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  1. Koji001

    The Asian Server is back at it again

    I tried entering the game by opening the application from the folder of the game instead from the launcher. And it worked.
  2. Koji001

    Twitch 100k Stream: Get your Supercontainers!

    Its already 16:30 April 17 here in the Philippines, still the WoWs twitch stream is offline. I hope I didn't missed it.
  3. Koji001


    Just experienced an error in entering the game due to server issues for almost 6hrs. Even the websites of wargaming in asia are not displaying and the game center keeps on loading. Wishing for a good and stable server.
  4. Koji001

    Make Your Stand – Earn Exeter FREE!

    For a tier v ship, the missions are tedious and hard especially earning achievements which can be only done in random and ranks. There is a low chance of completing these missions. A reason to force players to buy it in the premium shop. 😞
  5. Koji001

    March Combat Missions: British Power

    For a tier V ship the missions are hard and tedious specially earning achievements which can be earned only in random and ranked. I'll sit this one out. 😞