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  1. SukCrotSSGI

    [ALL] ModStation

    Is there any way of installing this in Mac without creating a virtual machine or a bootcamp version of windows to play WoWS in?
  2. SukCrotSSGI

    IJN/Pan Asian commanders ?

    When I try to recruit a new commander for my Gadjah Mada, I repetedly press the "Change Name and Image" button, but all I got are PRC commanders... How do you know about them being available? I still couldn't find it...
  3. SukCrotSSGI

    IJN/Pan Asian commanders ?

    I found this image on the WoWS subreddit a long time ago. Does anyone else knew how to get those commander sprites, preferrably in their nation's ships bearing their local names?
  4. SukCrotSSGI

    Pan Asian national voice

    I'd be satisfied if they give Indonesian commander sprites and names for RI Gadjah Mada and RI Irian. If recording voice lines is too much of a hassle.. And apparently there's a sprite of all nations already. I just couldn't find a way to recruit them in the game...
  5. SukCrotSSGI

    submarine confirmed

    Craash dive! Craash dive!