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  1. Thank god the player base from those countries aren't a cry babies eh?
  2. Oh. And don't forget we only got 3 hours, while other servers got 4, no compensation whatsoever for that, not even one extra day. Дерьмо
  3. I bet most of Asia players would move to another server if WG allow profile transfer. the hard truth is WG asia is complete SHITake mushroom
  4. Nocturnal you say? anyway, yea i agree. seems like they didn;t listen to us, even tho my clan isn;t an Australian clan, we have atleast 2 of our members that lives in Australia
  5. Ranked is already insert a certain disease here enough without collision
  6. Pan Asia Flag Poll Results

    China and Taiwan can keep their petty fighting and stick it up where the sun doesn't shine. Pathetic
  7. Pan Asia Flag poll

    Difference is, Kremlin have balls
  8. Pan Asia Flag poll

    That's sad and pathetic
  9. Pan Asia Flag poll

    they just removed Indonesian, Thailand and Korean flags. Those 3 countries doesn't even give a damn about Taiwan and China flag controversy, but they somehow got removed.
  10. Pan Asia Flag poll

    >this is the game that caters everybody >removes other asian countries flags because of couple of chinese guys got their feelings hurts. irony
  11. Pan Asia Flag poll

    "Oh no, a virtual flag on top of a virtual ship is making my feelings hurts" Basically those triggered by the Taiwan flag. Muh feelz. PC gone wild i say
  12. Pan Asia Flag poll

    because of some Chinese throwing tantrum, the other Asian countries won't get their flags. nice don't ever change China
  13. Then that's shitty business practice, if they just expand the hour for clan war and so include Friday, we won't even having this conversation right now. Just admit it WG is stupid