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  1. KiwiColdBeer72

    Naval base

    While I am bi-lingual, this only extends to english.......and bad english. Any idea what going on here?
  2. KiwiColdBeer72

    Operation Source

    Bugger. I actually managed to get a shot of a nice red bizzie dodging torpedo.....challenge success!! Forgot to post....and now at work....challenge failed!! #sadface
  3. KiwiColdBeer72

    Operation Source

    @mademoisail That sounds like a challenge.....is it a challenge? Very well, let us summarize. - Get a screenshot of ship I do not own - Said ship must be dodging torpedoes - Said screenshot must be in a random or co-op match where I must rely on pure chance that said ship will be present AND dodging torpedoes AND my camera will be positioned appropriately to capture said event. Ok, challenge accepted......but if I manage to pull it off....you owe me a beer if I don't win......
  4. KiwiColdBeer72

    Operation Source

    Bugger, am gunna have to skip this one. Almost at the Gneisnau, but the Bizzie is a ways off yet......
  5. No idea on connection, but will ask. They were both getting in the low 100s while we were div'd up over the weekend. I average about 85-105 most days. Edit: And I get around 130 to NA and 180ish to EU by comparison.
  6. Vary indeed. 2 of the EU peeps are getting pretty much the same ping from merry old England as I do from just outside Brissie!!!
  7. We are expanding our numbers. I personally have enticed 2 NA and 3 EU buddies to start accounts here in the last couple of weeks......and I didn't even have to bribe them. Don't always assume the grass is greener elsewhere...Lol.
  8. KiwiColdBeer72

    Tier V Battleship Challenge!

    Re-submission for amended rules. I really dislike the New York normally.....who knew it CAN actually hit things.....
  9. KiwiColdBeer72

    Tier V Battleship Challenge!

    Because we don't have the forum population that NA does. Give it time, and as we can see, with increased participation comes increased rewards.
  10. KiwiColdBeer72

    Tier V Battleship Challenge!

    Koni does the job again....good girl....
  11. KiwiColdBeer72

    You wanted bigger rewards for Forum Contests?

    WOOOT!!!! As stated previously....from little things...big things may grow. Good job SEA forumites! And a big thanks to Miss Sail...
  12. KiwiColdBeer72

    What's your favorite!? Pt. 2

    Dunkirk for sure....
  13. KiwiColdBeer72


    Nice! Glad I could be of assistance...... I got one myself and also picked up a mission for some rather sweet "This is your Day, Commander" camos..
  14. KiwiColdBeer72


    My bad...is without the underscore. And thanks Max....is appreciated....been on in about an hour....gotta collect the ferals from school.
  15. KiwiColdBeer72


    Ah...Yeah Dobby_M8 usually starts at around 1800 AEST. I am a bit sporadic due to RL....but am trying to get a couple of hours in thurs/Fri at around 1530 AEST and weekends are whenever I can squeeze time in around the house renovations.