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  1. my only win of the night - thankyou mate!
  2. S4pp3R

    General Questions Thread

    They don't often announce ahead of time when the discounts will be. Look for the small by-lines on deals within various event articles and patch notes. Usually the discount will be for a weekend period. Worst case there *often* are slot deals for Summer sales and WoWS anniversary, both of which are coming up. So grind out as normal and keep and eye in port and in articles for discounts.
  3. Good choice, although you need to play him a lot to get him up, so have fun with that! My second pick would be Cunningham. Hands down one of my most used Commanders simply because RN Ships apart from CLs have pretty standard builds and there are many decent RN premiums. He's best on BBs or CAs due to HE prock skills. Can work on CVs but most RN CVs are not great and highly reliant on dots.
  4. Nope, she's not a brawler. MB/Tank build (standard BB build)
  5. S4pp3R

    Wargaming leave Russia and Belarus

    Serbia is nice but currently has a gov semi-aligned with ol' mate warmonger. But the Warsaw stuff is good!
  6. I've been spending my time trying to get the most out of her AP... It doesn't like T10 BB belts... Or upper belts on some.
  7. Mecklenburg... Still deciding whether I like her or not...
  8. Good suggestion... Positioning is one of those things I've thought about doing a video on over the years but it's really hard to put together and can be very different game-to-game. I'll have a think about it and see what I can come up with.
  9. And reveal the secrets of my scripting? NEVER! Just to be clear, I play all nations and ship types and that's my usual thing. But if I'm grinding up a tech line for the purpose of grinding; focusing on that one line yields the best results. Ships that I'm no longer 'good' in, I end up being good in when grinding in such a manner. So yeah, not saying you have to grind like that or anything, I'm just saying in my humble opinion - it's the most efficient way to go.
  10. Hahahaha... Thanks! No, I'm from the land of semi-asian, semi-angloceltic, semi-everything, BBQ and beer obsessed peoples who like to say lots but not say much at all... So yes, I can confirm I'm a person. Yeah it was just so wide reaching that it seemed wrong to have it in the OG list. But 100% agree. Thanks mate!
  11. G'day folks... I finally finished it Enjoy All the loves
  12. S4pp3R

    Commonwealth REPRESENT!

    This is one of the rarest missions ever implemented into WoWS...
  13. S4pp3R

    Atlantico Finished.

    Congrats! I recommend MB/tank build on her but secondaries are viable. Good, solid T8 premium BB, one of my better ones stat wise.
  14. S4pp3R


    1. PM 3. GTG 6. BoS, 17/21. AR 10. CE, 14. FP, 18/21. ERE
  15. S4pp3R

    Social Wolves Operation Group

    Doesn't appear on mobile phone browsers...