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  1. HeavenlyHost

    Henry IV Shell flight time

    Only she is left in the line i've been ignoring since the release of FR CA. I]m at Charles Martel and almost gave up on gosh how slow her stock shell flightime is ( I enjoyed Algerie though, but I think it has more to do, that she faced slower dreadnought and so easier to aim.)But after i researched the Top Config. It went much better with hitting target...much better.( Saint louis no improvement but only reload mod?) But Ive been looking at Henry Shell 845m/s ?Please tell it its actually faster than it looks ? Heavier Shell less airdrag ? Is her shell faster than the saint louis ? Can someone provide me with her shell flight time (15km )how many second it takes to reach target please?
  2. HeavenlyHost

    JUST PLEASE tell me how to get out of this ship z-23

    I do try not to use for fxp for skipping ship but to get out of stock. But yes not only is the it concealment ....bad. but it rly suffers if getting radared and everyone shoot at you and you eat full pen. ( Thats why I sold my gearing ...this thing eat BB AP pen like ..).I do manage good exp games..maybe not good dmg but it all about exp but this thing will not let me win any game...( got this ship years ago and sold it only to rebuy and try it again...but still cannot win more than lose.. its cursed for me..
  3. Heck even with ognevoi i do enjoy it more. Hsienyang despite its four guns bring me victory...But this thissss.....i dunno about this cursed fat ship. No matter how good i do i will lose in this ship! Just tell me....how to manage my insanity
  4. HeavenlyHost

    Tripple Citadel on Montana with Missouri only 16k dmg...

    i dont have replay enable dunno how. But now that u say it..I shot the Montana before he left behind that flat island. Maybe I landed 2 cit on the hidden Roon and 1 cit on the montana ? That would explain why the Montana only lost 13k hp because 1 cit.
  5. so Today i shot the montana and landed 3 citadel on him(Missouri) . On Counter it said 43k dmg..but in reality ? I look at his Hp bar still has over 80k Hp !! Care to explain wg? My ping was fine no laggs whatsoever ?And it was in the beginning of the game and i dont think there is ...Citadel Damage saturation ?...i raged so bad... I have proof!! look at this **** Montana was the first ship i shot and now compare ingame and after battle statistik something is not right?
  6. HeavenlyHost

    Heal Timer stuck at 0.0

    Title...Couldnt use my heal the timer said 0.0 and..well couldnt use it leading to my death as BB....
  7. HeavenlyHost

    Does Ranked get Better the further you go?

    what do you expect from asians. who only 0.000000001 of them can communicate in english and most of them play it on their laptop and netcafe.
  8. HeavenlyHost

    mutsu scrubs

    love mutsu ( love to citadel them)
  9. HeavenlyHost

    Fat Friedrich

    Ok trying to stay calm..... Recently unlocked the Iowa and friedrich . With the Money I have I could only have one purchased and upgraded. I though well I already have izumo same playstyle as iowa lets get the Friedrich instead. a better Bismarck. But....nope this piece of...garbage thing ..ok ok.. what happened 1.This thing cought fire more than the warspite.... 2.fat huge about the guns....Sniping is a nono option so i though go medium range...nope still not hitting...lets brawl....ah a New Orlean under 10km lets give him hell. 10 salvos later..he still floating finished of by my allies. *OK im gonna be honest im stock* but Captain already fulled retrained (18pt captain* Sec. Build) Please tell me this peace of *****is getting more accurate with the upgrade or im gonna sell it as fast as I bought it and buy iowa instead/. ..... Heck I even got the Izumo to work. First game in her stock hull 170k. Guns are fast and accuarate even stock and hard hitting = bow on godlike armor.
  10. HeavenlyHost

    IJN Mutsu

    just dont..if u wanna buy a good t6 warspite or arizona is better for the money and fun Stock nagato is very fun to citadel ....
  11. HeavenlyHost

    how to communicate?

    When 99% of the Server dont speak English ? >>.>> How does the report system even work. You play well well got reported and does it even do something?
  12. HeavenlyHost

    German Ap ( DDs)

    I would like to know at which DD I should Fire Ap(German 128 Mass) . Sometimes Ap will do 2-3k and sometimes just....500-900. ex. I was firing at a Kiev and Mahan at around 5-7k and I was doing 3-4k dmg. Tried that again thinking it would work later on Lenin and some IJN DDs...nope 900pitiful dmg....Ap only at midrange?i mean german HE is so.....
  13. HeavenlyHost


    Remove A can we ?tired of seeing 70% of my team hiding behind and island while the rest get slaughtered while trying to engage the enemies. its like a...what magnet for cowards
  14. HeavenlyHost

    Fletscher or Yugmo

    almost convinced at 4.8 concealment lol
  15. HeavenlyHost

    Fletscher or Yugmo

    Which do prefer and more competetive as Im planing to purchase a perm camo for one of them only.