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  1. camoclaw

    When is the 7.0 update due to start?

    done download ages ago, still no server
  2. camoclaw

    invisible dd rule the game

    i would charge them in my BB, but no one communicates most turn and run,im too slow to get away,but i can get one alone,just wish for some support,, help the slow BB
  3. camoclaw

    New Team - Players Needed (Team C&C)

    how do i join that group TF44,what team speak are you on, i have skype on,but still waiting for adapter
  4. camoclaw

    New Team - Players Needed (Team C&C)

    im getting a adapter ,see if i can use my 360 h/set on wows,i need a division to play with, solo on wows is horrible ,play BB or Atlanta, have T6CA but not good at it, can i join your team guys
  5. camoclaw

    game mode

    i love this game but people are just grinding,not playing the game modes,like not capping,even passing a cap in domination when it can win the game,can we have a death match mode please,no cap, 20min game the team with the most kills wins,even number teams,i feel this is how most play it