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  1. Middori

    It's Happening!

  2. Middori

    Hi how would i get a code guys any help be great

    Full Release is relatively near! Alpha is coming to an end
  3. Middori

    Anime: Kantai Collection: KanColle

    hope some submarine in an expedition comes back with Kisaragi. ;__;
  4. Middori

    a count down and we go wows

    Waiting for announcements hope this beta weekend is long
  5. Middori

    a count down and we go wows

    2 days to go! I can feel it!
  6. Middori

    Introduction thread

  7. Middori

    a count down and we go wows

    Oooooh the hype!!
  8. Middori

    WoWS Voice-Activated Version?

    Nailed it. I do that too.
  9. Middori

    Possible mods for WoWs

    compressed textures? lol orz...