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  1. Xandier_59

    Kantai Collection login MOD poi~~~~

    thank for the sceenshot :>
  2. Xandier_59

    Kantai Collection login MOD poi~~~~

    can I get any preview of it? D: At least screenshot.. onegai?
  3. Xandier_59

    XerbColle - Kancolle (Mod) ASIA

    fixed, and a bit improvement to eugen enchant tab :> now it less (edited) to watch xD Eugen Enchant 2.2 DOWNLOAD Derogatory Term, Post Edited, User Sanctioned ~lengxv6
  4. Xandier_59

    XerbColle - Kancolle (Mod) ASIA

    Happy Halloween everyone :> have a good day DOWNLOAD
  5. Xandier_59

    [MOD] Ministry of WSVN new mod

    can I being lazy too huehue good work there.... :>
  6. Xandier_59

    XerbColle - Kancolle (Mod) ASIA

    sorry for no update last week.. I kind get myself full with real life work D: I fixing the enchant mod... and will added 1 more new enchant more as extra
  7. Xandier_59

    fuzzys babes mod pack

    very lewd >//////////////////////< but still not enough :>
  8. Xandier_59

    XerbColle - Kancolle (Mod) ASIA

    *cries* sorry... I just a weak human D:
  9. Xandier_59

    XerbColle - Kancolle (Mod) ASIA

    Do anyone having issue in with my enchant mod in this new update? so far the only issue/error spotted is camo option tab. Any else?
  10. Xandier_59

    Rename your ship!

    a very daijobu guide, thank you :> 1+
  11. Xandier_59

    XerbColle - Kancolle (Mod) ASIA

    News: We now have included our mod inside Aslain Modpack :> well...what the heck I have done xD
  12. Xandier_59

    XerbColle - Kancolle (Mod) ASIA

    come here .. I will quick scope you :> ............ Kuma! Added Kuma skin today! Kuma! Kuma!!~~~ xD and new patch is tomorrow D: I bet many files will broken lolz Kuma [Kantai Collection] Kuma IJN tier 4 Cruiser DOWNLOAD Screenshot
  13. Xandier_59

    [Mod Request] Kancolle Sound Mod?

    turn off music sound in wows setting.. then open up a list of song wanted :> why you not just run mp3 player while player xD
  14. Xandier_59

    [Mod Request] Kancolle Sound Mod?

    you looking for kancolle sound mod? here it is :> Have a good day *the download link is on the video page description
  15. Xandier_59

    [] Aslain's WoWS ModPack Installer

    Thank for the addon :> looking forward to work together more in future.. lolz