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  1. Area51P41


    yes heaps of troll & know it all's. The best they do is sit back waiting for the snip get a life
  2. Area51P41

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    Yes they have always had ship thanks know it all. I was talking about the one's we buy with coal & Convert XP where NEVER in the containers ?????
  3. Area51P41

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    So the super containers give you ship's now. So the one's I worked hard for & saved in coal or converted XP you can get. A BIG THANK YOU WAR GAMING. U
  4. Area51P41

    Damage Control party

    Yes I didn't patch note. Thanks for that. Still suck's to have only so many in a game. In the right ship & in a good game you can use Damage control up to 6 to 7 time, so with the limit it's going to
  5. Area51P41

    Damage Control party

    So I got lucky & got 2 of the new U.S.S.R BB's 🚢 & I notice on the Damage control party a number. On the Tier 5 BB ship you ONLY get 4 Damage control party's & on the Tier 6 ship you get 3 . Have I missed reading something somewhere or is W.G pulling a fast one on us. Look's like it's going to be another thing we pay for in game.
  6. Area51P41

    How many Fish in the Sea

    Good on ya mate, i think a lot of new players didn't understand the rules, so you are doing the right thing by letting players change their pictures once. As you said after my post you needed to be a bit clearer with the rules about guns being used. I think players will be happy with 1 change of picture & happy hunting to all & get the torps in
  7. Area51P41

    How many Fish in the Sea

    I can`t see where it saying No guns. I see using torps but your not saying can't use guns. score must be torp damage yes But not say can't use guns ???
  8. Area51P41

    Big Bugged - Space Battle

    some how i don`t think a t10 works in this space battle
  9. You are using T10 ship should be T6 to T8 ship that may help
  10. The first National flag for Australia was red that was changed in 1954 to the Blue Flag, But all our ships fly the Red flag by-law. If I could pick my ship's flag in would be ' The Eureka Flag ' the fighting aussie flag
  11. Area51P41

    Serial downvoter on the loose!

    It`s a point for a player pushing emoji on my post. In the post, it points out one thing & that player knows what it is. Sorry if you don`t understand it but he will & I think it`s funny
  12. Area51P41

    Serial downvoter on the loose!

    The matter at hand is some players have a core meltdown over silly Emoji`s. What are they there for if not to say cool funny bad or angry? I am happy to see any Emoji but some players can be a & behind them. Anyway, have fun enjoy the game it`s the best around
  13. Area51P41

    Serial downvoter on the loose!

    if u go fishing u catch fish but if u post here u catch clowns & fools & one who has had a meltdown over an Emoji your funny lol
  14. Area51P41

    Serial downvoter on the loose!

    I know of 2 players who got really upset over the angry Emoji, saying something about there points. The Emoji are apart of the forum & if you can`t handle an Emoji DON`t post anything