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  1. Stop putting clan members distributed in both teams, WG! What kind of sick Matchmaking is this? Of course there will be tendency to support own clan member. Most of the time they are in same channel and try to sabotage the match one way or another, some time playing poorly or revealing the whole team. We use effort and time to win a match, now if some people sabotage the match it's fairly WRONG and UNacceptable! Stop this or I will have to leave this game. Limit the Divison members to 4 people only and don't let players belonging same clan join opponent team.
  2. WG explain me this: What kind of matchmaking is this where one team gets Tier 4 where other one don't? Wasn't there one single Tier 5 ship to pull into match among so many simultaneous people in queue that it had to take one Tier 4 ship? fix the match making WG
  3. Sandipan

    Update 0.6.15 Feedback

    I'm surprised to see that no Christmas special port added in last update. Shame.
  4. It's been more than two years, this game been released and yet still no assistance app for this game. If WoWP can have an assistant app why we can't we. I need to stay updated with my clan base activity and my clan scores. Game information would be updated fast if we can have an official app than community app as it can provide more news before community can. Also it will be very useful to chat with in-game contacts on-go, stay alerted on new events and tournament announcements, know my profile statistics anytime-anywhere. It can good way to purchase WoWS specific store contents too as payment mode can be easily implemented with mobile phones.
  5. need a reliable on-go assistance for android(probably ios too). all wargaming games have one why not WoWS, I'm really surprised. I checked all 3rd party apps but those don't provide good amount of information - specifically the event news, which is the most important thing to stay updated with. app must include - detailed statistical overlay updated tech trees event news player search clan search store access
  6. teammates collide manytimes through out the game because they are busy targeting enemy through the scope and cant see if player going to hit someone. if we had horn like alert(which can be buzzed manually) we can prevent from collision unless the another player is AFK. still it will lower the chance of getting killed by team member.
  7. I would not say it is problem, but rather this are inappropriate to me. I'm playing Beta 1. The Ship Propeller is spinning when the ship is fully stopped(also in port menu). 2. Ship Cannons showing no hole at front in low graphic configuration. It likes unfinished work! 3. Last day, in Random Battle match, a friendly ship rammed my tail when I was crossing, it took some of my hit points. But I had to pay fine. I did nothing but I got punished! 4. Fired shell animation is not clear & bit of hazy even in Effect Preset: High & Effect Quality: High. If you take notice to this matters, that would be great. Thank you.
  8. When lights gonna bloom!