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  1. Swinghammer

    Matchmaker Bug

    Ah, got it. Our tier VII pushed us into a wider tier gap.
  2. Swinghammer

    Matchmaker Bug

    My clan mates and I were playing a co-op game and noticed that tier IX ships were included with tier VI ships!
  3. There needs to be a better way for friends and clanmates to communicate. I often have friends who come online and I wish I knew exactly when they did via a notification. I see they are in a battle and I invite them to a division. However, the battle they are in may be longer than 5 minutes and they will not see the invite. 1. Allow a notification to appear when one is in a battle that a friend has logged in. Make it both visual and audio (with the ability to mute, if necessary). 2. Allow for a brief message to the friend when in a battle.
  4. WG needs to put in a better system for notifying you when a friend or clanmate logs in. It needs to be both visual and audio. Plus, it should be something you can turn off or on in settings. I don't mind having it appear during a battle. I miss out when friends log in and they can't see a message from me until they return to port.