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    Any insight from wargaming about this clan yet? are they really doing nothing about it? I was okay with it until every game i had infested with CN_70's on both side of the team. I lost count on how many times i meet them in a match this 3 days. Maybe someone have to tag some moderator/forum coord. to help follow it up to dev >_>;. At least tell us u guys know; and doing something against it.
  2. ___LiesseSherlock___

    "China(?)" player become more extreme nowaday

    "china pantek" oh god
  3. ___LiesseSherlock___

    Preferred T10 ship - clan battles

    mega atlanta is gud
  4. ___LiesseSherlock___

    So i have to download the almost the whole game again....

    alright then... if they still discussing about it
  5. Oh why you do this WGC First we getting belated update, after the update we get stuck in the port and .killme things, then to fix it we need to redownload it , what a nice fix Do we get compensation for this ?
  6. ___LiesseSherlock___

    Need more ideas for joke clans

    [STAHP] Please stahp nerfing my ships
  7. ___LiesseSherlock___

    Skill-based Matchmaking for CVs

    these kind of CV players need special treatment I feel you mate, i ran out of report mostly because sucking CVs in my team , while enemy team's CV is fkin anoyying
  8. ___LiesseSherlock___

    zao becoming extinct

    really? maybe its my time to play her again
  9. ___LiesseSherlock___

    The Eight Special Types of Players

    Then there come The Silent "Carrier" A CV player who finally (luckily) joined the game when it last 10 minutes left, some others when it last 5 minutes left. Some others maybe forgot they already in the game
  10. ___LiesseSherlock___

    Enable a no CV option already for queing

    +1 , beside their planes are so anoyying, but somehow ... yea~~ "challenging". they said My last night game (in my Graf Spee) was with 2 noob CVs, one was a Pink CV in a division with another pink player... okay that whole game i need to sacrifice my self dodging all the planes attacking me in the middle of the cap (there are only 1DD and 2 CVs in each team). Like 3-4 waves of aerial attacks trying to sink me, and finally sunk in the middle of the game but teammates managed to win the game , these 2 CV in my team were both in the bottom of the score tab, my Spee somehow at #3 with the most shot down This just one from many anoyying CV games (glad the team was good, but there are more defeat games in this case). CV oftenly afk, others went late to join the game causing loss of air superiority and early spotted. Just like _Halcyon said "Hate the feeling of trusting a very important and crucial task almost entirely on some certain person you never know." Yes i ate too much salts from these noob CV players, usually i ran out of report option just by a poor CV game (hey i git gut already look at dem CV doing nothing but losing their planes)
  11. ___LiesseSherlock___

    You're Fired!

    no Kuma :^(
  12. ___LiesseSherlock___

    End of Year Achievement Marathon

    yess more more
  13. ___LiesseSherlock___

    Why did we redesign Commander skills

    Currently having survivability build on one of my BB with only 15 points captain, damn feels good along with prem cons and signal flags , damecon 1-2, it's almost immortal. lel. With this my survivability build even more expensive ;-; BoS costs 2 and Firefighting costs 3 ? With same build in this changes, i will need 16 points. Edited: NO I NEED 17 pts to unlock the first one, i am calm ._. git gud grinding captain.
  14. ___LiesseSherlock___

    Suggestions for clan system

    so yeah, maybe you can implement it in the future i really excited for the clan system, but i have some suggestions: 1. The ingame clan list, i prefer the one before where we can see all of the clans, rather than search for specific clan name.. but we need both 2. Last login indicator for clan members , so i can see which is least active in the clan (*kicks), battle/day doesnt seem help 3. Raise the amount of members slot, or.. we could expand it with doubloon (really i need slots atm T-T)
  15. So i tried to invite my friend, first click said "Invite Sent", but after a min just to make sure i invited, i clicked the button again, this time it said "This user account does not meet the requirements" , later my friend which i invited.. logged in and dont find the invites doing a test to my another friend, with only 1x click, he find the invites in the game and able to join the clan. is this a bug or else... what are the requirements? Thread locked on OP's request. ~amade This user account does not meet the requirements