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  1. Got_Donz

    [content removed]

    Seems just about every second cruiser has smoke now. There is so much smoke now I can't see anyone and If I did I'm to dizzy from inhaling all that smoke that I can't play effectively. I think BB's should get smoke as well . Then we can all puff out clouds off the stuff. I'm not really liking it while playing in my BB seems every cloud does not have a silver lining just a cruiser pumping out HP shells. As they say where there's smoke there's Fire Fire Fire and more Fire. Thanks for listening. Inappropriate content. Title edited, user warned. ~amade
  2. The Russian cruisers are so OP with this ability to just sit in smoke and fire their large calibre salvos with every one of them starting a fire. You cant close the range because you just burn like a Roson ( nick name for the Sherman tanks during ww2 due to their tendency to catch fire) I would take them on but every salvo starts a fire and I mean every salvo. Everyone should just play Russian cruisers. Problem solved.
  3. Got_Donz

    seems that the game favours the cowards

    I agree its a smart play. you can yell coward all you like no one can hear you when your swimming with da fish.
  4. Got_Donz

    Ranked Battles. A success story.

    I slagged my admiral hipper in another post . Seems I have lot to learn. Thanks for showing me the way Deathskyz
  5. Got_Donz

    German cruisers are really BAD

    Well didn't this little post take me on a journey. Apart from a few shots across my bow and a couple of broadsides, I'd like to say thanks to all those that posted. I'll also admit that maybe a question mark on the topic heading might have been more appropriate but hey you live and learn. Hope to see you all on the high seas.
  6. Got_Donz

    German cruisers are really BAD

    and you can crawl back into whatever hole you came from.
  7. Got_Donz

    German cruisers are really BAD

    something tells you and what would that something be your over inflated opinion of yourself maybe. Don't play the man we talking about the game and its content.
  8. Spent my saved up free xp on the german cruisers. All I can say is lemons. people laugh when you engage them and I mean even destroyers. Can I get my free xp back under warranty. Currently have the admiral hipper.
  9. Got_Donz


    What an informative and up to date remark. just wait Derrr we have been.
  10. Hey we have a choice of gun management teams. Gobildy Goop double talk.
  11. Sorry my point is like many i have played and paid for warganing products. So now i sit here watching youtube as jingles puts the Tirpitz through its paces. makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Well hello the Tirpitz is available just not for me or any of my asian server brothers
  12. Its just bad customer relations.I pay money you provide the service or supply the goods.