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  1. IceWraithKing

    UI Things to do Check List

    "Tab" Tab rework. right now its organized via ship classification, not tier, also Battle report needs some re-work, make it like wot and notification box needs work. right now you cant scroll the box to see previous notifs
  2. IceWraithKing

    Blue Line abuse replay collection thread

    whats sidecrawling, and how is it beneficial to the one doing it? hmm? also will screenshots suffice?
  3. IceWraithKing

    Drop Anchor as an Active Skill

    now i want that skill
  4. IceWraithKing

    get rid of manual dropping of torps on planes

    what, you can manual drop torps? how? ive been living my torpedo bomber life making a newt of torps.
  5. IceWraithKing

    Asia Region

    Green pleb kek, oh wait. im green too
  6. IceWraithKing

    will iwaki requrements be changed

    no info yet. come and join me in this "Alpha testers that didnt get iwaki" bench
  7. IceWraithKing

    will iwaki requrements be changed

    Any of you guys still don't have their iwaki cruiser? cause i still haven't received mine Merged with existing thread on the topic. /AALG Moderation team, WoWS Asia
  8. IceWraithKing

    Turrets being blown up completely

    This. This is what i was scared of once we open our gates to beta testers, there was no shit post like this in alpha, all good guys literally what sucked in wot will also go here, The playerbase
  9. IceWraithKing

    Battleship turret guide

    Unfotunately you cant lock turrets, i always hate it when my rear turret is dancing
  10. IceWraithKing

    will iwaki requrements be changed

    Fingers Crossed, Lets hope they give us the reward of our hard work
  11. IceWraithKing

    will iwaki requrements be changed

    simple. make it 10 ~ 50 pve battles and make it if you atleast reach tier4.
  12. IceWraithKing

    will iwaki requrements be changed

    i.. i just want my alpha reward,
  13. IceWraithKing

    will iwaki requrements be changed

    will iwaki requrements be changed, AFAIK its 5 pvp battles, now how about those who just co-oped since the random battles queue are too long (took me 20 mins once), we did reach tier 4+ and contributed to the community
  14. IceWraithKing

    Japan or USA Destroyers?

    Japan if you like Anime torpedoes, usa if you want a multirole support
  15. IceWraithKing

    kernell32.dll error

    What you need to do in order to solve this issue is to update your Windows XP installation to Service Pack 3. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/help/learn-how-to-install-windows-xp-service-pack-3-sp3 The GetLogicalProcessorInformation function was first introduced in Windows XP with Service Pack 3 and was not present on older Windows XP installations. Hope this helps.