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  1. champthepop

    *BUG* Cruiser/battleships

    TY Frosty I am working on getting a video of this happening as we speak.
  2. champthepop

    *BUG* Cruiser/battleships

    I'm working on recording it and i'll show you what i mean.
  3. champthepop

    easiest way to copy game to laptop?

    Or you could do what i did if your running the same operating system. just take the whole game copy and paste on portable hard drive.
  4. champthepop

    *BUG* Cruiser/battleships

    O-o is that so, people were saying that it was bug so i assumed it was but are you saying that their basically invincible?
  5. Dear all, I'm sure everyone here is enjoying the game like I am at the moment! However there are bugs etc as we know it... *CTB* the game is not perfect obviously... so my issue at the moment. I have seen people violating these bugs called beaching, when you beach a cruiser or a battleship at 10% hp the hp bar doesn't seem to drop! I have encountered 7 players so far who have done this, i am not sure if its on purpose or accidental but when this happens it's either your team will lose by trying to engage them or the timer runs out anyhow. Therefore i would like point out to the dev team that this is a current issue atm.. trust me it's hell frustrating when this happens watching your team clueless trying to engage a low health battleship/cruiser trying to finish him off but ending getting destroyed instead.
  6. champthepop


    I think if I'm correct WOWS stated there will be no submarines sadly.. due to their abilities.
  7. Wait are they making this gamemode? or are you suggesting it? sounds awesome +1 from me.
  8. champthepop

    Introduction thread

    Hey Admiral Champ reporting in for duty! Looking forward to see you guys at the sea!