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  1. Zekrom_King99

    [Suggestion] Ideas for Aircraft gameplay improvement

    Seems cool. Maybe give DBs AP bombs to increase their use (No citadel crits though) and use attack planes with rockets to replace the HE damage role.
  2. Zekrom_King99

    Defensive fire and repair party for all ships

    If this was posted on NA Forums fear would have a gazillion negative votes.
  3. Zekrom_King99

    [Giveaway] Two CBT codes to giveaway. [Upcoming stream]

    Time and date noted. I hope I win. GL to all!
  4. Zekrom_King99

    [Youtube] EPIC Iwaki Alpha gameplay!

    Their adding subs!?
  5. Zekrom_King99

    [Youtube] EPIC Iwaki Alpha gameplay!

    Good footage. I wonder what the Beta ship will be?
  6. Zekrom_King99

    WoWs battleship and carrier gameplay!

    Pretty sweet footage. I can't wait for a code!!!