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  1. Area51P41

    Stealth Ship... "Spotted"?

    Philadelphia Experiment I Think
  2. Area51P41

    what does world of warships feel like now?

    This game was fun but WGaming stuffed things up rushing out updates, making Base XP combat mission so high a lot of players can't get the XP for the rewards. I have played this game for a long time & I have had some great battles & made good friends but in the last year I have lost my will to play. Too many Bots, Block letters in chat, No chat txt for match play. I have 3 accounts Asian, Na, Eu & Asian server is main account but as of late I have been playing my NA account more & it since to be a better game on the NA server. It would be good to see if wargaming did another server account jump again. If I had all my ships from this account on NA server account I would never play Asian server again. So yes this game is slowly losing me.
  3. Area51P41

    jolly rogers(fake) flag code

    It was out on Asian server 2 yrs ago
  4. Area51P41

    Stream mission not progressing

    Have a look at the top of it & if it has week 1 it should say it. I have fight with us week 2
  5. Area51P41

    if i by tickit !

  6. Area51P41

    No teamwork

    No speak the english mate
  7. Area51P41

    Public test rewards 9.0.0

    Did Public test rewards 9.0.0 check tonight & got part of the rewards? I Have 2 accounts for rewards. The main account I play is Asian & below is what I got in that account. Part 1. Got 3 of flags & 10 Camo Part 2. Got nothing NA account which I play I got for rewards Part 1. got 3 of each flag & 10 camo Part 2. 1 day premium time No flags & camo So Got screenshot of NA rewards wasn't thinking to take a screenshot of Asian rewards. So missing flags & camo 1-day premium time from part 2 of Asian account And missing Flags & camo from part 2 of the NA account
  8. Area51P41

    Narai bug

    The game has been ending say all enemy is dead but still 3 ships on screen. Transport repair ship isn't going to port it goes to an island in the middle of screen.
  9. Area51P41

    Graphics API and 32 / 64 bit Question

    From what I can remember WOW put out a newsletter about a change from 32 bit to 64 bit systems so you shouldn't be able to use 32 bit anymore.
  10. Area51P41

    0.9.0 Bug Report Thread

    Repair ship in Newport Op stuck on an island. Goes to repair Battery but miss the battery & gets stuck.
  11. Area51P41

    Captains Logbook

    I was looking at the logbook & under flags, I saw a lot of flags that I think should be in my logbook. The flags I am talking about are ship ones, now I have the ship in port but didn't get the flags. These ships have been won in containers or I got with coal. In the logbook, it doesn't tell you how to get the flags so I was under the impression when you get the flag with the ship. Have I missed something to get the flags ???? Now the ships in Question are Jean Bart - De Grasse - Dunkerque - Aigle - West Virginia - Yoshino - Cossack - Musashi & Smolensk. All the ships named have a flag in the logbook but how do you get the flags ?????????
  12. Area51P41

    PLZ. . . we need new game modes !!

    Why don't WG bring back Operation that we have played in the past until some new ones come out? The first 4 can be put on hold for a good few months, I think everyone is sick of playing the same old ones. I think the more players say something in the forum ( THIS IS A BIG MAYBE ) wargaming may change the loop. And give us the option to change it from normal to hard like the Halloween Op's T6 ops: defense of naval station Newport killer whale ages raptor rescue t 7 ops: Nari Ultimate frontier Hermes cherry blossom operation dynamo
  13. Area51P41

    Feedback Thread for Update 0.8.11

    4 yrs in the game 1 very bad year 99% CV Buff update 100% bad Dockyard Op 100% bad 2 or 3 updates 100% bad ARP Premium ships 100% bad. I played hard for the ones I have Can I buy Missouri NO 100% Bad Why can't I buy 1 but I can buy ARP ships A lot of mistakes in 2019 90% of the time.
  14. Area51P41

    PLZ. . . we need new game modes !!

    Some new Operations would be nice. It's been the same old ones on a loop for so long, what happened to Dunkirk that was fun to play & there were 2 others just can't think of the names right now. So what if you get the rewards once, the scenarios are good for grinding new ships or helping new players with there skills. To play an Operation for 10 to 15 mins is better than a 5 mins Co-Op game. How about a scenario with different game settings. The scenarios we have now everyone knows where the ships are going so there is no skill to it, so with a different setting to make it harder or change enemy ships course would be great. So how about it WARGAMING some new operations or put the old ones back until some new ones come out. Just anything that's better than the ones we have now.