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  1. EliteBrekkieRoll

    Anyone SUNK a Santa yet?

    i think i sunk one with out realizing if the WG crate was the reward
  2. EliteBrekkieRoll

    how do you counter the CV crap

    more or less, but its constantly poping up cause wg dont want to do anything about it. I think they should bring back the odd tiers back in to sorta balance out the power out. cause i've mention this before cvs are either powerful or completely useless at +2 and -2mm. they also need to do something about the ability of CV to scout and perma spot things. and forget the counter shit cause there is no way they can fix it imo unless they remove cv completely but all the rage from players they will get. maybe be bring back fighters, not sure how much that will do other then pressing T for a fighter patrol
  3. EliteBrekkieRoll

    how do you counter the CV crap

    its not really counter its all rng. you dont have direct control of it. meanwhile CV is raining hell on you dropping your hp to 0 while they maintain a full HP ship with less to no worries of been shot at laughing at you cause you can do shit they can essentially "bully" a individual until its back in the port. i get it its great for the team since i'm acting as a decoy at high tier games, but Its no fun to be on the receiving end what so great about dodging the entire game. On that note not all ships has workable AA.
  4. EliteBrekkieRoll

    how do you counter the CV crap

    because its not every time you dont sail alone grouping up with other bb is not always the option as you dont have that selection at times
  5. EliteBrekkieRoll

    how do you counter the CV crap

    In a nutshell you dont, which is the most bullshit thing ever. The most comments you will get is group up and combine aa or just "dodge". It is the most stupid game play and not fun to be on the receiving side. Also because of the odd tier cv you will either get an +2 or -2 tier cv were you can absolute do nothing or something. Eg in the last match all i did for the first 10mins was spending my time to "dodge" kage and a parseval loosing over 3/4 of my HP doing just that,and what can i do nothing. What kind of game play is that its F***.
  6. EliteBrekkieRoll

    why is it called ranked battle

    well to my knowledge rank is too see how good you are i would assume like the Olympics. Soo how can you do that with opposite ship affinity. To me that just stupid,making destroyers go up against carriers(but [content removed] carriers in general you might as well just quit) and battleship against destroyers and cruisers against battleships is like counter intuitive and this does not account for balancing, i mean you can just yolo in a Tirpitz and you would be fine most of the time. Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Beaufighter
  7. EliteBrekkieRoll

    disable death cam badges

    death cam badges are really annoying anyway to disable it. im just pissed off about cause it takes the whole screen in your face big
  8. EliteBrekkieRoll

    What is the point of armor layout?

    supposed that make sense thats one way of looking at it soo assuming i understanding you right. So your saying that if your caliber is 210mm the chances of penetrating a ship with a gun with a lower caliber the chances of penetrating them is high comparing to a ship that has a higher caliber then you, penetrating them is slim or non at all. I assume the armor works similar of the space armor in wot? soo far all i know is dont use ap against bb or dd if your a crusier and if your a bb dont use ap against dd and dd just spam HE
  9. EliteBrekkieRoll

    What is the point of armor layout?

    Not everyone is a navy guru(navy jargon is not helping either) or a maths guru (especially for a man who has not been in school for 20 years), so what is the point of a armor layout if we do not know the penetrations. Wg made a essay on how it works, great whooping [redacted] story, soo what is the English version of the base penetration value in layman's term. I mean not showing how the shell arcs or the reduce pen over distance value etc, thats fine cause we can estimate that, but how would we do that with out a base value other then to work it out other then by doing math equation to work it out. All the in game only shows the caliber value, in that respect that means nothing other then how big the gun is. Its like playing world of tanks without the penetration value and only showing the calibar and armor thickness Profanity. Post edited, user warned. ~Syanda
  10. EliteBrekkieRoll

    Maps are too BIG!

    mainly play kirov and konigberg and nassu and perth
  11. EliteBrekkieRoll

    Maps are too BIG!

    soo no one feels the same. i play low to mid tier i can never be bothered playing high tiers. i guess i can see what everyone is saying. in that case they could at least down scale and increase the scale depending on the tiers. how hard could that be? . But everytime i look at the map there is an underwhelming of ships in the match usually i see there is enough for 2 flanks and then the 3rd flank usually noone or 1 brave soul sailing too just too see death.
  12. EliteBrekkieRoll

    Maps are too BIG!

    seriously maps are way too big imo there are not enough players in a match 15 only imo should increase it to like 24. it takes like 2-3 minutes sometime to get to where you want to go, i could read a book and nothing will still happen -_-. anyone feel the same
  13. EliteBrekkieRoll

    soo why bother with Battleships?

    right now in tier 3-4 i find that hard to believe bb drops like flies because of torps
  14. EliteBrekkieRoll

    soo why bother with Battleships?

    trying hard every single match with a battleship i get spammed with properly 3-4 torp savos sometimes the entire sea is filled with them, as of now cruisers imo is greater then battleships (cruisers >= destroyers > BB imo). if i have to grind to tier 5 to enjoy this game i will properly will not play BB not worth the frustration
  15. EliteBrekkieRoll

    soo why bother with Battleships?

    still not sure if i should go through the battleship line in every game everyone just spams torps, so technically, theoretically speaking destroyers are the "battleships",as they can well basically kill anything in one savo. Imagine a whole platoon of spamming destroyers , not to mention smoke and cammo values they have in comparison its like TDs pre nurfed camo in world of tank and the under powered HT in pre "buff" world of tanks