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  1. Ummm they already are... ...
  2. Well I can understand everyones arguments for and (mostly) against the Ibuki. Maybe it's cause I don't have any other CAs outside IJN, but I do love the Ibuki. Love ninja-knifing enemy Cruisers in her. (Got her down to around 10km spotted). Then once the mid-game starts flamewerfing enemy BBs... As for in divs, do hope that was sarcasm, being in a div is always better IMO
  3. Why does the player base hate the Ibuki? Yeah I find her frustrating to play solo, however in div she is amazing! Go Ibuki, Zao is amazing from what I've read, Ibuki gameplay is tricky but teaches you the fundamentals of Zao IMO.
  4. I don't think divs are the issue. I think the incentives for AA aren't high enough and the skill of the player base is too low. CVs have all sorts of issues ATM, divs are the least of these.
  5. Managed to get 240k in a Fuso...
  6. Atago, hands down. Do like ARP skins too, I actually run the port so I always see them although bit annoying when I'm like 'Takao, takao' in mic to friends and they be like 'what the hell is a Takao?' Apart from that the Halloween Camo, still got a bunch of them. (Yes I'm a hoarder)
  7. Yep, they're really not the best, however a few pieces of advice that can help: - Overlap torps more to get 2+ hits instead of 1. - Run Torp Acceleration on Fubuki. Then play her more like Kamikaze. Her 3x3 becomes useful, however her reload is a tad annoying. - Know where the priority targets are going to be and just focus them. ie in Aegis, get to where the CVs spawn before they do and drop both quickly. Well it's what I've found improved my results. Generally I'll only play my DDs if everything else is on CD (IJN player here).
  8. Yeah the potatoes are real. Know the feels bro. I actually noticed something bonkers with Aegis... When it was first unlocked everyone smashed it, by the time it was Monday/Tuesday the pumpkins had heard... I actually lost Aegis multiple times the start of this week, I couldn't believe it! Doesn't help that often 2-3 team mates would die first wave
  9. That really used to annoy me... Didn't realise till I got the E50M and joined a clan for CW... It's too much of a generalist. Anytime a German tank became popular and was actually good, nerf bat would beat it into submission. Never saw the same treatment for the yanks, Soviets n French... As to the OP, yeah I've always believed that it should be +/- 1. Sadly I'm not sure the server population could sustain it with 12v12... At least it isn't +3 like was it OB or release? I forget.
  10. It's like anything in this game, the way you play your ship differs greatly between potatoes and clannies. It's why you even see awesome players sniping... Can't carry if you're dead and they know with a random team they aren't going to get support 90% of the time.
  11. Yeah well time to play isn't something I have a lot of and I like to know that the ship lines I'm pushing are viable. Time to read on my phone whilst away with work, commuting or on lunch break is something I do have.
  12. Thanks for the corrections, and yes you are right I've only just come back after a big hiatus. And no I haven't gone past Nagato yet. Am I the only one who reads up on ships I don't have? Should have read up on all the patch notes but couldn't be bothered so got schooled...
  13. Settle petal... Myogi at 16km and under so much more reliable than 18km. IJN is generally big guns, so yes Fuso is smaller comparative to tier when considering IJN BBs as a whole. Amagi isn't as well armoured as NC and Bismarck, simply because it's a flipping Battlecruiser. And Yamato has 2nd highest HP in the game and heals a lot, thought that's worth mentioning over there 18.1 inch guns that pretty much everyone knows about. If you are sniping in a Yamato, you're doing it wrong...
  14. Go IJN, they're a much better line to grind than USN or KM. Only thing is you generally have to watch out for CVs. With IJN you generally want to keep a bit more distance, smash em down into manageable portions before advancing for the killing blow. USN/KM are much more of a brawler style. Tier 3 Kawachii is niche (hedgehog design) Tier 4 Myogi is only reliably accurate under 16km, but is good training for angling and aiming needed for the line. Tier 5 Kongo is awesome. Tier 6 Fuso is awesome, more guns but smaller calibre compared to other IJN. Tier 7 Nagato plays like a mix between Fuso and Kongo Tier 8 Amagi is awesome, no armour though. Tier 9 Izumo is niche, with 3x3 front guns but she packs a serious punch. Tier 10 Yamato is awesome and tanks and awesome... Don't always snipe with IJN, please, it's boring and useless for your team.
  15. BBs

    LOL! Obviously I know they start fires. Even ships that I can't overmatched the first thing I do is look for a better target. Next thing is to just shoot angled enemy, then if after a salvo or two nothing has popped up or I haven't done ok damage to angled enemy I might switch to HE. Fire damage can be healed, AP only 50% and citas even less. Unless the whole enemy team is determined to be static and bow-on all game (like some Tier 10 matches) I'll stick with AP 90% of the game... Well it works for me.