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  1. S4pp3R

    Intelligence Reports?

  2. Good review, I like using her smoke to farm BBs too though
  3. It's definitely a contributing factor, although I also think there's a lot of 'oooooooo new ship to shoot, I wanna sink it'. I know that often these types of fun events are good testbeds but while I'm open to the gun buff idea (with a bit of work) I don't think Super BBs are a great idea for possible new ships in game. They just have too much of BB weaknesses and bring in more 32mm overmatch, that I don't think is a good idea. But interesting concept all the same and it was cool to see how these behemoths looked and felt to play.
  4. S4pp3R

    New CV mechanics

    I'm still tracking it and asking around but anecdotally... ... CV numbers in tiers where there are a higher concentrations of lesser skilled players have dropped. I'm often seeing T5-7 matches without CVs. Now for some that may sound like heaven, except that what I have been seeing from this is DD disparities causing more flank collapses and the game being won or lost based entirely on the skill difference between the DD players. The rocket changes I think were too far and certain CVs needed tweaks but not the whole plane type. I still firmly believe some further tapering of CV spotting power would be a better approach. But as I said, it's anecdotal data at best 🤔 Thanks for popping in Sail!!
  5. S4pp3R

    Drake and Goliath modules

    Yeah, I mean it's strong from a meta perspective because it's HE and health is nuts and CBs... But yeah for randoms, I rate Drake way better tier for tier
  6. S4pp3R

    Drake and Goliath modules

    Drake if you can learn how to use spotter, go Reload. Like honestly, do some training rooms or coop for a while to get the hang of it... She doesn't have the dispersion for range mod IMO and has spotter, so if you can make it work, why not? Goliath I hate her without reload mod, but you need the range... Go range mod. If you are struggling with her handling and citadel scheme (Drake is 10x better in both regards) run prop 1 and rudder 2 and WASD your heart out. I'm have been running this build for about a year now and since about 3 months after my Goliath review 🤔
  7. 100% Leander is great but she's not perfect... Middle tier CRs can be rough, particularly when bottom tier.
  8. Of course, I even work with someone who used to be one... I don't get the point though 😜
  9. Yeah that's what I think too. So in an ideal world everyone would have seen these notifications till they reach a certain point in their player progression by which point they would have had other indicators/things that educate them how the planes attack, etc etc. I'm semi-touching on this in an upcoming video (hopefully) on Scenarios... Basically my argument is how Scenarios should be supported, expanded and integrated properly into the player progression system. They should be there to reinforce and teach good fundamental/intermediate skills. We'll see if I get the script working (it's a few down the line atm). WoWS lacks good education systems and it's unlikely that WG will implement any solid ones soon so why not expand and better integrate an existing mode that's perfect for it? Anyways I digress. Yeah well tone isn't my strong point, I rarely mean things in a negative context but often they are assumed to be so, just wanted to be sure! 99% sure they haven't, considering the sorts of questions that frequently get asked. That's a good point, I didn't even think of that. Yeah I wasn't so much thinking about the beeps but the indicator that appears on screen... ... Change the HUD indicator colour or something was my thinking (for allied torps). Yeah definitely want the audio cue. Both would be even better. Ah man... This discussion gets me frustrated; WoWS has so much potential, even to this day... IMO WG spends so much time on pumping out new lines and such that they haven't spent enough time improving the core UX in positive ways. They've made many changes but a lot of them have been barely positive or missed opportunities... ... ... I like these sort of discussions, it helps keep my wits sharp, (or half of them... ... get it?) --- it was a play on 'half-wit'; don't worry I'll see myself out...
  10. Oh boy... ... First up, really interesting subject, kudos! Is it actually needed? Short answer... Yes. Long answer, yes it should have been part of the progression system. Basically WoWS is really bad at giving you the information you need and educating you on how to play past basic point-and-click stuff. Noobs shouldn't just be fed to the slaughter as they currently are. Do you know how much work it is to even work out how to use your ship against planes? You basically need to rely on google, reddit and youtube. That's NOT how a game is supposed to work, it is supposed to teach you how to play as you play it. Let's examine the basics of the plane thing... AA - nope, not the counter despite what logic would say. Planes - wait do I nose in to them or broadside? Broadside seems counter-intuitive as I get explodey when I do that to shells... etc. Not a go at you Ho, but I think you are coming at this thing from a skewed angle and have forgotten how rough learning even basic skills is, let alone intermediate stuff. Situational Awareness is something everyone could do better, even great players don't see everything coming. Positioning is tied to that, and positioning is DEFINITELY something the playerbase could use some education on. I do think these types of warnings should be able to be turned off however, I don't need the UI telling me about rockets/torps at this stage in my WoWS lifecycle. This is one of those things I don't think should be togglable, and I like toggles, I like player-control of information. If anything I think allied torpedoes should always have been a different coloured indicator in the UI just so you know what type are torps are inbound. End-state: WG should be implementing more things like this and working to improve how the game teaches you what to do and it's a net positive change, I just wish I could turn it off.
  11. Hahahahaha Well you are usually the joker, it was nice to get some earnest feedback from you!!
  12. S4pp3R


    I'm sure someone said it but if they haven't... That's exactly what you are supposed to do in a BB. You are supposed to position well, either with your team or in a position that's difficult for the CV to strike. Not leaping into the fray at the first chance is almost always the wisest course of action as the only way it works is if your team does it too, which rarely happens unless you get that 'nice' ranked team. Come to think of it, I'm pretty sure my response was something along the lines of 'you've probably seen plenty of good examples in games you've played but don't consider that the solution.' Ok fine, that's your choice but that's the way it's done. No one provided replays because grouping up or not yoloing in is pretty simple. "But the CV has to target someone" No they don't, if your whole team positions well, even getting one strike off is extremely costly for the CV, they'll still get some chip damage but they won't be doing much more. Just because no one would try and put in a large amount of effort to rebuke you after you engaged (at times) poorly earlier on to advice doesn't make you right, it just means most folks have given up trying to help someone who doesn't really want to learn.
  13. S4pp3R

    New CV mechanics

    lol. The fact you listed AA in your statement indicates how misguided you are. FYI, damage mitigation of CV attacks is done by angling, mobility and positioning. AA is just there to discourage second or third drops. I'm not saying it's logical but that's the current system. And no they aren't 'OP' But they can be strong if you don't play with them in mind. But so is a CA (particularly with radar if you are a DD) But so is a DD So is a BB... Thanks for being so constructive... You've definitely raised the quality of this discussion.
  14. S4pp3R

    New CV mechanics

    That wasn't what I was saying... ... It will probably make DD lives a little easier but spotting was the thing killing DDs anyways and that hasn't changed but players will likely go after other ship types a little more so some spotting reduction will happen but maybe as little as 10% less. A pros ability to do better in a CV arguably only happens at the top 0.001%... Those players aren't there because they can hit DDs and others can't, they are more likely able to maximise on the tactical and strategic power of the CV but that's me speculating. Rockets weren't that great at killing DDs as is, unless you make a mistake as a DD, now there is a greater margin of error. Either way, the end state is that this will likely just mean that rocket planes play at the bottom of the priority list for most CV players and the relative power of pros over noobier CVs widens... Which IMO isn't a good direction to shift towards.
  15. S4pp3R

    The Wait is Over

    My thoughts too... But Plymouth... Also you have 60 tokens to spend... Just thought I should let you know.