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  1. lolshooter123

    WG can't contact support

    Yes, I can confirm thay I'm contacting the Asia support team.
  2. lolshooter123

    WG can't contact support

    I didn't contact any support team for a server transfer, though I did request for a server transfer, from Asia to NA, and my account got rightfully transferred. Though when I try to sign into the NA server using my credentials, the portal thinks I'm signing into my locked account, instead of my transferred account. Yes, I can send a ticket through world of warships, but not through wargaming. I would prefer not to go through this route so others can see this thread.
  3. lolshooter123

    WG can't contact support

    Hi, I couldn't contact the support team through the portal. My issue is that everytime I write a support through regarding my locked NA account, I wouldn't be able to send a ticket as the server has some technical issue. This would continued as I tried using different browsers, tried sending a ticket though my phone and even used my brother's computer, none of these worked as they all come back with the same error I have tried waiting too, didn't work.
  4. lolshooter123

    WG can't contact support

    http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/81967-wot-player-support-technical-issue/page__st__20#topmost I'm having the same issue as the OP, except the issue is that I can't log into my NA account, because I lost my F2A. So I decided to use my SEA account so hopefully someone will see this and bump it. I have tried everything, I used different PC, different browser, none of it works.