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  1. MeisterP

    repair ship Akashi

    Why do you want to play a support ship especially on a server as scrub as the SEA server?! I can barely even stand my non-carry tanks now, much less ships!
  2. The RAM II appears in the US tree, so I suppose an Aussie variant of a UK ship can appear in the future UK tree.
  3. MeisterP

    WoWs funny moment: Ram destroyer with tier 10 CV Essex

    US CVs because of their mass and speed would be excellent for ramming.
  4. Simply because I really really believe GuP x WoT help make WoT a humongous success in Asia. Japanese players pay the highest per capita, so a collabo with a famous anime for the Asia server would be good for business in Asia (or mostly Japan). And then, there are the rest of us who are fond of both Arpeggio and Kancolle. And since Submarines are never going to be in WOWS, it would be better to have Kancolle, who gives you access to pretty much the entire IJN tree + a few future ships. Already, the Kongou is a popular ship both in WOW.sea and overseas (Even Jingles got in on the act), and Kongou is an amazing character both in Kancolle and Arppegio (My sig :p) While this may be confusing, Kancolle and Arpeggio have collaborated as well. Retia described everything perfectly. What I'm hoping for is someday this gets green-lit like WoT x GuP. That was when I joined WoT on a serious basis, and likewise I only came over to WOWS after hearing about the tie-in. There would be more converts to try WoWs once this server goes live. And when all fails, at the very least, more people would know what poi means. It is a start. I hope this thread is the start. I just am not as good at modding as my friends who painted ridiculous color GuP schemes on their Oorai tanks, but if I can stir up some interest, I hope this thread can lead to something bigger.
  5. With the IJN front and center for this game, that Kancolle just had a successful run in anime form, and given the success of the WoT x GuP tie-in campaign for Asia, I propose we start putting ideas together for a Kancolle x World of Warships collabo. Already, I am showing off an extensively remodelled game client using Takotsubo's GUI mods and I am only lacking sound mods at this time. Once those come through, I can put together a full set of mods that would effectively marry WOWs gameplay with the kanmusu we so love and poi! Let's get hype! And for the community moderators, I hope this inspires something with you guys too!
  6. MeisterP

    Mr DD whiner tries a Battleship on for size.

    Erm, the Kongou is kind of a bad comparison because she's rather strong tier for tier, having all sorts of good attributes while only trading off some relative agility at the same and slightly above tier. But I agree, I don't really have a problem with brawling in a Kongou, just that I don't want to sail into a crossfire or a torpedo broadside. Most of the time however, the enemy is running away from my shows of burning love. I really really to get close and give them a good hug, but they just keep running away.
  7. MeisterP

    So you want to play Atlanta?

    Can all prems please get smoke bombs? Cos they all are so uselessly squishy.
  8. MeisterP

    [MOD][0.3.0] Kantai Collection Pack

    Any one worked out how to mod the sound files?
  9. Are we supposed to have 1 or 2 tier spread? Cos from the markings on the table it looks like its supposed to be a 1 tier spread by default but for sake of beta its now at a 3+.
  10. MeisterP

    H.M.S. Hood

    ....did the thread suddenly mutate into "1v1-me-sistah-in-kancolle" wardec?
  11. MeisterP

    spotting system

    Does it say anywhere the view range of my ship in kilometers?
  12. MeisterP

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    er mah gerd its full of stars
  13. MeisterP

    NA or Asia server?

    You say that, but every day there will be someone who doesn't know what poi is. And I have to educate them the message of poi... With burning love of course.
  14. MeisterP

    Is there a "Soviet medium tank" ship?

    Trust me, knowing WG, when the Kirov cruiser does come into the game, they will be everywhere...
  15. MeisterP

    Kongou laughs at Warspite

    I cannot +1 this post enough, desu. What the above poster said. I wonder what Warspite would look like as a kanmusu. A shorter, grumpier Kongou? :p