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  1. Brettr

    What to do when playing Japanese DDs

    It's never occured to you that there are things happening that you are unaware of, such as radar ships keeping them out of caps, another DD that keeps spotting them, a CA with radio location that turns to chase them whenever they approach, a wall of torpedos that forces them to turn away.
  2. Brettr

    Most DD players are bad

    But it's just how far too many BBs think. It's alway DDs that get criticised in chat for not doing what everyone else thinks they should be doing and mostly they're responding to things the other ships aren't aware of. I just had a game where 3 BBs wouldn't push out the 1 CA blocking the cap because they were shooting at something on the other side of the map but it was my fault for not capping. Got my revenge the next game with 3 T10 BB kills.
  3. Brettr

    Things you'd like to see

    Either give a massive buff to older T8 and T9 BBs or keep us out of T10 games. Try playing an Iowa these days.
  4. She's more than welcome on the HMAS Perth, as best mate, coxswain or something like that.
  5. Brettr

    Well done WG

    So I'm the only DD being shouted at by everyone noob DD! cap! cap! cap! Great idea, how come I didn't think of that? You didn't notice my 10% health? You didn't notice me approaching the caps but then turning away? You didn't notice me trying to flank to get my 12km torps on to CAs behind the islands? So now I'm playing my Derpitz and shredding Cleverlands by the dozen.
  6. Brettr

    World of cleverland 🍀

    Having played over 1000 games in old Cleverland it saddens me to see what's happening - but now I have a radar ship, I can hide behind islands until our DDs are dead and then get killed by the unstoppable BBs capping.
  7. Brettr

    Who deserve to die quicker?

    Having played over 1000 games in old Cleverland it saddens me to see all the new ones hiding behind islands and spamming.
  8. Brettr

    Notifications order

    Me? DD players don't have time to get into long discussions in chat.
  9. Brettr

    Notifications order

    I think you might have an issue with cause and effect. Getting reported 6 times in a 7 player game is an amazing achievement.
  10. Brettr

    Notifications order

    As you can see below I played 3 games and was reported (3 times in fact). Does anyone know when the reporting happened? Second game or third game? Second game was me conducting a brave fighting withdrawal. Based on the saltiness levels it was probably the third game: half the team demanding that I immediately cap C in spite of being repeatedly lit up by radar ships and targeted by 7 ships and barely having any health left, we had already capped A and B and I sunk a full strength Großer Kurfürst, and we had a strong victory. I don't care about the reports but when people are playing at high tiers and are still clueless about what's going on it ruins the game.
  11. Brettr

    Japanese Naval flag

    Just FYI, the current national flag, the single red dot on white has always been the national flag including being the flag of the Empire of Japan. The flag with 16 radials was the IJN flag and is the current Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force and the flag with 8 radials was and is the army flag. Of bigger concern to me is the reuse of names such as Kaga and Soryu.
  12. Brettr

    Do Commanders Remember Old Ships?

    "Transferring them to a new tech tree ship will require them to retrain." I don't think transferring them back to a ship they have served on counts as a new ship. Yes, I now understand training is needed in this situation but the wiki is at best misleading.
  13. Brettr

    Do Commanders Remember Old Ships?

    Thanks, yes I can see he will need 250,000XP to retrain (on a $#@$&! ship that he already trained on).
  14. The Wiki doesn't mention this situation. If I move a commander from eg my Kagero T8, back to Fubuki T6 which he commanded before, will he have to retrain on the Fubuki? FYI, his name is Keisuke Inokashira. Thanks
  15. Brettr

    Do you regret purchasing that boat?

    At first I regretted my recent purchase of Perth but learning how not to die means I am now a useful, if not brilliant member of the team. I have regrets about Tirpitz from time to time as I suck at long range shooting and she burns like she's made out of gasoline infused balsa wood. But I love the close in games, especially with DDs, the secondaries are outrageous! My favourite game I had the secondaries focused on a DD while demolishing a Mogami(?) with my primaries and when an Alabama(?) joined in I took him out with torpedos.