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  1. TamedReka

    Super League Mission Challenge Text Issue

    Thank you for clarifying this 9nn1m. I'll be sure to fully read all information from now onward so I won't make this mistake again.
  2. On the challenge 'Super League Mission', it's requirement and completion criteria are impossible to achieve simultaneously. Requirement: "Play a battle; Complete the combat mission in a Ranked Battle" Completion Criteria: "Tier V ships" Unless I'm missing something, as far as I'm aware no matter what the combat mission is, the current ranked is tier VII ships only and so this shouldn't be possible.
  3. TamedReka

    Claim Container Text Issue

    Whilst collecting the 12500 exp container, the notification in the bottom right upon receiving and later hovering over the "Container Collected" note in the notification history reads 10500 instead.