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  1. Ok. Sooo Apparently WG Is planning to release Russian BBs. When they release the Russian BBs. Will you recommend it to beginners? I think I'm starting my BB Line with the Russians If i grow tired with USN Cruisers. That's all for today.
  2. I have 50 matches under my belt and I need Tips on all The ship classes. I am at the Tier 4 German BB. (Forgot the name). I have questions: 1. What Cruiser Line do you recommend to beginners like me? 2. Do you recommend cruisers to beginners? 3. How do u get free premium ships? 4. What ship lines do you recommend to beginners? These are all for now. I will be adding more questions as I explore the game more. Godspeed Captains!!
  3. asedneil2005

    Need Noob Tips

    I am in desperate need of Tips and Tricks: Which line do you rerommend noobs like me to grind? What tier should I stick to when learning the game? Can you recommend me a good youtuber to learn from? And some tips you could give me will be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!!