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  1. Nah it was Jacko Loves to use chook the bloody flying chook.
  2. S4pp3R


    @cerebus_fighter fair points. I've said it in the forums about a thousand times but I'll give you the quick down and dirty on where I stand. 'No counterplay' (the argument used most frequently against CVs) is a fallacy but a nice sounding one. Rock-paper-scissors games rely on hard counters within a class or type system to creatic dynamic and varied gameplay and to create teamwork. With CVs the issue is actually too much counterplay, the CV is effective against all ship types and really shouldn't be able to do much to DDs or generally spot everything so well. With subs the issue isn't that the Sub hard counters a BB, it's everything else around it upto that point. BBs don't need ASW, this is stupid. They gave a BB radar and it was too effective (Missouri). This is making it stronger against it's hard counters, this is bad. By all means we need more ASW and adjustments to spotting by submarines but even then once the playerbase learns about them, as they stand now, Subs will not be a strong option but a niche one. As to the speed point, about the only ships that Subs run down are USN and RN BBs at T6, even then it isn't quickly. This speed disadvantage if maintained throughout the tiers is the major balancing factor. But anyways. Having no ability to counter a type of enemy is good, not being countered by enough enemies is bad. WG have steadily wound back rock-paper-scissors and vulnerabilities in Warships, much the same as what they did in Tanks. This is bad bad bad and I swear they have no clue how to balance a game properly or consider long term consequences. Honestly it always frustrates me thinking about it.
  3. @LordTyphoon pretty much covered it. I'm going to guess it's your first tier 9 as well. Gameplay rapidly shifts at T9-T10 to longer range engagements and more players know how to punish mistakes. I always recommend newer players steer clear of 'OP' or the strongest or more niche lines, they teach you less and subsequently at some point you are in for a rude shock. Basically you need to learn to play more carefully and patiently, what usually happens in the top tiers is the team that makes the first series of mistakes loses, so holding your nerve and not overextending is the key. Full disclosure, I'm pretty decent at WoWS and it's still my biggest mistake 9/10 times and why my most inconsistent and annoying class to play is DDs (they punish mistakes far more than others). That's about the best we can do without gameplay to critique.
  4. S4pp3R

    ST 0.9.5 Odin "Balans" Changes

    😄 TBH USAs best linguistic invention! Don't worry about us, we're used to very strict mod rules, we get one occasional toxic nutter pop in from time to time but otherwise it's usually fairly civil. Although there is often some heated annoyance or exasperation directed at WGs balance department from time to time... Edit: TBH Odin is probably balanced but I think they've probably pushed and pulled the levers in the wrong way for a KM BB. The justification of performing well against lower tiers is a bit pointless, any BB does well when top tier.
  5. We all have our moments, don't sweat it... If you subscribed YouTube would tell you when I upload one 😉
  6. S4pp3R


    Oh 100% there's still some tweaking that needs doing, if you have hydro as a BB (say DoY or higher tier KM), you would be able to spot him. CV out of the equation please, I was talking 1v1 and merely demonstrating that class imbalance already exists and is core to the game. No need to be crying Armageddon just yet, give them some time first. I'm not saying I have faith in WGs design principles, far from it I think their design processes are completely garbage from gameplay, balance and mechanics standpoint. But I do think that jumping on the Anti-Sub hate train is pointless until we're at a later point. They are at least doing things better than last time. Give them a chance to commit a crime before you call for the death sentence...
  7. S4pp3R


    So? If you're in a BB or CA and you have to chase down a DD to win and you can't... Subs aren't the first with this issue
  8. S4pp3R

    can anyone hewwwllp ?

    Under 'game activity' you can manually add a game, select the game exe and it should work fine.
  9. The two big ones was my initial push from A; I didn't see the Sov Soyuz, he could have blatted me and I overshot the island just after that so the Izumo could have blatted me too... Then I misuse the MBRB a couple of times, but I'm ok with that, would rather use it and not need it than the other way around.
  10. S4pp3R

    Will Secondaries work on Subs ?

    Yeah that's cause they didn't give the right rewards or enough of them to warrant it. Also of course everyone wants to try the new ship type, lol
  11. If you pay attention, you can spot all the mistakes I make, even through my editing, lol
  12. She went out of the shop same time as Smolensk, 1 or 2 patches ago. Thanks mate!