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  1. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    10K Battles

    look somewhere further to ppl actually play for over 20k games lol, auchie btw Max, cheers mate! gratz for 10k games
  2. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    Ships - What to sell? What to keep?

    welcome to wows sea server (smiles) usually keep mid tier like 6/7 for weekly operations 5 is where you can practice your ships more (well mix of new and old player, but pretty depending MM of that time) lower then that only the premium ships worth to keep, but this just my 2 cent because been collecting them all since start playing
  3. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    50% off WOWS premium 360days HAS COME!!!

    finally something worth to spend on the remaining doubloons
  4. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    Didn't even say a thing...

    all crazy for that extra British event point for getting kill so KS is crucial even in a coop game.... but report for chat abuse is kind of idk what to say
  5. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    Thanks, Santa

    Sorry for your loss too.. got my last ship free from Gift exchange .... 1 mega crates only....
  6. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    He's ready to do his part...

    Just hopefully its not on Steel/Coal....
  7. Kudrjavka_Nomi


    Must be insider job makes us to upgrade to RTX GPU with Ray Tracing Well was using my 2nd PC to play this game and horribly low FPS especially on intense battle when previously did not have any issue regarding it
  8. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    Personal Challenge

    Please WG, I still have few more rounds for my T-61 exp boost and without any expiring date notification I was unable to track when the actual end date... all gone just like that..
  9. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    CRITICAL ISSUE, No movement, Everyone Freeze

    oh god...
  10. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    Technical issues found.

    Thank you @HuginnKR sir Was frustrated even using safe mode cant log in properly
  11. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    Technical issues found.

    Update was held earlier today (maybe), but when was been updated?
  12. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    New Redeem Code For kitten

    Thanks for the code (dunno give what thou) finished the 3rd round of kittypurfest mission earlier today (def/cap something for 15 times)
  13. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    Can't connect to CV TST server

    Hold ya beers everyone (or coffee/tea as per your liking) " UPDATED: Commanders! During the last checks of CV beta build, we found a couple of critical bugs. They are quite annoying, and we don’t want them to affect your hands-on experience with the new gameplay. We’ve already smashed one of the bugs, and the other is in process, but we still need to double check everything again and deliver the fixes to your test clients properly. Thus, the beginning of CV test is delayed. It can take up to 1 day. We will update you here as soon as we have more information. Sorry for any inconvenience, and rest assured, very soon the test will begin. "
  14. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    Can't connect to CV TST server

    Look at the link : https://worldofwarships.asia/en/news/general-news/carriers_rework_starting_pack/ When do I start? The test client distribution is about to start (you will need Wargaming.net Game Center for it). We plan to push one last update to the server on Wednesday, Oct 17, about 12:00 UTC, and open the gates! That mean need another 4 hours since this post is up (to that designated time)
  15. Kudrjavka_Nomi

    Personal Challenge

    Recently pretty excited that since update 0.7.9, most of remaining x3 exp mission from purchasing any premium ship combo had turn off (no time limit/expiring date) re: Cossack XP Boost pic attached (with no expiration date) The problem is, I still had my remaining Boise and Nueve XP (before the 0.7.9 patch I've remember the expiring date was on 1st of October 2018) Now since the game doesn't show the expiring date, how we could remember/or being notified the actual date? So my remaining XP Boost Personal Challenge just gone like that just because I didn't used all my bonuses before the pre intended date Please advice