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  1. Tossle

    Im Pink for 1 game violation.

    Thanks for info, makes sense now why you often see Pink players. I always thought it was because of a Team Kill.
  2. Was playing Friday night, new game was loading when power was cut due to power failure. Was out for 4 hours. So have just logged in to find I have received a game violation for being AFK and Im Pink. Really...….a penalty for 1 AFK.
  3. Tossle

    Rental Perth for Australia Day

    I see, so you don't spend any money on the game, therefore you are complaining about a game you play for free. Your post would be better off appearing on some Choosing Beggars forum.
  4. Tossle

    Ranked 1 vs 1 - my Atago is OP

    Cant say now, but I have now killed 2 CV, first one charged the Caps, so easy kill. 2nd one tried to hide, but my Radio Location led me to him, I was down to 50% hp when I torped him too.
  5. Tossle

    Ranked 1 vs 1 - my Atago is OP

    And Predas_8... just ended my streak with a very big Kaboom.
  6. Seriously OP, have just won 10 games in a Row, against 7 BB, 1 CV and 2 CA. Id like to think its because Im just so damn good, but really its because my Atago is armed with 16 torpedoes. Radio Location helps too, even shows where CV is. Quite useful one game when I had capped both A and B and the BB competitor decided to just hide behind an island. I knew where he was, and he wasn't moving. So I thought if you don't want to move, then I wont either and just waited him out. I am currently playing rank 8, if I make it further I imagine BB will be better players. I have been one shotted by BB. So to the BB don't shoot until you see their broadside, and when you see an Atago turn broadside to you, that means 8 torpedoes are coming.
  7. Dont know what else to call it, it had to be a mishap. Played a game with my Queen Elizabeth using HE whole game. This ship has 35% chance to cause fire. I got 33 hits for the game and only started 1 damn fire. Odds say I should have caused 11 fires. 1 fire from 33 hits is a mishap.
  8. Have not played for 2 weeks so if things have changed, then my bad. However, I used to pay real world money to purchase gold, I then spent that gold on premium consumables. WOWS has changed and I can no longer purchase premium consumables with gold, so I no longer have a reason to purchase gold.
  9. Tossle

    Pin Up Girls music video coming soon.

    SJW's are everywhere, just watch some youtube. Star Wars Solo movie just lost money due to them. EA are currently losing pre-sales on Battlefield V because of them.
  10. Tossle

    Pin Up Girls music video coming soon.

    The Video has now released and its not just pretty, its pretty awesome. To Wargaming, marketing you have excelled. As for SJW's, just ignore them as they dont play or purchase games, they just shout alot. Get woke, go broke.
  11. Ha ha ha... Cant wait, the SJW's are going to have a screaming fit. To Wargaming, please continue doing what you're doing. Don't allow diversity crap to sneak into your games.
  12. Tossle

    Shootout. Aigle vs Blyskawica?

    No hydro on Aigle.
  13. Thanks, probably demolition is way to go. BFT maybe not, cant see that reducing reload from 5 to 4.5 will win games.
  14. Both are gunboats, assuming same skill level players, who would win? Broadside vs broadside. Aigle - 5 x 139mm guns reload 5 sec 17000hp Blyskawica 7 x 120mm guns reload 6.8 sec 15500hp
  15. Yes I can. I guess Inertia shells, Im just still crankypants from my last game where I came 2nd, because the final CA was out of range at 14km. I already out shoot other DD due to 139 guns, the added penetration would really hurt them.