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  1. As the title, the attachment is the last picture of my ship. I can't move or rotate the camera, and the ship just kept sail away. It sucks when you are about to engage closely. I can still use the consumables, but nothing else. I tried ctrl + shift + enter in desperate but no luck. so I can only see my ship sunk... oh I can't even see it because the camera just stays still. So it is a game bug? a mod conflict? or the enemy Yamato managed to break my game control? Will I get compensation that battle? cuz it feels so so bad. ( I think I had met this situation before but I think it was years ago...) Also, the result of the battle looks not quite normal.
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    為甚麼又拿整條線來比 Buff大奶我覺得應該阿 那buff愛荷華是怎樣
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    現在唯二的兩台九階戰艦 出雲跟愛荷華 不管性能數據如何 從統計結果來看是愛荷華明顯處於優勢 (均傷、勝率、擊殺、擊墜、生存率、經驗沒有一項是出雲勝出) 然而 0.5.6 被 BUFF 的是愛荷華 求解
  4. 每日任務不是24小時就換新的?