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  1. I think that this question has already been asked Billions of times but it seems like developers DO NOT CARE. So I'm on a metered connection, I install the client and it downloads aroun 6GB, it took around 40 minutes, not bad. Then what, the client restarts and it is downloading around 22GB! You guys kill me, why don't you make the main file available via torrent then we just update the 5-6GB part? Does anyone have a solution?
  2. thankino

    Matchmaking is BROKEN

    And you're not a moderator either so stop trolling because you're not his old sister.
  3. thankino

    In game player stats VS online: no match

    I'm going to test the human tier IV noob players LOL
  4. thankino

    In game player stats VS online: no match

    LOL that's interesting, I thought that I was playing VS players but it was playing VS bot and it's a bit hard!
  5. thankino

    In game player stats VS online: no match

    I thought that in random mode you play against the computer only.
  6. thankino

    In game player stats VS online: no match

    Ahh I didn't notice the options on the upper left corner!
  7. Has anyone checked their in game statistics and compared with the web based one? In my case I see a HUGE discrepancy and I keep checking every day but nothing changes.
  8. thankino

    How to cruiser?

    I see so many players doing this wrong behavior, well I'm still playing in tier IV. I even tell them "don't go alone" but I get no replay also the player keeps going to the death. Players need to understand the role their ships are designed for so if you play cruisers, stay in between scouts and battleships depending also on team formation. Always look at the mini map and see where ships aim to go, they often look an easy prey like the air carrier or battleship so the cruiser has a vital role in giving support, well also attacking. You can't pretend to know what are the tricks but you need to play and play, it's like an exercise.
  9. thankino

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    You don't understand PCs but you blame the OP and fault is not from WG? Do you get paid for trolling?
  10. thankino

    Installer issues

    Maybe during download the internet had random disconnections so some files might be corrupted or missing. Also check if any antivirus or firewall is blocking the client.
  11. thankino

    bigworld client error plus exception unknown error

    Well well well..... we know that this game requires and older version of DirectX but what happens after you fresh launch the client it downloads the game AND tells you that the latest version of DirectX is already installed AND it doesn't give you the option to download and install the proper DirectX version, how stupid is that, very very CLEVER programmers! So I decided to copy the WoW folder to another computer that it's reserved as spare computer. It just have the necessary drivers and basic software to run the system so that I'm SURE this computer has no problems. As soon as I launched the executable I got an unspecified error (again LOL) telling something about a .dll file missing. So after many hours on the web I found out that that missing file is included in an older version of DirectX that the silly and smart client (programmed by human LOL) didn't download because it sees the latest version already installed! Next step I did was to research on Wargaming forums and guess what MANY people have had the identical issue and he/she was blamed because his/her computer had hardware problems! I found the web link for the RIGHT DirectX that works for this game and FINALLY I could play it without problems! So why these clever people at Wargaming (and here) know that the game requires an older version of DirectX BUT they don't include an option or instructions in the installer? Why do you guys blame players when you know your own problems and don't know how to fix them???
  12. thankino

    I have changed my mind WOWS is STUPID

    That doesn't help but weighs more frustration on the op which could be labeled as trolling.
  13. I don't understand, are you saying orange players are moderators? Also a penalized player's color in the menu is pink so even more confusing, brown, orange, pink..... what next?
  14. thankino

    How do I know whic mods are illegal mods?

    Then play standard game and have a fair play with most of the players. I like to play this way even in Word of Tanks I never installed any mod because mods like cheats ruin the games!
  15. Does my screen display different colors because I see orange players not brown. But I'm happy that the team has started doing something about cheating before it was too late, and I see too many of these colored cheaters, at least 1-2 each match! Some considerations here: Damage done by a cheater should be averagely reversed as score on team mates because by damaging the cheater it causes even more loss to the team! I like the idea of live alerting players when they hit team mates, and yeah unfortunately it happens even if you don't want to.