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  1. TzarKizitski

    USN DD captain skills

    I am mixed with regards to AFT. I have it on all my USN DDs up from the Farragut onwards. I find it more useful now when I have BFT on the Farragut and Mahan, as I can spam at BB's or CV's but it is extremely hard to hit other targets. You have to fire well in front of the target and hope that they are not looking your way, as the slow shell travel time, coupled with the high arc, gives them plenty of time to dodge the shots. AFT works well more with RU DD's, as they have a much flatter arc. If and when another Captain skills reset occurs, I will go the way drakon233 has described here. This is exactly how I would set up the Fletcher and the Gearing. At the current moment, I have Vigilance on those 2 DD's to counter the Shimakaze torp spam but that looks like it may now come to an end, with the upcoming patch. With the Farragut and the Mahan, I would probably add BFT early in the piece to make it slightly easier to play. You could probably try AFT with the Farragut, if you still have it and intend keeping it, as Survivability Expert won't really add a huge amount of hit points at T6. However, from the Benson onwards, drakon233's 15/19 Captain Skills setup is the way to go. CE is absolutely critical to have at these tiers! Especially against the IJN DD players, who most definitely will be having it on their ships! Cheers!...
  2. TzarKizitski

    Superintendent Skill bug?

    Here is a screenshot of my Farragut. One is at the start of the battle and the other is from after I was destroyed. It is like this for all my ships with the skill selected.
  3. TzarKizitski

    Superintendent Skill bug?

    In the Commander Skills menu, when I choose the Superintendent Skill, it shows 4 consumables. However, once I am in game on the ship itself, it only shows 3 consumables. This appears for all my ships with that skill selected. Is anyone else having this issue?...
  4. TzarKizitski

    When will the German battleships come?

    The Tirpitz was built after the Bismark, so it should actually be the slightly better one of the two...
  5. TzarKizitski


    Wait...He didn't sink anything either. At least the Cleveland got 1...Interesting!...The thought has occurred to me that maybe...just maybe, that the enemy side was much superior in skill and that they too were comprised of fellow SEA players! ;)
  6. TzarKizitski


    I like the Asian server. It has better pricing in general. I actually like playing the US server cause the players are pretty friendly and speak in English. There is no denying it though but the Germans do make better sausages...