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  1. S4pp3R

    Daisen TLDR

    I have like 1.5 mil..........
  2. S4pp3R

    Daisen TLDR

    Agreed, I've thought about getting her a few times
  3. S4pp3R

    Daisen TLDR

    Great reply and I understand and mostly agree. My point was Daisen is still accurate despite VD, and also partly because of that and tighter HD, can chunk kiting CRs if your aim is good. Her dispersion and high pen are also decent against broadside BBs and at range, get some decent plunging pens on angled BBs too. I found her guns great past 17-18km.
  4. S4pp3R

    Daisen TLDR

    Haha, nice! If you can salvage enough for 5500 dubs, do recommend... But I feel your pain, we're really tight on money for next few months too. Daisen is more accurate beyond 18km, and maybe on par at 10-18km... Just keeping in mind she has IJN dispersion formula so more vertical variation, tighter horizontal variation. She also has 2 extra barrels on Georgia. Her shells are Izumo, so high velocity and pen. Georgia is far more tanky and more of a mid range ship. Daisen is like Yamato, long range is where she shines.
  5. S4pp3R

    Daisen TLDR

    Yeah fair point, although beyond 20km the guns get more accurate and are great vs CRs. Damn, well I shall get her and play her for you!
  6. S4pp3R

    Daisen TLDR

    G'day Folks... So some of you may be wondering, is Daisen worth the effort? My honest opinion is yes. She is a balanced, accurate main gun BC (BB). Her guns are Izumo guns but more accurate. She has 4x4 10km torps, similar to Atago but with slightly restricted frontal arcs. She has an armour scheme more like Ashitaka than existing IJN T9 BBs. This means if you show side, you will get hurt. But her gun angles are pretty solid and she's quick, 37 knots with speed flag, 40+ with brisk. Large turning circle, 13.something concealment. Spotter plane stays up for 4 minutes, which means despite 20km range, she can run reload upgrade. Her reload on her 8 guns gets down to 24 seconds... She's balanced but her main guns just feel great. Get into a position, swing her around and run and gun. Cheapest way with most benefits to pick her up is to get the premium Battle Pass for 2500 dubs, finish it for 3 stages, complete the dockyard missions and fork out 3k dubs for the last two stages. I find her a lot of fun because I enjoy accurate BB guns. If you can aim at 20km+, the groupings you get are spicy thanks to IJN dispersion formula. So yeah, I do recommend if you can afford her. She's not OP and she can be risky to play but I enjoy playing her.
  7. S4pp3R


    For those who want the link to be live. Great video, as usual mate.
  8. S4pp3R

    ANZAC Day event 2023

    The mission is in one of the articles live as of today.
  9. S4pp3R

    Your Opinion

    I have Mecklenburg... I have looked into the other two heavily... On Asia, with a high population of CVs, Incomparable loses a lot of her strength, being surface detect stealth. I'd go Shiki... But Meckle is ok. Mecklenburg is a bit like Conqueror, Shiki is a bit like Yamato.
  10. S4pp3R

    So I escaped from Tasmania

    I lived there for 3 years as a kid, it was beautiful, like an island of country towns and countryness. Cool, wet. Rentals were pretty cheap at the time, now, not so sure, google could answer.
  11. S4pp3R

    Matilda Kelly

    Well that solves it then, thanks. Still, wish we could have an actual Aussie (or other Commonwealth) voiced captain.
  12. S4pp3R

    Matilda Kelly

    Short hand because I don't have a lot of time and need to sleep. I'm sure many folks in these forums have poor experiences with accents of their national flavour, so how is Matilda Kelly? Her voice lines themselves (what she says) - good. Some pirate-ish language and words without being absurd. Her delivery of them (how do they sound) - good. Good voice actress, delivery has depth and quality. Her accent - - - - - - - - at least it isn't a fake attempt at Australian. But it's not Australian. At best it's a mildly soft English accent. FYI WG - Matilda and Kelly are distinctive names that have old associations with Australian culture. Waltzing Matilda is a folk song about stealing a sheep, almost an unofficial national anthem. Kelly - is the name of our most infamous Bushranger. Many Aussies by 1900 didn't sound that English anymore, unless they were first generation, from high class society, or from South Australia (they have the most 'English' Aussie inflections, but even then, very Aussie). Matilda Kelly is English, at best with a softer accent and a pirate-ish vocabulary. TLDR; not as bad as it could be but far from what it should be. NB: England and particularly London has one of the largest populations of Australians in the world outside of Australia. If you can get someone English, you could easily find someone Australian. Ask any Londoner, we're blooming everywhere. Edit: apparently it was listed that she just got shipped from the UK... Soooooo not really a Commonwealth Cap'n then... sigh. Would MUCH have preferred any actual Commonwealth voice Captain, honestly.
  13. S4pp3R

    Am I... the bad guy?

    That map is complete BS. Rich bogans in QLD are only a small section of SE QLD. Also Sydney is also immigrants and pretentious wankers. Immigrants are great, the wankers are the actual issue, and don't even get me started on Sydney drivers. Also @Max_Battle you need to be careful visiting Tassie, it's a charmingly beautiful place that makes being an inbred mutant seem like a fair trade for living there.
  14. S4pp3R

    Brisbane Campaign

    It's a feasibly cheap T10 freemium or 19 point captain... And the ship will be available for coal later, being free. I don't like the grind on some of the missions but it is fairly generous. Get the captain, and the ship for coal later, it's what I'm doing. I don't understand the issue mate, I really don't.
  15. S4pp3R

    Brisbane Campaign

    To answer some questions, I got this grab from a friend of mine.