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  1. Riou_Atreides

    Weekend Special POLL

    Blue line cheeter here
  2. Riou_Atreides

    is it just me feel IJN CV torpedo bomber too OP?

    Get to high tier then come back, with all the AA guns its nigh impossible to put in a proper intended torpedo run, almost always for me to get a wider spread torpedo run. For low tier it only feels OP cause of the lack of AA.
  3. Riou_Atreides

    Upgrading Fighters in T6 and T7 CV IJN

    Just to confirm. I got the Mitsubishi A5M2 indirectly with the upgrade of getting Hiryu.
  4. Riou_Atreides

    How to avoid torpedoes.

    I thought you won't get hit by torpedoes that are fired by point blank range due to them needing to be armed?
  5. Riou_Atreides

    Upgrading Fighters in T6 and T7 CV IJN

    Yea I am gonna test it out myself, if the module system is similar to the ones in WoT, there might be a possibility of getting 'free upgrades' (3200 research points for Mitsubishi A5M2) if the person can persevere through the pain, hue hue hue.
  6. Riou_Atreides

    Upgrading Fighters in T6 and T7 CV IJN

    I think I didn't make myself clear. Will I get the Mitsubishi A5M2 unlocked/upgraded on the Ryujo despite not using any research points for it but instead going for the Hiryu where Mitsubishi A5M2 is the stock.
  7. Since I do not really bother myself with the use of fighters, I've never gotten myself the Type6 mod. 3 and Mitsubishi A5M2 on my T6 Ryujo. So I was just wondering if I were to unlock/upgrade the T7 Hiryu (after getting the Hull Ryujo (B) and Ryujo © that is), will I get the Mitsubishi A5M2 for 'free' on my T6 Ryujo since Mitsubishi A5M2 is the stock fighters and having learned the T7 Hiryu, wouldn't it make sense?
  8. Riou_Atreides

    Acquiring Commanders

    Yea I know something like that would happen. 100 doubloons or so to change the names and figure of the Commanders etc just like the had in WoT. But all I am asking for is separation for randomization, not a choice made fully by me Did I do it correctly?
  9. Riou_Atreides

    UI Things to do Check List

    Independent Randomization of Commanders (Looks and Names) I just prefer moustachey or old man with names that rings nicely... they looked more of a person with authority...
  10. Riou_Atreides

    Acquiring Commanders

    Alright, I know this is a silly request but would it be possible for WG to allow us to change the names and commander looks, independently, when we train a new one. I am fine with their name being randomized with the looks but I would prefer them to separate the randomization. I understand that the names and faces are being cycled and as of now, my 3 top commanders has names that rings well cause it sounds nicer to me. Best if we could personally name them but I am fine with it being random.
  11. Riou_Atreides

    How about giving radar scanning ability to US cv

    Why IJN CV need nerf? Just buff USN CV that's all...
  12. Riou_Atreides

    Hosho - Trash or Trash?

    Keywords: Defensively and play smart. Sending your IJN planes, trying to penetrate through their AAs and fighters is a terrible suicide mission. Just keep playing and learn how to navigate and deploy your bombers properly. I encountered some IJN CVs playing smartly by navigating their bombers via the side end of the map before appearing and bombing me. Some others gave up on trying to navigate behind and tried to just do bombing runs to the closest BB they can find.
  13. Riou_Atreides

    GUIDE: Achievements & Signal Flags Explained

    Would love if you could clarify more on how to get these Achievements to get the Signal Flags etc. I am having trouble getting the Confederate one >_>
  14. Riou_Atreides

    Beginner's Guide to Carriers (Tier 4 & 5)

    I thought of writing of Aircraft Carrier guide too but you beat me to it cause I was trying to hold off till I get T10 for both USN and IJN haha!