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  1. Thanks I just tried and they want 2500 doubloons
  2. Well I finally have NA transfer up and running. Now all I need to work out,is how to change my name from renamed user?
  3. Friday 13th here now still nothing.
  4. Maybe if the transfer process had begun as the applications started to roll in, then this issue might not have arisen in the first place. using the email spamming excuse doesn't cut it with me.
  5. I was Content Creator and closed beta tester for Armored Warfare, and when they merged servers and my ping went from a playable 186ms to 480ms I walked,
  6. 4 days premium gone now and still I wait. No streaming the game either. 1 more more day and I walk away.
  7. 2 days and no word. Premium time ebbs away
  8. changed Password and then got told unavailable due to technical issues. Glad I took screenshots of my account. this may end up a tedious process
  9. My ping from Brisbane is solid @108ms
  10. perigrin

    SEA Server back to bad connection

    No mate I already have an NA account and things are good. I get better results too, as I generally can hit what i"m aiming at because of the stable ping. As for the Clan stuff i'm not too bothered anymore.
  11. perigrin

    SEA Server back to bad connection

    The erratic ping is why i'm going to transfer my Asia account to NA, it's stable @108 ping.Asia goes from 45 to 117 very annoying considering i'm in Oceania region.
  12. perigrin

    Unstable connection makes game unplayable

    Hello to all. I live in Brisbane Australia, and have with the dancing ping (50 to 200ms at times.. My main account is on the SEA server. I started a new account on NA server and the ping is stable on 108ms. I have started to play more on NA because I do so much better with a stable ping. Thanks