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  1. I would give you a laugh emoji if I had any left... lol
  2. S4pp3R


    Hahahahahah you have it all wrong @Max_Battle If [REDACTED] to [REDACTED] begin [REDACTED] tier to [REDACTED]. These [REDACTED] influence the [REDACTED] ship, not define it... But [REDACTED] the worst [REDACTED] is [REDACTED] and [REDACTED].
  3. Yeah that's a really dumb way to do it... Soooooooooooooo promised respec... Now? (Obviously not I'm trolling) It always comes back to the communication... ...
  4. S4pp3R

    Stream Answers Thread.

    I would guess Operations is highly dependent on Subs being finished first... I dunno, it just seems like something they'd throw to the same team. It will probs mean Operations will forever be put to the bottom of the pile (thus the 'nope' answers all the time) 'Removed Ships available for Creds/Coal' my guess is this will be the Auction thing.
  5. Fun fact - after thinking about it and discussing it with a BB main friend of mine, it's basically useless... The ships you'd take it on (Georgia, Burger, very fast BBs) you won't take it on for 4 points as the only reason you'd want the extra speed is to run down DDs... But the concealment condition and 4 points
  6. SIGH Ok, they've worded that last paragraph REALLY poorly. Why even mention Deadeye BBs getting a respec when you mention that everyone gets a respec. I'll own that, my fault for not reading it carefully BUT - ffs WG, fix up your communication! (If they are indeed offering free respecs)
  7. S4pp3R

    Deadeye gone?

    Halland wants to know your location
  8. G'day folks, A bit of a tweak on a One-off for April; I've spiced up the editing and doubled my work if I want to repeat it in future. This one has cinematic cuts all the way through, leme know what you think! Atago was my first premium (apart from lowbie freebies) and I fully Potatoed with her, I think I was at around 47%/35k with her prior to trying to improve that over the last few weeks... I think I'm at around 51%/44k now. She's a strong ship if you play her carefully and clinically. I always play to win, this game shows you that sometimes you need to live to fight another day in order to try and get a win... As usual, all the YouTube and Reddit loves is appreciated and if you like this video and want all the juicy info feel free to join my discord - Darklab (https://discord.gg/AApEFZquK9)
  9. Honestly, RN CLs have a lot to choose from in the 'voluntary' category, SE was already in my build unless running both AA skills, haha. I was more looking at things like IJN CAs and the like... It's well over a 10% HP buff to Zao now... (Although again it was already on my 21 point build, lol). But a lot more of my other CAs would now probably build into SE instead of AP skill unless Hindy/Petro...
  10. Nope, but I think CA SE is more worth considering now, and thus adjustment of other skills would happen and 'Fearless Brawler' the same... IDK... It still looks like a noob trap to me... I reckon full tank build will be the way to go. Oh 100% they don't... Maybe they should have thought that before they did a skills rework. Thing is, the moment you change up the skill tree or skills involved then you offer respecs for free or on the cheap for in-game currency. For WGs prices, that'd mean a 90%+ discount, which they don't do so might as well be free.
  11. S4pp3R

    Really HATE the IOWA

    It's not too bad... ... Per the pinned comment in my Iowa video... For Halsey: (1) Gun Feeder (3) Grease the Gears (6) Adrenaline Rush, (21) Basics of Survivability (10) Concealment Expert, (14) Deadeye, (18) Fire Prevention Your modules are ok but I'd swap Artillery Plotting 1 (slot 3) for Turret Traverse and run Spotter plane instead of Fighter. Fighter doesn't stop CVs dropping you, AA skills and things don't stop CVs dropping on you. The only ships you want to build for that are those who are AA beasts (Halland) or have excess skills to spare (Mysore). If you are wondering why Fire Prevention and not ERE basically the frequency that you get benefits out of that skill for 4 points is limited. Fire Prevention is working everytime a HE shell hits you. Deadeye (NOTE - IT'S BEING REMOVED SOON) is a straight buff to the number 1 job of a BB - guns. BBs job isn't actually tanking, it's gunnery. They blat things harder than anything else. Deadeye gives you 10% buff to accuracy; which is about 20+% reduction of your dispersion ellipse area. It does this as long as an enemy isn't spotted within your standard detectability (Iowa is 12.7km). As you should be fighting outside this almost all of the time, it's basically like having an extra slot 6 artillery plotting mod equipped; all the time. Hope that all helps! Edit: If you hadn't spent 2 skill points on AA, I would say just wait and get FP and your build would be fine for post-deadeye removal... But FP is too good so if you can afford it, I'd be respeccing when you can.
  12. S4pp3R

    Deadeye gone?

    SIGH They really should be offering free respecs for DDs and CAs too... Changes to skills can change the entire build!
  13. S4pp3R

    RIP Prince Phillip