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  1. I recently received the new Swedish commander, Frederik Henrik af Chapman. I switched to his voice but could not switch back to Standard voice. I moved him to a different ship and he keeps speaking Swedish. Nice, if you are Swedish but my understanding of the language is not very good.
  2. Thanks for the clarification. As to communication in Random, Ranked, or battles other than Co-op, it is still often problematic on the Asia server with many non-English speaking players. Sadly, you just need to deal with non-existent communication.
  3. Swinghammer

    Update 0.10.9 Bug Report Thread

    Text is wrong for Artillery and Torpedoes, both in port and while playing.
  4. Swinghammer

    Ship Information bug

    Information about Main Battery reload time shows it as "Depth Charge Reload Time". This appears in port as well as during play when pointing to the ammo icon. The same is also for torpedoes.
  5. Swinghammer

    Matchmaker Bug

    Ah, got it. Our tier VII pushed us into a wider tier gap.
  6. Swinghammer

    Matchmaker Bug

    My clan mates and I were playing a co-op game and noticed that tier IX ships were included with tier VI ships!
  7. There needs to be a better way for friends and clanmates to communicate. I often have friends who come online and I wish I knew exactly when they did via a notification. I see they are in a battle and I invite them to a division. However, the battle they are in may be longer than 5 minutes and they will not see the invite. 1. Allow a notification to appear when one is in a battle that a friend has logged in. Make it both visual and audio (with the ability to mute, if necessary). 2. Allow for a brief message to the friend when in a battle.
  8. WG needs to put in a better system for notifying you when a friend or clanmate logs in. It needs to be both visual and audio. Plus, it should be something you can turn off or on in settings. I don't mind having it appear during a battle. I miss out when friends log in and they can't see a message from me until they return to port.