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  1. I would actually argue it's a staple and if you are running a non-standard BB build it's still viable, along with CE... Hell I was in a game before with my Izumo and I was getting HE'd not just by their conqueror but by 2 Iowas... FP kept me alive long enough to actually do something despite the team collapsing...
  2. Standard BB build (not AA spec) PT or PM, EM + AR, BoS + SI, CE + FP The order you get them in is up to you, I usually go FP prior to CE. It can be worth swapping out for BFT with AA BBs (USN) and with T7+ KM BBs a full secondary spec is a common choice too (BFT/AFT/Manual Secondaries). The standard BB build works on pretty much all BBs and definitely run premium repair and heal (resupply with credits not doubloons).
  3. 0.7.3 Feedback - How was it?

    The tears of the desert CB map is horrible IMO. Hopefully it's not just me but I find the island cover at North-West contested cap advantages the north spawn far more than south, essentially means southern cap should just push bottom...
  4. 2 Years of Warships

    I took like an 18+ month hiatus till May last year, trust me the player base is world's better than on release. You used to be able to get torp hits on just about any ship by shooting at the gray zone... Not so much now even at lowbie tiers...
  5. Has anyone actually bothered to think about the radar disparity? I do like the idea but I don't think they'll do it.
  6. Situational... Tbh I'm actually thinking a minor buff to armour/citadel and a major buff to turret angles...
  7. Yeah that's the thing: RN - smoke/radar USN - radar/AA KM - hydro/troll citas SN - radar/range FN - speed boost Basically IJN CAs need something, concealment just isn't enough. Don't get me wrong, I still love them but they are just generic and low DPM. IMO make em tanker or increase their RoF. Doesn't have to be a lot, but something that gives you the 'well they're good at ____'
  8. I actually think they should minor buff most IJN CAs. RoF or maybe make troll armour a thing for the whole line, or maybe turret angles. The thing is they are only played because people like them. Atago aside none of them are top tier except for maybe Myoko. In a meta sense, Zao should be in a place where you consider it because of x over the utility or DPM of other CAs. It ninja-knifes but so does everything now...
  9. Notser is... Ok, his knowledge is good just I rate Flamu and iChase far higher.
  10. My Zao build I was very tempted to get EL, but ended up going RDF/CE, SI/DE, EM/AR and PM...
  11. Not really, we just like playing with and against each other. We've even had 6v6, I think there was one time we had 8 v 3, but usually we'll be lucky to get a 3v3. To be honest since the CB stupidity, we've had far fewer active members... That pineapple hurt WG!
  12. What premboat to buy

    They were single 203s... AFAIK (and I played just after release) Furu has only ever had 203s...
  13. If they're abusing it, use replays and submit a ticket. I know my clan and we are sometimes in the same game as each other or friends but we like trying to sink each other and winning... I have never seen a clan vsing itself not try to win, so take the appropriate steps against those who do...
  14. What premboat to buy

    Yeah sounds about right. Personally I prefer KM, mainly cause DE is colloquially the acronym for T3 captain skill Demolition Expert.