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  1. Coccoro

    Discord Bots

    ?help most of us using Bismark Bot to check player status example wanted to check out on your player stats ?stats asia HumbleMumble that command will show [ASIA] player [HumbleMumble] (set default PvP status), if PvE use: ?stats asia HumbleMumble pve
  2. Coccoro

    Log In

    At main page Prolonged by 1 hour Ends at 09:00am (GMT 8+) - which is 4 more mins from this reply posted
  3. Coccoro


    It is recommended to exchange your doubloon to fxp during event, because instead getting 25 fxp/doubloon, you all get 35exp/doubloon spend (if compared previously 2 - 3 times of the spoken event) That is why when most incoming for non tech tree ships people eager to ask WG on what currency they gonna use to be able to purchase those ships so people can start gather them in advance. Hope this advice helping
  4. Its been years since my last T1 game.. many changes since that Was it half of HP pool for each T1 ships from the old times? There only one type of shells, HE. Once moved to T2, horror started.. new players eager to torp as they didn't learn how much the distance are and always.. you will expected to get torp from behind from an ally, especially DD or a Tenryu Well welcome aboard and fair seas
  5. Coccoro

    Oil Bug

    please refer to this nyo
  6. Coccoro

    10K Battles

    look somewhere further to ppl actually play for over 20k games lol, auchie btw Max, cheers mate! gratz for 10k games
  7. Coccoro

    Ships - What to sell? What to keep?

    welcome to wows sea server (smiles) usually keep mid tier like 6/7 for weekly operations 5 is where you can practice your ships more (well mix of new and old player, but pretty depending MM of that time) lower then that only the premium ships worth to keep, but this just my 2 cent because been collecting them all since start playing
  8. Coccoro

    50% off WOWS premium 360days HAS COME!!!

    finally something worth to spend on the remaining doubloons
  9. Coccoro

    Didn't even say a thing...

    all crazy for that extra British event point for getting kill so KS is crucial even in a coop game.... but report for chat abuse is kind of idk what to say
  10. Coccoro

    Thanks, Santa

    Sorry for your loss too.. got my last ship free from Gift exchange .... 1 mega crates only....
  11. Coccoro

    He's ready to do his part...

    Just hopefully its not on Steel/Coal....
  12. Coccoro


    Must be insider job makes us to upgrade to RTX GPU with Ray Tracing Well was using my 2nd PC to play this game and horribly low FPS especially on intense battle when previously did not have any issue regarding it
  13. Coccoro

    Personal Challenge

    Please WG, I still have few more rounds for my T-61 exp boost and without any expiring date notification I was unable to track when the actual end date... all gone just like that..
  14. oh god...
  15. Coccoro

    Technical issues found.

    Thank you @HuginnKR sir Was frustrated even using safe mode cant log in properly