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  1. Need them for all the players bringing Akatsuki to my team
  2. _intervention

    Epicenter an EPIC WAY to make players move forward!

    It's probably not working because of how the game was made to be done with proper coordination and cohesive teamplay, but the majority of the server population always prioritize their own survival (from what I've noticed?) still two brothers epicenter when pls
  3. _intervention

    Hall of Fame Q4.

    Kagero 2033 Base top lel Hipper 2183 Base Roon 2014 Base
  4. hahah dis gon be gud I mean GK no fun zone with armor Yamato is potato's choice good gun, good protection? then Montana is what the heck no pen zone with AA and AA and AA
  5. _intervention

    Daily login reward

    we already have daily first win exp bonus, containers, and campaign missions. I believe that's enough for a f2p game lol
  6. _intervention

    My Current personal Target in WoWs

    break at least into 56 wr at solo queue? HAHA then get Hindenburg and Bis by the end of the year

  8. _intervention

    Ridiculous things you've seen while playing WoWs.....

    a 60% Myoko losing to a 50% Fubuki in a gunfight. as well as me landing an HE salvo into a Bayern's superstructure without any damage
  9. _intervention

    What nicknames do you give your ships?

    Hipper: Hipster well considering how she can play distantly from the main line or the meta hehe
  10. _intervention

    A suggestion for Ranked Battles

    Yeah, just like how this guy went straight to the abyss trying to spot an invisafiring DD the entire match he'll get banished cause of suggestion #3 sadla I also hope WG provide salt treatment topkek
  11. _intervention

    World of Warmemes

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  12. _intervention

    [PH] WOW's computer shop

    Yeah, the two MI branches I play at (both at Angeles, Pampanga) have their WoWS clients regularly updated
  13. _intervention

    Wargaming Data Center

    Inside the data centers....
  14. _intervention

    im amazed (not really)

    ^this No matter how much training you add in here, I believe it will just result to little to no effect. Even high quality education will be no use if learner isn't willing to learn, just like in school
  15. _intervention

    Why do you play solo?

    I-I'm afraid of not keeping up with my divmate's expectations or their strategies, at least. aaand like, I can freely change my pace at solo queue, unlike at div gameplay, need to coordinate well with div