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  1. S4pp3R

    thoughts on rank sprint

    I am ashamed to admit this but Leander is better than Perth for sprint... Her heal and semi AP make her amazing
  2. S4pp3R

    thoughts on rank sprint

    I never disagree with someone just for the sake of it 😛 Surprised at how ineffective my Perth has been, far more sitting back in my experience, Fuso has subsequently had a lot of work 😕
  3. S4pp3R

    thoughts on rank sprint

    Nice work!! I powered up to 5 in one afternoon and then came back on Sunday to weekend players... I was also a tad unlucky, 2nd XP when I had stars, top XP when I didn't... I might make 1 this sprint, depends... I usually do though (on sprints) so it's a bit of a pride thing... Congrats mate, I concur with your points
  4. S4pp3R

    Furutaka improved repair party

    Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Seriously how good would Furu be with heal...!!!! WG I would pay a lot of money for that!
  5. S4pp3R

    What is the Best Ship for every tier

    It's hilarious 😉
  6. S4pp3R

    What is the Best Ship for every tier

    Tech-tree: T1 - IFHE Hashidate T2 - Umikaze (saw one carry a T10 match way back just after release) T3 - take your pick T4 - Orion T5 - Kongo or Furutaka T6 - Leander T7 - Fiji T8 - Baltimore T9 - Sov Soy or Z-46 T10 - Des Memes
  7. S4pp3R

    Should I spec IFHE on Nurenberg

    I'm not sure about how much of an area it is, but I never have an issue HE penning Yama/Mushi/Izumo with standard 203 HE... And again, KM CA HE alpha is anaemic so why would you waste 4 points?
  8. S4pp3R

    Should I spec IFHE on Nurenberg

    Don't get IFHE on any KM Cruiser, it's already built in and the only ship it'd offer you anything extra vs is Kremlin. But that's pointless. The reason? KM CL/A HE alpha is anaemic. You basically use your HE to start permafires and then fire AP and aim for super-structure. So yeah, don't get IFHE on your KM cruisers.
  9. S4pp3R

    Simplifying Currency

    If I wanted any RP ship I could get it now with FXP and a few games... But I'm not interested in broken HE spammers and I haven't even bothered resetting yet, will defo do at some point but because I enjoy the mid tiers and I only really want cool cosmetics
  10. Tyty Agreed, her tankiness is always underrated and she has that amazing Torp bulge! Once I've built up my creds again (dropped to 5mil, now at 10) to 30mil defo looking at resetting the IJN BB line. The only ship I don't enjoy is Yamato (yes I know, take me out in to the paddock and shoot me). They're all amazing if you know what you are doing!
  11. Oh and as for Warspite, I'm just going to leave this here...
  12. Myogi She's got awesome gun angles and if you know how to play she's surprisingly tanky, add her speed, I think she's a gudbote. Radar Minotaur Love her, even managed to get 160k+ on flanks without DDs. Skillz, she rewards skillz. Fiji She always is overlooked due to Belfast, Atlanta, Flint... She is a superb ship and I often prefer taking her over Belfast due to heal and torps.
  13. Love your videos mate, even the ones I'm not in... Also 'absolute tragic' aye...