed boost ready to trigger if you need to cover some distance to get out of range. When you are pointed pretty much directly away from them, hit the brakes hard and then accelerate, its hard for them to judge your speed and will overshoot then undershoot so you don't take much damage. If you get surprised then hope for some cover close by and play the directly away speed change game. But its going to be hard - as it should be. Either you have stuffed up or he has outplayed you, either of those circumstances mean you should pay for it. For CVs there was some good info recently about when to turn away. With CV stay closish to your air cover, if your CV is supporting you with air cover you can be a bit more adventurous. I tend to ping the direction of the closest enemy ship to steer the CV onto them at the start of the game, mostly CVs will keep you alive as best they can if you are helping them this way. Often they will be able to hurt the enemy dd enough to make them more cautious. Cap when its safe to do so, but be aware you are telling everyone pretty much where you are, and if you are getting the "located" warning then expect torps to be fired at you. They know the direction and you just gave them likely distance. I will nearly always hover just off the cap waiting for enemy dds to start capping just to launch torps. I am then close enough to interrupt the cap if I need to, or just move in and recap it after 30 sec or so. You don't have to get the cap first to be effective. With so few DDs around these days it can be awesome fun, and very rewarding.
  7. Puggsley

    Maybe New ship for America?

    A bribe to make them happier about CVs?
  8. Puggsley

    Changes in the Armory

    The rise of the bots.........
  9. Puggsley

    Un-Eff-It - Episode 2 - XP Rewards

    Understand all that, I'll generally focus targets which result in the most likely exit from the game of one enemy ship. I don't have the super heal experience in the UK line and it added another layer of depth to my target prioritisation, which helps win games and benefit from the biggest XP booster.
  10. Puggsley

    IJN DD Line Difference?

    Oomph, low tier DD with pretty much a guaranteed 3CV. That is a tough row to hoe. Try em both out, they have very different playstyles which can be great for a change or to help you round out different playstyles.
  11. Probably crazy old man stuff, but wearing a tin foil hat never gets old! I can collect some data on the 7% bonus and see how it changes when we get to 10%. PS I'm in Newie, where about's are you on the Central Coast?
  12. Puggsley

    Un-Eff-It - Episode 2 - XP Rewards

    Being a noob at BB play, your comments have certainly helped by prioritisation of BB targets! Thanks. An interesting side note, I really appreciated the payment structure in CW in WoWS where it is much flatter (been ages since I have dipped my to in) and defensive type tasks are not penalised. WoT carries the pubbie payment system into CW and people who get a lot of defensive type roles with limited ability to get damage get screwed over big time.
  13. Puggsley

    Un-Eff-It - Episode 2 - XP Rewards

    As a mostly WoT player, it amazes me that I can get top xp and huge credit rewards in a LT without doing 1 single HP of damage, yet you can get huge spotting assist in a DD in WoWS and be right down the bottom of the xp handouts. Team play is actively discouraged in WoWS metrics of success. Good players know about focus firing, taking out critical ships and managing the overall strategic situation, but the means of communicating that to the average and below player in game is missing.
  14. Puggsley

    Has anyone read this?

    I simply cannot see many players at all giving up an advantage which increases shell dispersion for the many hundreds of shells fired at them in a game, and also lets them drop off vision at closer range, to gain some advantage against DD torps which might not even be fired at them once during the game. Especially with the reduced numbers of DDs at higher tiers.