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  1. Anyone else feel like Sky Cancer is getting an indirect Nerf out of this? Not that I play them anymore anyways...
  2. Nice Caps. Tier 5 Konig is a beast, Bayern can be a bit outclassed and from what I've heard Gneis and up are great, particularly Bismarck+. I'm grinding creds to kit out Gneisenau now. Prems: Scharnhorst is anti-cruiser, don't even bother hitting enemy BBs unless their broadside is showing. Tirpitz is a slightly readjusted Bismarck with torps. Both are great for grinding creds.
  3. They need to make it so Radar doesn't go through land. As for Radar distance, IMO should be something like: DD auto-spotted 8.5km CL/A auto-spotted 10km BB auto-spotted 15km Then add a bit of variation between nations as already have.
  4. I think you should be applauded for pushing through after the 5th loss... I would have switched ships long ago. Still it does show how sometimes it doesn't matter how well you play - potatoes gunna potate...
  5. Yeah I tend to agree. Although Fuso/Nagato I don't even bother with CE, just run em tanky. The CE choice on BBs is entirely up to the player and greatly depends on playstyle and Captain skill level. I don't see enough CVs for me to even glance at secondary/AA build outside of high tier KM BBs. This is compounded by the fact that ideally CL/As should protect you. If not, why are you on your own or not in a div?
  6. I run concealment on just about everything. The exception for me is Fuso/Nagato as they have such absurdly huge spotted distances I don't bother.
  7. I run IJN and RN Cruisers, so IFHE is kinda redundant. Also Cruisers should be picking up AR anyways. But yeah for those who do run IFHE most will probs spec AA as consumable mounted time is sorta pointless if you are running prem consumables.
  8. Yeah I have a massive issue with that. I know it's a perma campaign n stuff but Yamamoto really feels like a Captain for unicums, given how hard he is to unlock and his perks :-/
  9. Yeah Atago is awesome, still you are going to do more damage with guns...
  10. Give me IJN BBs over USN anyday. KM BBs are good but I still find IJN better... Looking forward to RN, see if they can match IJN...
  11. I'm not going to get involved in the carry/bad team mates element. However it is possible to be an average player, play really well in a match and it be the fault of your allies for losing. A good example is domination-mode push to enemy spawn... ... Literally achieves nothing, the objectives aren't there folks. (Yes I realise there is a rare strat that can work of pushing hard and fast in that fashion). To the unicums on here, you almost always have valid points to raise but I think you guys spend a bit too much time going on the offensive and stat shaming others sometimes. I know it gets tiring with the same thing over and over but a bit of patience and constructive criticism goes a long way as opposed to going on the offensive or even reacting to one. I know I've been guilty of it too
  12. I doubt many folks will know what OPFOR is... FYI... OPFOR = opposing forces And I think true sealclubbing is a div of good players which definitely can turn a battle. As for solo carry, whilst not always being able to do it you can't deny that decent players end up with very high win rates in lower tiers. I know personally I'm usually upwards of 60-65%
  13. Definitely not
  14. Pass, USN - no thanks. If I did decide to play USN (will never happen) would be DD line - dat smoke...
  15. IJN CA torps are situational and you should never be showing your broadside to the enemy to drop unless you are sure they're all on reload. Use the torps for ambush/area denial or to discourage a chase.