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  1. I know I've touched on this many times but figured I'd post it in her anyways, CB times are completely stupid, only a 3 hour window and 4 days over at least 8 time zones!!? Get your act together Devs, 0100-0400 in New Zealand, Kiwis are never going to get any more than an occasional game on the weekend... Extend the time range by at least 4 hours earlier and include Friday night.
  2. Goodluck! Most forum regulars are already members of clans and a lot of us are ANZ so we can only rarely make the Saturday night window.... :-/
  3. It's text on a forum, you can't do sarcasm without an indicator. You'll note most of my posts are very logical and serious but in RL everything I say is sarcastic or teasing and not serious. Just gotta adjust to the medium, good lesson to learn. Well done for manning up and apologising! --removed from blacklist--
  4. Make sure to get your boys voting!!!
  5. @Oranges I don't think anyone has said it better!
  6. Spread the word folks!!! Let's get this fixed! Why not 6 hour window?
  7. My issue with the vote is why not extend the time to 6 hours... Problem solved! Aye @Spotter
  8. @Cyanide7662 This isn't true CW mate... It's basically Team Battles. Even an equivalent of WoT Stronghold Skirmishes would be better... We'll see how it pans out but seriously thinking about leaving Warships and asking for a refund on my 6 month sub I bought 2 weeks ago...
  9. Great post @LargerNeptune3! Yeah my clan - 151st although maybe not the most skilled clan in ANZ is comprised of some very passionate people and we've been prepping for this for months... We are also furiously grinding oil to get our merge going ahead... Some of our guys have spent heaps of money getting enough Free XP to get a proper T10 that will fit in with the rest of the clan (we have loads of T10 BBs, which for obvious reasons are useless). At the moment we might get one team going late on Saturdays for 1-2 games. Should the time shift, we would likely get 1-2 teams active at the same time over a 4 hour period most days...
  10. @Spotter we're with you mate, we know you're doing your darndest... We're trying to get the word out, sadly ANZ players are by-and-large players and not forum-posters... We want to give you more ammo to take to HQ/devs. Thus we're trying to give you more info and logic to take to them, see: If you want me to do more number-crunching logic, I can - atm I'm working on how many ANZ clans there are that can support the current format as opposed to a proposed format with intent factored in (earn oil, constructive team play for example). !!!Everyone!!! I'm happy to spend my own time to crunch numbers and provide detailed --logical-- assessments and hypothesis on angles I haven't thought of. Please let me know if you have a good analysis and I'll do the hard yards because if we don't get changes I won't be around and a LOT of ANZ clans will end up being void. For now my suggestion is to focus on Halloween Scenarios, they are great (or were on PTS) so try and get your fix there, I know we will be. Spread the word Asia - support your fellow players and lets include people and nations rather than exclude them! WoT did it after how many years? Surely Warships (with it's much more constructive player-base) can do better!
  11. We will be trying to run 1 or 2 on Sat night, but highly doubt we'll have numbers... Most of our clan has RL commitments and it's simply not feasible to be playing up to midnight...
  12. And I think that's the thing that bothers me the most with all this... It's the same thing as TB. Some clans don't give a flip about what rank they achieve, they just want the oil and the team play element. And I think you'll find that they're more than happy to take CB like that than not be able to play at all... Most of the ANZ clans I keep in touch with are in this boat... [Hope @Spotter is still tracking this]
  13. It's a collosal screw up on their part... We'll 'watch the data' there won't be any data with us in it... I honestly don't understand how they came to the conclusion that by excluding entire nations that it would get them data!!! Not to mention would somehow be good business sense. I am so close to ditching Warships, hell I only came back after a hiatus of a year+ for CB, thinking that it would be at least as fun and awesome as Stronghold Skirmishes in WoT. And I know a lot of other players in the same boat, my clans numbers exploded as soon as Port was released and CB was announced... The number of clans with 25+ members went from 85 to over 150 in the space of a week or two... WG thinking: To get CB off the ground we need to exclude as many people as possible. This will in turn make more people want to level up and play the game... LOL. PS Don't feel bad Spotter, I know you're doing your best...
  14. Thanks mate, and yes we realise - this isn't a dig at you folks. It's more a dig at the HQ/dev direction elements... We fully support you guys and I realise how tough it can be 'in the suburbs', please don't take a slight at comments directed at 'WG', it's not a personal thing. I personally try and understand what sub_octavian says and yet everytime I find myself wondering if WG just carts him out to take the flak... Because the messages he delivers are either rarely backed up with action or leave the communities wondering what the hell WG is thinking. Almost griefing... Agreed, a troll is the equiv of a tease, a tongue-in-cheek. His was closer to a grief or trying to start a racism backlash... "Troll" has been highjacked by the media to mean griefing, there's a difference. Regardless he's engaged in poor conduct, I would suggest harsher punishment than a warning but it's not my place to say.
  15. Thankyou! Seriously! LOL, I get the 'logic' but it's also about keeping your player-base happy, what do you think annoys players more, annoying MM or no access to clan content? WG consistently doesn't understand it's player-base... Everything from small clan sizes (excluding the casuals, isolating friends groups, reducing clan activity) to absolutely silly time restraints on CB (excluding players based on location). Again: What do you think annoys players more, annoying MM or no access to clan content?