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  1. Liddell_Hart

    Doubloon %25 cash back ....... ?

    I find Wargaming support very unhelpful, some of their replies are almost unintelligible, some border on being rude. Google translate possibly to blame??
  2. Liddell_Hart

    Can't connect to server

    Thanks for the update, appreciated.
  3. Liddell_Hart

    Can't connect to server

    Still Zip Bah annoying
  4. Liddell_Hart

    White Ensign on Australian Ships

    Thanks for the heads up, wasn't aware you could do that.
  5. Liddell_Hart

    Problems with pacific cable again?

    Damn, after a bit of a break I was going to jump back in.
  6. Liddell_Hart

    German Ports (soon?)

    Another vote for Scapa Flow and Sydney Harbour would be cool.
  7. Liddell_Hart


    As rants go thats a pretty good one
  8. Liddell_Hart

    Officially Christmas here soooooo

    Merry Xmas all All the best for 2017
  9. Liddell_Hart

    Love Secret Santa

    4 x $5 admiral = camos flags and crap. 9 x $3 captain = 3000 doubloons flags camos and crap 5 x $1 commander = 600 doubloons camos and crap I really suck at this Where is my $#%*# Atlanta or Atago santa you grinch.
  10. Liddell_Hart

    A question about co-op mode . . . .

    I play mostly PvE due to the times that I can play. Mornings and midday so waiting forever to get PvP is a pain in the preverbial. To the OP, duck behind and island or drop smoke or whatever to make them change targets then resume hostilities.
  11. Liddell_Hart

    What ship you want to see in WOWS?

    USS Brooklyn or Honolulu But please without the orbital arc's for her guns.
  12. Liddell_Hart

    HMAS Perth First Impressions

    Compared to the IJN HE, sorry no.
  13. Liddell_Hart

    My fatal mistakes in yesterday.

    Yep did that today. Just launch a set from my Leander when a Minekaze ducked my stern. Luckily for dopey here the torp hadn't traveled far enough to arm and just took off some of his antifoul. Must look at mini map, must look at mini map, must look at mini map. Even when big fat juicy BB is beam on 4km away.
  14. Liddell_Hart

    HMAS Perth First Impressions

    For me I find the Perth plays a little differently than the Leander. The AP seems to me to be not as good and the HE just doesn't set enough fires. Good against DD but not much chop against anything else. The smoke works well but you wait an eternity for it to recharge and if you're not somewhere safe when it runs out . Over all FOR ME I find the Leander easier to play as its more forgiving of my constant screw ups. The Repair Party consumable is a major factor. The Perth requires a higher skill set, which definitely isn't moi. Maybe I need to wait for the HMNZS Choice Bro For the Commonwealth line to hit its straps.
  15. Liddell_Hart

    HMAS Perth First Impressions

    Apparently no you can't train RN captains. The Commonwealth will be a separate line. So MAYBE we might see a kiwi ship to keep them quiet.