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  1. seksigoose

    Super Containers Mega Merged Thread

    Gents, anyone else got a free premium ship but already own it? i got the Anshan and a 10 pt captain but i already had the ship... so apart from the capt there was no gold or credit addition
  2. seksigoose

    About Project R

    Copied from Project R update: Termination Notice - Project R to finish by 29th December The newly revised requirements might be a welcome relief, but don't rest on your laurels just yet. Project R is running on limited time, and the entire event will be shut down on 29th December. So what does it mean? To put it simply, the community must reach the final milestone by the 29th, or else any rewards left unobtained - including the Kamikaze destroyer - will not be awarded.
  3. seksigoose

    Taking Out Noob Traps

    *giggles... This was an amusing read. Amusing only in the sense that I fell for most of the "traps" myself.
  4. seksigoose


    Went 1 on 1 with a north Cali yesterday and walked away. Angle more than your opponent. I won't suggest getting into a broadside with either the USN or IJN tier 8 BB.
  5. seksigoose

    Go grab a Tirpitz

    Bought it. P.s. Thank you Mr. Prime Minister for the 4.3 +\- RM to USD exchange rate.
  6. seksigoose

    Lag issues since Sept 6 th

    Thx guys. Cleared up now.
  7. seksigoose

    Lag issues since Sept 6 th

    hey guys, 2nd night now experiencing ms issues with WoT. Anyone else confirm this? Check my ping and other games and all is normal. Just effecting WOWS.
  8. seksigoose

    blue line fix

    @Potoroo , not like permanently stuck but exactly the same as hitting a beach. Only was out is to slowly reverse.
  9. seksigoose

    Omg the server lag

    Had bad lag issues last night but cleared up this afternoon.
  10. seksigoose

    blue line fix

    Just wondering if anyone foresees any negative impact of having the blue line act as a hard object ( like a beach or rocks ). I know this idea has been floated around multiple times and I don't recall anyone having anything bad to say about it. As for slowly or instantly dying, well it will lead to a lot of suicides in order to deny the opponent the last kill/ suicides. So hit the line, become stationary, receive metric tons of pain due to being stationary, lose.
  11. seksigoose

    want to buy a win ........

    I looked at my win rate and blurted out f-in noob to myself.
  12. seksigoose

    WTF ?!

    Shhh child. Everything's gonna be ok. *strokes your head.
  13. seksigoose

    Blue line cheats

    I agree that there can't be any damage taken if you hit the blue line. Too many suicides will ensue. However hitting he blue line must be accompanied with penalties. Like loss of controls for 20 secs or auto pilot until the ship is facing away from the blue line and is 500 meters away from it.
  14. seksigoose

    No more Wipes?

    Gold to credit conversion. Currently wows has a conversion rate of 1 - 1500. And wot has a 1 - 400 rate. I hope they don't change this. I hate grinding credits. So no wipe PLZ.