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  1. Agree 100%... My only bugbear, along with the entirety of Australia and New Zealand... CB window is bloody stupid! And the proposed intra-server 'solution' doesn't help at all...
  2. should I be worried?

    Nah I wasn't referring to technical ability or feasibility... I was referring to basic balance... Most real-time, skill games don't do well cross-platform.
  3. Fuso

    My Kongo held my damage record for a very long time (Even after getting T10s) Nagato still holds my XP record. Fuso is still one of my fave ships... I honestly think 'meta' underrates the IJN BB line consistently...
  4. New Ship Trainning

    I'm sorry but I don't have an issue with the system as is, it's not hard to grind out some credits or just pay a couple of $$ to skip. It's doesn't cost that much. I actually get annoyed at many peoples complaints about warships payment system. Warships is far more friendly than Tanks and it's relatively easy to get credits and move up the tiers without paying much at all...
  5. should I be worried?

    Umm surely it isn't cross-platform?
  6. Ummmm No you can't, on every ship there is somewhere you can pen no matter what angle, it's just knowing where and having good aim. Even then Yamato overmatches just about every bit of every ship anyways. End-state, angling is good but doesn't make you immune.
  7. Tier II Detected Q

    As above. Yes all have detected skill. If you run into pro players in lower tiers, they may have RDF so they'll get a rough 'band' telling them where the nearest enemy is, this can aid with accuracy of blind firing. Personally if I was clubbing this hard I wouldn't randomly fire unless there was a good reason, ie: - enemy is 1-shot - need to reset cap to win - better than 25% chance to hit - to bait enemy ships into revealing themselves for a reason like needing a kill to win. The other possibility is that you were detected briefly, which can happen and often a good player can predict where you'll be off that brief appearance on the Minimap. Most 'good' players drive via Minimap, as it provides better information with regards to situational awareness.
  8. Wow... 90% of teams damage from 1 div...
  9. I've regularly been in games where I get HC and someone else does too... Particularly when I play Amagi or Kii and I'm top tier...
  10. I would actually argue it's a staple and if you are running a non-standard BB build it's still viable, along with CE... Hell I was in a game before with my Izumo and I was getting HE'd not just by their conqueror but by 2 Iowas... FP kept me alive long enough to actually do something despite the team collapsing...
  11. Standard BB build (not AA spec) PT or PM, EM + AR, BoS + SI, CE + FP The order you get them in is up to you, I usually go FP prior to CE. It can be worth swapping out for BFT with AA BBs (USN) and with T7+ KM BBs a full secondary spec is a common choice too (BFT/AFT/Manual Secondaries). The standard BB build works on pretty much all BBs and definitely run premium repair and heal (resupply with credits not doubloons).
  12. 2 Years of Warships

    I took like an 18+ month hiatus till May last year, trust me the player base is world's better than on release. You used to be able to get torp hits on just about any ship by shooting at the gray zone... Not so much now even at lowbie tiers...
  13. Has anyone actually bothered to think about the radar disparity? I do like the idea but I don't think they'll do it.
  14. Situational... Tbh I'm actually thinking a minor buff to armour/citadel and a major buff to turret angles...