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  1. Attila_Hun

    Technical Test 0.6.6 Feedback

    All in all, scenario mission - DEFENCE looks alright, I couldn't test other scenario as there was only one!!!! However, I would recommend to have 8 players instead 6 unless bots number could be reduced. Btw, I got game frozen up during the waiting battle screen and I could never enter the battle till now, was it server problem!?!?
  2. Issue: In-game Chat showing "Chat Server is unavailable" Screenshots: Ship: In portMap: N/AOccurrences: Chat server is unavailable whenever I login the live server via clientTested: Login to the gameSeverity: Unable to invite friends to form divisionDetails: It was happened before due to resident anti-virus program, it is however happened again even anti-virus program has been disabled while launching the WoWS client.
  3. Attila_Hun

    anyone disconnect from the server

    Having trouble with 3 games where battle results were not delivered and got disconnected, even I lost some medals too...!!!!
  4. Met the same issue and read this thread too late as I'm in cause of reinstalling the game, damned...!!!!
  5. Attila_Hun

    Strange creature risen in port

    Well, I finally found out that this graphic glitch was caused by Aslain mod, probably the Smoke Boundary.
  6. Attila_Hun

    Strange creature risen in port

    All of a sudden after battle and exited to port, a strange creature rose up and stood right in the middle of the port as show here!!! I just wonder if this a a kind of graphic bud or intended special effect for coming April Fool!?!?
  7. Attila_Hun

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    with salty rant of
  8. Attila_Hun

    [ Live] Profile screen does not show in port

    If you're using Aslain mod, it's been fixed, you should have no problem in getting your Profile page back!!!!
  9. Attila_Hun

    Russian in English Client

    I did check as you advised without mod. Anyway, It's been fixed already, many thanks...!!!!
  10. Attila_Hun

    Russian in English Client

    Issue: Russian in English Client Screenshots: Attached.Ship: Map: Occurrences: Under AchievementTested: NASeverity: Language Conformity onlyDetails: NA
  11. Attila_Hun

    Four-Word-Story Game Redux

    Unleashed Kraken wiggling there
  12. Attila_Hun

    Critical Error - Unable to Update Patch

    It's been fixed by now....!!!!
  13. Attila_Hun

    Critical Error - Unable to Update Patch

    Well, luck is not with me....!!!!
  14. Attila_Hun

    Critical Error - Unable to Update Patch

    Well, it's been down the whole afternoon till now, I can neither play nor update, just wonder if my premium time would be compensated...!?!?