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  1. S4pp3R

    ST guys, really?

    1. I disagree, they should be able to so they can actually understand how test ships function in divs together. 2. This is a griefer-troll tactic but this sort of thing is stress testing extreme conditions that we see in game, we need to know how these things work in these conditions. 3. 100% although PANTS in normal ships would mince their opposition, if it was 6x 151ST, I can guarantee you it only means you have at least 6 semi-potatoes, not 6 full potatoes... (I don't have any issue with sync drops, most of the time you vs your friends rather than play with them).
  2. S4pp3R

    ST guys, really?

    I suspect that there may be some ST slots opening up... WG asked folks not to div up in Kitakami divs. Either way I don't think they should be punished for testing like this, if anything it merely demonstrates how silly the ship is in a game sense.
  3. S4pp3R

    ST guys, really?

    I hope that this sort of thing kills off Kitakami as an idea. I'm sorry but she doesn't belong in the game IMO. I've been suspecting for some time that WG simply misunderstand the idea of a meme. People use Kita references as a joke, a meme, they don't actually want the thing in game. And if they say they do, they're wrong.
  4. S4pp3R

    oh come on! CVs vs DD in ranked

    100% I don't know why fighters can spot without being spotted atm. Honestly it's worse than before they started making thise changes. I don't know how, or what has happened but it's silly, if a plane can spot you, you should be able to spot the plane. Stalingrad, I hate that thing so much. It's a pure unfiltered demonstration of WGs issues with premiums. I am happy they've kept selling it though. 'Wait what the hell are you on about SappeR?' By making it available to more people the 'OP' factor is shared around more. Back in WoT days, certain high level clans were the only ones who'd get access to broken tanks which would help them stay at higher levels. It's a stupid thing, the last thing the game should do is give more power to those who already have more power. At least with Stalingrad, most players who do clan stuff can save up the steel and have access to the power. Personally I won't but I don't want to waste my hard earned steel on a ship because it's OP, I'd rather spend it on a ship that I like.
  5. S4pp3R

    oh come on! CVs vs DD in ranked

    Or you're a radar Mino... But you know what I do? I don't play my radar Mino...
  6. S4pp3R

    server stats for day 1 of ranked

    Petro is 100% a thing, called it for ages, that thing is strong AF... Goliath is surprising, sort of... She pumps out good damage to things some ships struggle against if you can mitigate her sluggishness, so I'm guessing that's whats has happened. TBH I expected Yoshi to be far higher, I guess the potahordes have got her now so it's keeping her down...
  7. S4pp3R

    Hizen's Deck armor by the way..

    Yeah 32 is nothing to write home about at T9...
  8. S4pp3R

    Q&A Anniversary stream

    ZOMG Have we got screen grabs or anything? Dammit man, I need something to work with!!!!!
  9. Oh I know exactly what has happened. (This is purely my own tinfoil hat theory). I call them Covid players. And before any of you folks reading this transform into your final defensive form, if you are reading this then you aren't who I'm talking about. There is a time-honoured and hated player type that most vets remark about in distaste. 'Weekend players.' Basically casual players who don't know or don't care about getting better or how to win. They just like rolling around in pretty ships shooting things... Covid players are the same thing but all the time. The problem with this is that when you have this sort of sustained dip in player skill, it influences how everyone plays. All of our potato factors increase as the spudnation slowly brings the rest of us down to their level. It's like if you play with a good team, most times you start playing better. Same thing with covid players. I've caught myself zoning out more than usual and just making pure noob positioning errors, ones that I'd never make normally. Now I'm not blaming them, it's my fault for letting them drag me down but I do think it's a thing. So let's all refocus, put our big boy carry pants on and show em how it's done...
  10. S4pp3R

    Advice for Tier V-VI?

    There are so many bits of advice that your best bet is google. A couple from me though... - Focus on a ship type, particularly play style type. A good example is IJN CAs (Japanese Heavy Cruisers) and KM CAs (German Heavy Cruisers). Both have similar playstyles from around Tier 6-7, being open water and at their max range. - If you are on your own, you are positioned poorly, being alone is basically suicide unless you know what you're doing. - DDs (Destroyers) are very hard to play and even harder to play well, I recommend focusing on a different class for your first lines. - Showing broadside to an enemy BB (Battleship) or a well played CL/CA (Light Cruiser/Heavy Cruiser) is asking to be deleted or at least punished to within an inch of your life. If you aren't, you likely aren't vsing experienced players. - As a rule, HE is for angled targets and aim at deck or higher, particularly the big chunky tower and smoke stacks on BBs. - AP is for broadsides, however the smaller caliber your guns, the less effective against targets in a bigger class than you, if you don't know how to aim. - Don't use a DCP on just one fire if the enemy is likely just going to start another one, save it for 2 (most of the time), depends on circumstances.
  11. But Commonwealth CLs would be too close in design to Royal Navy... ... ... ... ... WeeGee logic... ... ... Blows my mind sometimes. KM CVs before RM BBs... What the actual _________________________________!!!!!
  12. S4pp3R

    What if? (Hybrids Topic)

    That would be my fat hands and posting on my phone, I have now corrected it 😛 Seriously, I turn off autocorrect cause otherwise typing long form text is a nightmare so instead I merely fat-finger my way through things... I wish I had dexterity.
  13. @Captain_Idi_Kraken and @Taipan17 thanks guys... Still got a premiums video to do with at least a nice spread (most you can see in the original overview video) of nations and types but almost at the end... (Audio has been recorded, now gott get all the bells and whistles done). @Paladinum No BB line... I'd love one but that's as imagined as KM CVs or most of the Soviet Navy - kek
  14. Please no... Queenstown, Wellington or even Toronto would be better...
  15. S4pp3R

    She promised...

    That is not condusive to my play style... But much appreciated... I prefer storms, chaos and Krakens rising from the deep. I do my best work when my team is doing it's level best to throw the game but haven't quite managed to do it successfully yet and it's little old me against the foul hordes on our defensive flank... I'm the pink guy...