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  1. coldbeer72

    Game name must change Camp and HIDE&SEEK

    Indeed. Was this meta that pushed me to the NA server year's ago. Now that I am back, it is obvious that not much has changed. Am a firm believer in the "sacrifice play " if it's of benefit to the team......but seems to be an unknown concept for most around here.
  2. coldbeer72

    New idea

    Yeah, am no expert.....but am doubting the validity of the OP's claims here....just a little.
  3. coldbeer72

    Pls help me choose a cruiser line

    Yeah, as stated German line is rather good for new comers. Love my Koni at T5....a total glass cannon, but awesome once you learn how to handle her.
  4. coldbeer72

    Post your Screenshot

    Putting this here for anyone who might have missed it. While we may not get to NA levels of giveaway due to our limited population, anything is an improvement on what we currently have....provided enough people show interest.
  5. coldbeer72

    Tier VII Trouble -- Sail's challenge to you!

    Was wondering if your close association with Happa was going to rub off, and we would see something like this here. Would expect a slow start until word gets around though, our forums are not quite the "hive of activity" NA is after all. The effort is appreciated though.....
  6. coldbeer72


    GENUSGADUS Just found this on the NA forums.....seems to work, though not sure what it gives. Edit: 4 try your luck containers it seems,
  7. coldbeer72

    A Question for Veteran Players

    Ah....was wondering why I was seeing so many "PLA" tags these days.....the actual navy coming here for training??......
  8. Seems to be a bit of an over representation of green with the russians.....wonder why that is?.....
  9. coldbeer72

    Playerbase... We need to have a chat... ...

    DAMN SON!!!....those are some mighty impressive numbers....well played!!!
  10. coldbeer72

    Playerbase... We need to have a chat... ...

    LOL...good to see. Tag, Taipan, Danaussie, Moganite, myself and a few others were together as a group before clans was even introduced I think.....feeling my age now...lol.
  11. coldbeer72

    Playerbase... We need to have a chat... ...

    Well, well.....if it isn't Tagnbag......only one of the original TF-44 crew I've seen.........Greetings sir.
  12. coldbeer72

    Playerbase... We need to have a chat... ...

    I am "nobody in particular".......and I approve this post!
  13. coldbeer72

    Has ANYTHING changed in the last 4 years?

    AI bots must get smoko breaks.....they're on a good wicket then......
  14. coldbeer72

    Has ANYTHING changed in the last 4 years?

    Just outside Brisbane. Am finding 90-105 to SEA over around 120-130 to NA, so minimal difference. As for gameplay, what I have seen thus far is a complete lack of original thinking and tactics, and a general lack of risk taking. Teams seem to lemming, snipe from orbit, or run at the first shot that comes their way....I present the map of the New dawn match I am currently awaiting the outcome of..... Almost the entire team balled up together on the A line...hardly a good tactic....and certain not what one would call an offensive move(entire group got obliterated in case you were wondering). This sort of thing is not seen on NA....but have seen the same situation time and again over the last few days here. I am not a great player by any means, and seldom have been able to carry a team, but have managed it a few times already, and the fact that despite dying early and accomplishing stuff all in a number of matches, I have often found myself still in the top 2-3 for the team at the end of the match, which makes me question what the hell those that out last me are actually doing? But when you see stuff like this....you begin too understand. PS: Also in relation to the earlier comment about superior aiming, given the amount of "straight lining" that goes on, it is no wonder some think this way. It's not hard to hit something that doesn't turn!
  15. coldbeer72

    Has ANYTHING changed in the last 4 years?

    I seriously doubt that from what I have seen. I usually watch matches even after I die, and your suggestion of amazing aim has not been evident at all. One example yesterday was 2 Kamikazes and 3 BBs chasing down a single carrier for a good five minutes.......CV survived the match.......