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  1. Exactly this and have stayed Sharks because blue...
  2. No I'm just as skeptical, when I found out about the changes I stopped my CV work altogether. Having said that I wasn't grinding them seriously anyways.
  3. Well I'll be out in my premiums today... Finally ran out of credits again (Minotaur and Hipper purchase + kit outs) So maybe see you there...
  4. Still easier to read than my hand-writing, lol. Yeah I agree with Jess, it's another one of those CV issues that they will probs ignore due to the rework coming... The argument being "we're changing everything anyway" would be my guess.
  5. 0.7.7 lagging

    Are they moving warships server to Hong Kong like with tanks? Also I haven't been having issues and I don't run WGC...
  6. Lowest damage record as well plz

    Highest kills with lowest damage? I think my brother got 3 for 1k in his Kagero once...
  7. Best NC build ?

    Yeah and I run that mod on most of my ships. I almost never lose turrets on my BBs, even when they are targeted... *Shrugs* it works for me, I understand the argument for PT, I see that information as fallible however, as I often play with 'x' to mess with folks PT. Not to mention I can predict torps and the like most of the time.
  8. Premium ship summer sale

    Yeah I've even specced my Scharn like that, although that's for fun... Can't bring myself to play Bismarck after my experiences with her, FdG and GK... Although will probs spec them secondaries. I will finish off that line at some point but right now I have more fun with other lines.
  9. Premium ship summer sale

    I don't know how KM BB players from Gneisenau up suffer the KM dispersion... *Shudder*
  10. MM Rant

    I've played since release, albeit taking a break for 18months due to a lack of clan content (which even now is impossible for anyone in my timezone who has a life to get involved with more than once a week). The game has by and large improved. There's no invisi-firing, even smoke-firing has been nerfed. The two biggest single issues are radar and CVs. All the other issues aside, premium CVs, particularly Saipan and GZ are broken. I know they are reworking CVs, but this doesn't forgive the broken premiums. Radar is simply too prominent, there's a huge give and take with this but all other issues aside there should at least be equal number on each team. I have been toying with a few suggestions for radar (MM aside) and the best one IMO is a reduction in range, for example; no radar range greater than 8km. This would mean to insta-spot that DD in cap the ship in question couldn't be at the back behind an island. A different or auxiliary idea would be to have any ship using radar instantly visible. *Shrugs* basically my point is that DD gameplay is screwed in high tiers and it's entirely due to radar.
  11. Best NC build ?

    Yeah fair enough... Wouldn't the 30% still apply though - reason I run it is I hate losing turrets in BBs...
  12. So fishy , WG is that you ?

    It was a joke mate, I could tell from your responses to the OP you knew what you were talking about... I still thought it might have been a dodgy email anyways. I was wrong, yet you were vindicated in the end... Thus I made a joke. Soz if it didn't come across like that!
  13. MM Rant

    Do you come with the ship?
  14. Best NC build ?

    You could go standard BBerserker build: PM or PT AR + EM BoS + SI FP + CE I usually run PM, as I find PT to be redundant if you know your stuff.