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  1. Coccoro

    Research B

    Feels sad icon Hang in there sir @GOMBEE8626 as representative between WG and player have to keep cool. I know it from 2 years working as Costumer Service representative.
  2. Coccoro

    I miss RTS CVs

    Hang in there
  3. Coccoro

    BBs in COOP

    Low tier BB really hard to score points because, they are too slow. If u not fast enough to hit the enemy, other team member already did and you lost the exp you could gain from there. Expecting to snipe? Most low tier BB had terrible gun sigma (aka accuracy) so cant deal much damage. As a BB have to know when to change shells type because you can easily overpenetration most of the ships. Well as a regular in coop, yes quite hard to get good experience using BB in that current mode. Anyway, welcome to the game and glad you are here expressing your problem and hope for the best.
  4. Coccoro

    Cash Grab Idea : Retrofit T7 and T8 ship

    while I give you a point for being man of culture
  5. Coccoro


    but.. but.. this is where U can shine, solo kill all remaining enemy and get the highest income possible for the game and all these require a lot of practice
  6. Coccoro

    KM Ships.

    I was as well concern of the current state of KM overall performance in this game. Last time KM BB was a secondary's monster but countered by faster longer range French Fleet. CA feel comfortable for CB but then depend on current strategy what clan been using. DD only tactical situation to make a full use of its ability to counter another DD. CV? After rework, quite sad performance compared in RTS mode But then Hydro was design (should) to counter (?) the incoming submarine..
  7. This only benefit botters or had nothing else to do with life player/account holder. Hereby, Me; @Coccoro declare that once WG allow this system implement, I will be resign as one of your "whalers". Well they only lose one, nothing much will effect the company right, they got MILLIONS (claimed) of players right? Sincerely, [Sign by me]
  8. Love the USS New York and also hated em for a long time~ Because can carry in typical T5/6 MM (except if there is seal clubber on another side of the team) and... hate it because blab you rendered helplessly especially when using CA in T7 Operation : Narai
  9. Coccoro

    I miss RTS CVs

    RTS CV with current AA meta Yes or Nay? - btw day 2 for me how to meme when my life already a meme 🙂 Love those days cits ships in coop (for 401 recorded runs)
  10. Coccoro

    Chance of French destroyer containers

    It is literally gambling.. with quite sad RNG(Random number generator) on your side. This people trying to avoid and complaining about this loot boxes or some said "Surprise Mechanics" It same with my side too, 50 prem containers just to get T5 Jaguar and T6 Guepard only Good enough some of from mission containers I ve got the T7 Some people I know spend lesser already got his La Fantastique (which ship I truly admire since they introduced French ships in WoWS) Well I used my chance to get em but well yeah, not my luck.
  11. Coccoro

    I miss RTS CVs

    Ahhh... still remember my crappy GZ (3 days on sale during release then scrap for a while because of rush release date) with delayed DB drop Play CV straight hunt for "careless" enemy CV and boom them out of game in the matter of minutes Listening to people complaining playing 9 squadron at the same time in IJN CV So many old memories.. No.. not because of OP ships, it just need people with accumulated amount of experience (and OC brain) of playing to master the way of RTS Solution... all came out to skill vs skills based MM?
  12. Coccoro

    FDG skills and equipment please!

    Here quick reference for captain skills (refer build recommended for this ship) http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc?sid=4180621104 just click any captain that suits your build. Hope this helps
  13. Coccoro

    Refund Premium CV together !!!

    Awww.. he bought CV because buying during major CV rework tweaks rebalancing Most of that time, they didn't change the specific characteristic of A ship (in your point of view, nerf your premium ship/s) but the whole design of rework (global AA improvements, spotting mechanics etc) Here a list of some of the tweaks (I see this as improvement) 0.8.3 CV Improvement (Global) https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Update_0.8.3 - We are working on performance in battle. So, in this version we have improved the game's performance when you play on an aircraft carrier by optimizing the interface for some computer configurations. The India Delta signal will increase the efficiency of the Repair consumable for squadrons by 5%. The descriptions of the Victor Lima and Juliet Whiskey Unaone signals are going to be further clarified in relation to their impact on aircraft torpedoes. 0.8.4 GZ had slightly improvement (buff) https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Update_0.8.4 - We’ve reinforced Graf Zeppelin’s dive bombers: - Armor penetration capacity has been increased by 11 mm. - Attack time has been extended from 6 to 8 seconds. - The speed of dropped bombs has increased by 13%. - The inner and outer reticle ellipses have been slightly reduced. - VIII Graf Zeppelin's bombers differ from their counterparts aboard other carriers by their behavior at the initial stage of an attack. This peculiarity requires a different approach to assessing the lead time to a target when attacking it. By changing the attack timing and accuracy we’ve made the aircraft more comfortable to use, and attacks easier to mount. An increased armor penetration capacity and faster speed of released bombs will make the carrier more effective at hitting Citadels and countering ships of Tier X. - Global Engine boost tweeks 0.8.5 - Another GZ improvement (buff) https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Update_0.8.5 - Analysis of statistics showed that the enhancement of German Tier VIII Graf Zeppelin's bombers in 0.8.4 wasn't enough to balance her against other Tier VIII aircraft carriers. Reinforcing the torpedoes increases the overall damage that can be caused, while the improved normalization increases the effectiveness of armor penetration and slightly reduces the number of bombs being armed when they hit superstructures. - Torpedo damage has increased from 4,533 to 5,333 HP. - Chance to cause flooding has increased from 25% to 29%. - Bomb normalization has improved by 5 degrees. Indeed the above statement support this post: And you bought during resale of (or OP prem ship) of those CV (and what I see them a way cheaper to obtain those Premium CV compared to the original release of those specific ships). I remember on NDA some sort no refund on these situation, corrected me if wrong in this one.
  14. Coccoro

    [Just for fun] A slightly Weeb poll

    Did someone mentioned EXPLOSIONS? You've just earned an achievement! Well regarding the topic.. wont mind any additional collab thou, but only hope it was a free event just like the previous ARP where you can earned ships for free (with grinding OC) Now now, I am not a free loader but it would be NICE ONLY IF you can gain a lot of benefit being free player for this (next) time P/S: Could not hardly wait for Azur Lane: Cross Wave for PS4
  15. Coccoro

    Nerf Colbert and Henri Please Wargaming

    Aww, this is his 1st post inside forum... Most cruisers especially light cruisers quite hard to cits when using such caliber that your Musashi's hold. Your penetration capability a way higher for that ship armor. Over penetration are quite common in such situation. btw @Max_Battle, let me copy your notes later for future reference