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  1. Coccoro

    Operations (EU and NA Forum)

    I'll imagine this as @Max_Battle sound like
  2. Coccoro

    Operations (EU and NA Forum)

    shhh, dont give them any extra briliant ideas to milk money from us >.<
  3. Coccoro

    Operations (EU and NA Forum)

    Wake me up when the time come yes @dejiko_nyo @Max_Battle
  5. Coccoro

    Where did the other reactions go?

    Same as karma system inside the game Worthless without knowing who the one complement or report Oh wait, inside game you can -ve players while here cant Because here you could -ve someone you know who
  6. Coccoro

    FYI 10x 2020 Black Friday Containers

    10 containers give me this
  7. Coccoro

    Goes to show you never can tell.

    @Max_Battle your Nelson battle is awesome Cheers for Nelson user as she celebrate her launching date today Sept 3rd on 1925
  8. Coccoro

    Summer Tokens - The Whale Thread

    K.Albert quite good on its tier thou.. and then why bother on seal clubbing on very low tier? Slow game and slow income too and most of directives or missions unable to complete using this one too Well good for your massive collections.. BTW @Max_Battle if free later tonight please do invite me on the usual OP runs
  9. Coccoro

    Nelson's guns...

    Just typical guns been use to abuse Narai till WG nerf em (the exp gains) SOOOOOOO badly
  10. Coccoro

    No technical issues were corrected in Narai.

    Opening trailer collaboration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORJ3rrVNPqI
  11. Coccoro

    Research B

    Feels sad icon Hang in there sir @GOMBEE8626 as representative between WG and player have to keep cool. I know it from 2 years working as Costumer Service representative.
  12. Coccoro

    I miss RTS CVs

    Hang in there
  13. Coccoro

    BBs in COOP

    Low tier BB really hard to score points because, they are too slow. If u not fast enough to hit the enemy, other team member already did and you lost the exp you could gain from there. Expecting to snipe? Most low tier BB had terrible gun sigma (aka accuracy) so cant deal much damage. As a BB have to know when to change shells type because you can easily overpenetration most of the ships. Well as a regular in coop, yes quite hard to get good experience using BB in that current mode. Anyway, welcome to the game and glad you are here expressing your problem and hope for the best.
  14. Coccoro

    Cash Grab Idea : Retrofit T7 and T8 ship

    while I give you a point for being man of culture
  15. Coccoro


    but.. but.. this is where U can shine, solo kill all remaining enemy and get the highest income possible for the game and all these require a lot of practice