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  1. devanshu


    how do you get the 3rd PIN in the 1st Mission when there are only 2 tasks with 1 PIN each?
  2. i faced the same issue. I use the same captain on all my ARP ships so i have 2 captains in reserve taking up 2 of my 4 slots. I can just assign a captain to each ship and keep your slots free but i feel that since the ships don't use a port slot the captain should not use a spot in the commander reserve as well. Also i need to keep one slot free at all times so that i can switch captains between ships. there should be a system so that yo can exchange captains between ships without needing to send one to reserve and then reassign the captain to another.
  3. devanshu

    Top Tier MM

    Tier 8 9 and 10 have way too many destroyers in a match. Cant there be a limit to number of destroyers? It can be limited so that number of DDs in a game does not exceed the number of Crusiers or Battleships in that match.
  4. devanshu

    In game money

    Does anyone know what is the amount of silver you earn in a battle based on? or what to do to increase your earnings like base capture gives xp
  5. devanshu

    cant get over 20 fps. Please help

    the same happened with me as well... was in a battle fps dropped from 50 to 20 turns out my graphics card software just needed an update. you could have the same issue but i run an nvidia card not AMD
  6. its based on your base xp without flags premium account... u can see yput base xp on the team score page
  7. devanshu

    New Premium ships

    Was a new tier 7 premium Japanese Cruiser coming out with the German and USSR ships?