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  1. You don't create new line, just modify the existing one. If you are using English UI, and want to see Chinese characters, you do it like this:
  2. Here let me share you mine. Go to where you installed WoWS. Find a folder called res Open locale_config.xml with notepad or something If you are using English, and want to support Japanese, Edit this particular row into something that I bolded. (For other languages just change it accordingly) Restart your game and voila, now you can read the Japanese character instead of white boxes, while in full English interface
  3. theref

    I did not receive my level up bonus

    On my profile, it says that the items already issued to me, http://i.imgur.com/OlQGVXZ.png http://i.imgur.com/Xrhn2Ef.jpg But I did not receive such items
  4. So before patch 0.59 hits, I was level 11. Today I updated my client, and log in my first time on version 0.59 and I did not receive the level up reward: - 25 each of signal flags - 100 type5 camouflages Is this supposed to happen or those new rewards only apply for people who level up after the patch hits?
  5. theref

    PSA: Please talk more in battles.

    I just press my F11 button
  6. theref

    I loath destroyers

    I hate it when the matchmaker throw me to 12 destroyers game. Holy crap that's just like torpedo hell.
  7. theref

    thank you game for bringing me down

    Things like this can happen sometimes, like whole day lose lose lose lose. And there's just nothing you can do about it when you are getting matched with potatoes that are piloting ships versus enemy of vets. Best is to take a break, grab a drink, pee, or go make a food then continue again after. Keep hitting the Battle On button lose after lose after lose will only consume your sanity
  8. theref

    - 1 Ship Kill... What the...?

    I ever got one, was a nice torb shot then suddenly ally Destroyer appear out of nowhere trying to kill steal my food and walk right in front of my torps Also my ship was exploded right after that idk how lol
  9. theref


    あのぉ、ランク・モードはまだできませんですか? ボタンをクリックできん。 あと、この船「Diana」と「Texas」というプレミアム・シップ   既にアカウントを持っている人、獲得不可能ですか? 英語フォラム誰にも返事をしてくれないですぅぅ
  10. Does being AFK like that a bannable offense? During playing my internet disconnected, sometimes my game client crashed spewing out gibberish code error, sometimes the game decide to put me back to login screen. And when I'm back im sitting duck floating AFKing
  11. theref


    ありがとう、 プレイヤー色もう戻りました  このゲーム、「ギルド」というものあるのか?
  12. theref


    私、ピンク色になりました。。。。。 前回のマッチは超混乱ですので、敵のチームは6つの鬼畜姦,あちこち魚雷ばっかり。避けるつもりだったが隣の味方船をぶつかって大爆発になった。 これどうすればいいんだ?色をもどる方法教えて
  13. How do you get Diana ship on an already existing account?
  14. theref


    ありがとうございます あの、ピンク色の人たちは何ですか?私のチームでよくあるピンク色プレイヤー、2-3人。 パーティ組んだ人たち?