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  1. Area51P41

    Sometimes you just hate this popup for some reason

    Yes, it is a memory leak & Updating video card software plays a big part in the Error & background running software that can be turned off helps.
  2. Area51P41

    0.8.8 Bug Report Thread

    So today it since to be a BIG BUG in the Game. I just played a Co-Op game after I finished the post above & I use ship G.KURFURST at the end of the game the score showed up & it updated everything from the past 4 or 5 games. It now shows "New Discoveries" & updated how many torps hit the ships. So today I have had a game were the CV showed no score & No clock after RAPTOR RESCUE. 3 games were torps not showing in "Happy Anniversary" New Discoveries. 1 game with T10 G.KURFURST & game updated itself ??????? Picture Below of last games & update of " NEW DISCOVERIES "
  3. Area51P41

    0.8.8 Bug Report Thread

    I have been playing Co-Op so I can get the Torps done for " Happy Anniversary " but they haven't been counted. So I checked to see how many torps were needed to finish off the " New Discoveries " & noticed that the games I played didn't count. I have 48 out of 65 & It saying I can play Co-Op for that part Of the " Happy Anniversary " so I Played 3 games & nothing was taken in to count. Screen shoot's of 2 games below. As you can see in the 1st picture Can be played in Co-Op.
  4. Area51P41

    0.8.8 Bug Report Thread

    I just played Raptor Rescue using CV RYUJO & at the end of the game there was a long pause then I went into the main screen. There was No score No Star nothing to say I had just played Raptor Rescue.
  5. Area51P41

    PC questions

    For $1500 aus dollars u can build a computer that will run this game fine. Intel Cpu would be the best bet. Ram make sure u get the right one for the motherboard u buy. Asus is good motherboards. Everyone is different. HDD / SSD Western Digital is what I use. As stated below is what I do as most do. Headphones with mic are cheap second hand & u can find some good ones. Cash converters have cheap headphone, check their web page. The bottom line is for $1500 u can build a good system with a good PCI express video card, ram, Power SP with good Watts, CPU, motherboard, Case & a good size Screen or 2. Good luck hope u get what u want.
  6. Area51P41

    Who wants to Das Boot in upcoming TST server?

    BIG download 32 gigs just for a test server used only for SUB's why not use the P.test. Main game file size 46.6 gig's P.test game files size 43.2 gig's Sorry, not for me this one.
  7. Area51P41

    Raptor Rescue Disappointment

    It's back to being a good team playing operation. If you don't play as a team & work together in this new updated one, you see a lot of sunken ships. We need more Op's like this or fix the ones we have, so it's fun to play again They are a good grind for ship XP & credits. Would be nice to see some new Op's & not the same ones every 2 weeks.
  8. Area51P41


    yes heaps of troll & know it all's. The best they do is sit back waiting for the snip get a life
  9. Area51P41

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    Yes they have always had ship thanks know it all. I was talking about the one's we buy with coal & Convert XP where NEVER in the containers ?????
  10. Area51P41

    Update 0.8.4: Soviet Battleships!

    So the super containers give you ship's now. So the one's I worked hard for & saved in coal or converted XP you can get. A BIG THANK YOU WAR GAMING. U
  11. Area51P41

    Damage Control party

    Yes I didn't patch note. Thanks for that. Still suck's to have only so many in a game. In the right ship & in a good game you can use Damage control up to 6 to 7 time, so with the limit it's going to
  12. Area51P41

    Damage Control party

    So I got lucky & got 2 of the new U.S.S.R BB's 🚢 & I notice on the Damage control party a number. On the Tier 5 BB ship you ONLY get 4 Damage control party's & on the Tier 6 ship you get 3 . Have I missed reading something somewhere or is W.G pulling a fast one on us. Look's like it's going to be another thing we pay for in game.
  13. Area51P41

    Big Bugged - Space Battle

    some how i don`t think a t10 works in this space battle