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  1. Radar & MM

    Yeah had one today with 1v5 radar, I really felt sorry for our DDs... Best you can do if/until they fix it is turtle and focus the radar CL/As in key spots.
  2. way too much divisions

    We often have 3+ divs counting in, going down to 2 pers per div would be annoying as hell and going backwards. IMO, find friends to play with, the game is so much better when you do.
  3. Commonwealth CL/As Commonwealth DDs
  4. Pan Asian line is like USN but can't contest caps as well due to the torps. Conqueror is annoying as hell and has broken HE. Kharba is run and gun now, it's trollish like Zao, so great in good hands. It's not CW, it's CB, basically team battles but for clan. Last season (the first) they disabled CVs, made it tier 10 and then to compensate you could get certain rent-a-ships if you had a tier 8. (But no Camo). It was a massive fiasco. CB will alternate seasons with ranked AFAIK.
  5. The biggest two IMO are: - Smoke Firing - Deep-water torpedoes. Smoke firing now increases your spotted range based on calibre of weapons. DDs are 2-3km, 150s on CLs are about 5ish kms, 203s are around 7-8km, BBs it's usually 16+km. Deep-water torps are a mechanic of Pan-Asian DDs, they can't hit DDs but can hit everyone else. Google smoke firing distances for a list (every ship is different, I just gave you general distances). Most other changes are simply new ships and the like. KM DDs 6+ have hydro, Pan-Asia can get radar in higher tiers, Missouri has radar. And finally, welcome back Spawnster, it's been a while, I had taken a few years off until May this year, so I know the feels. Oh and WG screwed over ANZ players with clan battles, they made it wed/Thurs/sat/sun, 11pm-2am Sydney time, meaning 1-4am NZ time...
  6. Chat Filter Question

    I find chat filters odd. I mean I respect keeping everyone happy and things civil but it's like anyone with half a brain knows what's behind the *****... Although I spose the kid factor. Still in this day and age. *Shrugs* I swear a lot, just on comms instead, lol.
  7. I'm on fastest NBN, Sydney based, 250-300ms, it's surprisingly smooth. You do notice the delay when you kill someone though. It's fun enough, player base is low compared to Warships/WoT. You'll get a lot of bots in games. UX is lacking, no one key for radio commands, etc. I find it pretty easy.
  8. Hahaha, love it. There's still a couple of the lads floating around in WoT, even ran into one on Warplanes, go figure.
  9. 0500 +8 0700 +10 (Brisbane) 0800 +11 (Sydney, Melbourne) 1000 +13 (NZ?) That's the conversion for you, not 100% when it'll go back up
  10. Chat Filter Question

    If I do, I just rant to the clan on discord, lol...
  11. Chat Filter Question

    There is another thing, you may have been chat banned for what wasn't censored... Yeah we all lose our cool sometimes but the lesson here is don't go off at people.
  12. Surviving a battle XP?

    I disagree, sometimes real life happens. Although I do feel your frustration.
  13. S4pp3R gib santa box plox Way to get a topic to go hot, lol.
  14. I really wanted to get it, almost got DoY but simply don't have love for the game after the CB times debacle
  15. Surviving a battle XP?

    I'm just curious, I'm not enough of a bastard to actually test it. My instinct was no, but wondered if there might be a small XP mechanic for how long you live...