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  1. S4pp3R

    Technical issues found.

    At 1830 AEDT (+11) I had the same issue for over an hour and stupid ol me didn't check the forums and did a wipe... So I'll be online tomoz mk... (Might as well take opportunity to do WGC and CV Beta install as well)
  2. S4pp3R

    Which BB line worth to grind?

    IJN BB line was a lot of fun for me, Izumo aside. The only issue is AA, which from 7+ you start running into less CVs so isn't much of an issue. Even the dreadnaughts (Fuso, Nagato) aren't abysmally slow, having 25 knot speed instead of the horrible 21 of the USN ones. The IJN BBs either have lots of decent guns or a few far bigger ones. I'll be honest, Yamato for me feels underwhelming. The reason is that for most of the line (again Izumo is the spud aka exception) you are quite mobile, quite tanky and hit hard. Yamato and even Izumo to a degree are far more static in play-style. TBH, I can't wait for IJN BC line as Kongo and Amagi were stand-outs for me, Fuso and Nagato only barely lose out due to the slower speed and less agility. Yes I realise we're years away from it. Note to the OP, if you do go down IJN BB line, don't get hurt by Myogi, you aren't supposed to snipe but sit at CA/CL max range and delete people. (12-15km). Many folks hate Myogi due to gun accuracy, but that's usually because they are firing at 18km. She doesn't have bad accuracy, it's just noticeable due to only having a few guns. Personally I do really well in her.
  3. S4pp3R

    Perth, Aigle, Molotov or Blyskawica?

    Perth It's good for learning how to play at particular ranges and how to aim. Also yes, she does share many skills with Vampire so you can train up one Captain at a time... 14 pointer is almost mandatory in her due to CE+IFHE being so important. Also being Aussie you will most likely go up Commonwealth lines when they come out, so wouldn't having a 19 pointer or two be nice for the grind?
  4. S4pp3R

    A quiet Monday at Garden Island, Sydney, Australia

    I go running there regularly, the best time is just as sun rises on a rainy morning where you can still see the sunrise rising over the ships... Will miss it when I move at the end of the year!
  5. A couple of guys in my clan have been unlucky with santa crates too, I sincerely hope everyone is as lucky as me this year!!
  6. Save your money for santa crates, the biggest ones... I scored like 6-8 Prema last year from 20... And almost a year of prem time!
  7. S4pp3R

    BB Playstyle

    Learn what angling is and what it means for whatever BB you're on. Learn how to aim and hit superstructures of other angled BBs and the citadels of BB/CAs when broadside. Learn WASD hax Learn effective range of your guns Learn to not rush your shots Don't camp and snipe Use Google and YouTube to find out information of the above
  8. S4pp3R

    Which Premium BB is the best?

    I find the Kii good but I suspect I'm a rarity in that regard
  9. S4pp3R

    RDF - Have you ever regretted taking it?

    I tried it out years ago in Zao and never looked back, now it's default in CAs and DDs for me. It gives you so much information, particularly when you are working a flank or cap.
  10. S4pp3R

    Need tips and tricks for Nagato

    I found Kongo almost identical to Nagato in play style, just that Naga-chan is a dreadnaught so not as fast or agile, gun characteristics are very similar. Don't get too beat up at her accuracy, it's due to her number of guns. FYI my highest ever XP record was in Nagato for years at 3800 until I just barely beat it with Yorck this year. At the start I found her infuriating, however in time I learned to be patient and now she's one of my faves...
  11. S4pp3R

    Need tips and tricks for Nagato

    If you are having problem with aim for Naga-chan, go play some Kongo for a while, fairly similar
  12. S4pp3R

    Need tips and tricks for Nagato

    Effective range is 15-16km Don't get frustrated with her dispersion, when she does hit, she hurts. Basically you need to stay alive long enough to allow that 1-2 shell hits per salvo to add up. She initially feels inferior to Fuso due to number of guns, this is not the case, she just plays a little different.
  13. S4pp3R

    what happened to WOWs?

    Welcome back mate. If you get annoyed at the playerbase just go play something else for a bit. I do it all the time, I go and jump on StarCraft 2 for an hour or so and then come back fresh.
  14. S4pp3R

    Rank Season 11 Idea

    I'd suggest an amendment based on 'OP' premiums, 25-15 tier 5 15-10 tier 6 10-5 tier 8 5+ tier 10 Tier 7 and 9 have most of the nasty premiums.
  15. S4pp3R

    Things you'd like to see

    It's ok, do like your little spiels. Commonwealth as a nation makes sense, at least we can have some ship lines one day...